Wednesday, November 25, 2015

FTLOFAOTxThat's Thefft

Act 1: We find the protagonist living in the comforts of her city abode. There is nothing that, that life does not fulfil. Materially and socially both, she finds herself in the situation many would kill to be in. It's the bane of the Generation Y cosmopolitan existence. She lives in the times where a sex video will circulate faster than a call for people to urgently donate blood. Who would not, in times like these have an existential crisis or two? But there is always that bottle of Belvedere to numb the pain before the 'fight or flight' response of the body inclines itself towards flight. Some days, just some days she wished she could get away from it all and find a way to explore the flip side of her existence. 

Act 2: She clearly doesn't belong here. The rickshaw wala bhaiya passes her by in his ornate little ride not stopping to stare. The alienation comes from within. She walks a mile and observes the people of the sleepy town wide awake at an hour where most city folk are likely to be sound asleep in their satin sheets and down feather comforters. The shops smell of fresh ink on parchment as the freshly printed newspapers are unpacked and set up on the stands, ready to be sold. An old man stands at the corner, playing with his dog while observing the men at work. The more she explores, the more the feeling of alienation is driven away. She doesn’t belong there yet she finds comfort in little signs of life and humanity. The handiwork of her beautiful salmon coloured dress perfectly complement the colours and tassels of the ornate rickshaw. Little kids being rushed to school smelling of soap and sandalwood exhibit an enthusiasm to learn and explore, unmatched by most adults. The fresh stash of beetle leaves being washed and set out for business. The signs of art, beauty and debauchery continue to haunt her as she stands in a corner and lights one up, watching the town wake up and smell the coffee. We aren't much different, she realised. Life and death across the border remains suspiciously similar to her neck of the woods. The pink lip stood for her pop culture consumption from the city life. The orange lower lip epitomised her new found old rustic fixation that she was taking back. We aren't much different, she mused. Just that we all choose to live double lives.

The handmade lovelies like this dress from That's Thefft always bring out the best in me. Be it in setting the mood of the shoot or my short stories. Thank you for inspiring this one. Find their delicate pieces of apparel with the most stunning handiwork on Facebook and instagram also. 

Photography and editing by the hugely talented Pretika Menon aka Jvack Toto
Dress: That's Thefft
Boots: Saint G Shoes
Bag: Marc Jacob


Monday, November 16, 2015

The name of the wind

A lot of my inspiration to write comes from the books I read and the movies I watch. Fashion isn't much different to me. A form of literary art is something I find a lot of comfort in giving a pictorial sense to, via my fashion aesthetics. When I read 'The name of the wind' by Patrick Rothfuss, a large part of my brain mulled over 'Kvothe' and his antics for days on end. I could not wait to see what he would do next and immediately hopped over to the next book. The concept that Patrick attaches to the naming of the wind in order to enslave the wind to do as you please is so beautifully described that I more intensely than I imagined hung on to each of Master Elodin's classes waiting for him with bated breath to decode the science and magic of 'naming'. The allure of Jvothe's love for Denna and the unparalleled chase that he undertakes to find his love had my emotions maxed out at moments. If being a Potter head comes as second nature to you then the University that teaches magic and sympathy (with a few teaspoons of voodoo dolls) might just be your next dream destination. And if you haven't read the book, never mind. The edgy fantasy fiction feel of this cape top, the large neon bindi and the hair enslaved by the wind *and defying gravity* will hopefully still manage to transport you to the city of Imre and remind you of the skills of artificery and alchemy.

Cape top: Qbik (Delhi)
Skirt: Stalk Buy Love
Shoes: Rungg Shoes
Cuboids: Miss Flurrty
Rings: Forever 21 and Loviza (Singapore)

Photography by Pretika Menon aka Jvack Toto

Ever wished you could take a poll on which fit of jeans worked better for you and wanted a large set of virtual friends to reach out to? Wanted the most obscure piece of clothing (just because!) and didn't know where to begin quizzing people? Or just wanted to brainstorm over a really love(hate) piece of clothing that was making the rounds and you couldn't make up your mind about how you felt? Wear is the discussion is that much and more. I can't think of the number of times I've wanted to just quickly google away some sartorial queries but google couldn't read my mind so I gave up that pursuit. But maybe this absolutely exclusive secret online portal could do that job. I'm glad to be a blogger enlisted with them and I can't wait to see many more of you right here on Facebook. There onwards, you could gain access to the invite only group. Check them out and show them some love. 


Friday, November 6, 2015

FTLOFAOTxWills Lifestyle

Wills Lifestyle has made up its mind to power through this Autumn Winter. First there was the first ever digital fashion show as we saw the mannequins go on a break in a one-of-its-kind holographic display at their Select City Walk store. The season's latest pieces were seen on the models as they walked down a virtual ramp as a part of the exclusive visual merchandising done by the store.
Then, it is the collection itself. Having associated Wills Lifestyle as a brand, to primarily formal clothing appropriate for the highest corporate set up, I was in for a wonderful surprise as I explored the collection this season. From festive bright pops of colours to ditzy prints, turns out Wills Lifestyle is going all guns blazing into Autumn Winter, 2015. I love the fact that it is tapping into some of the biggest trends this season and the colour palette is rich and mature as much as it is fun and playful.
To make things easier for your shopping season, I decided to give you a lowdown on five key pieces to pick from the Autumn-Winter, 15 collection at Wills Lifestyle. The five pieces have been styled over five looks which require little or no styling. I have kept the hair and make up fun, easy and simple, at the same time there is a little bit of experiment in each look. Pair the separates with the basics already in your closet and you have five complete looks to flaunt this season.
Whoever said fashion is not for the easygoing and lazy, definitely did not have the chance to see this post. 

Look 1: This quilted tee shirt in navy blue with a leather panel across the front from Autumn-Winter,15. It's easy to style, fun to wear and fabrics are very winter friendly.

Look 2: Denim shirt. Barely a need to re-emphasize how effortless a style denim on denim is. Break the monotony of blue on blue with a pair of coloured or neutral heels.

Look 3: This double layered tunic in red and white is cool because of two reasons. One, it's attached layering and two, it's a great play on contrasts of the fabric.

Look 4: For every English weather loving girl at heart, those cozy cardigans are a must have. This one scores brownie points for the polka dot knit.

Look 5: Lose the cardigan from over this textured coral number with power shoulders and bead work which make it such a great choice for cozy dinners (with or without the polka dotted cardigan)


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Chaos meets order

Wild and weary, the human soul is not meant to be caged. In its original form, it is free from the shackles of confusion. It does not believe in attachment. Nor does it believe in animosity. It roams the world free, till the day it encounters the unconquered. The woes and the worries begin an unparalleled dance off with the mind. And therein lies the feat. A mind that can vanquish a thousand strikes from the negative is stronger than a mind that does not even attempt.
Allegorical to Alice in Wonderland, we find that the mind drifts off to a mythical corner every time it is encountered by the unknown. The mind is a strange place. We begin to seek comfort in every little nook from the known when placed in this modern day dilemma. The modern day Jabberwocky poses a threat to the free willed mind as we know it. The exaggerated sense of self importance or paranoia as it is more commonly known begins to infiltrate the labyrinth that is the human mind. 
FTLOFAOT in collaboration with Raju Raman Photography with N Barr Make up and hair puts forth this mini editorial where Raju creates magic behind the lens and with this woodland set created by him. Neilly uses her magic brushes to do justice to each look in terms of make up and hair. Styling and modelled by, yours truly. Full credits below.

Photography and set by: Raju Raman Photography Find him on instagram.
Make up and hair by: N Barr Makeup. Find her on instagram.
Styled and modelled by: Shreya Kalra


Saturday, October 17, 2015

FTLOFAOTxBhumika Grover

When you first step into Bhumika Grover's design studio, the first thing that catches your eye is the racks full of absolutely stunning Indian wear in the most vivid colours. But that was fairly obvious. Bhumika Grover's strength lies in recreating classics. But for those of you keen on customising your style to glory, she has some aces up her sleeve. For instance, a cooler option that a label as exciting and dynamic as hers gives you is a cape blouse with long front panels over a lehenga, as opposed to a run of the mill choli for your lehenga. The handiwork on each garment, be it a spray of sequins or zardozi speaks of the endless days and nights of insomnia or sleep deprivation that all of us really attempting to think out of the box suffer from. Her line of clothing goes from anarkalis, shararas, lehengas in the traditional sense to lehenga skirts with crop tops with a more resort feel about them. 
Bhumika's studio is located in the labyrinth that is Shahpur Jat in New Delhi and she also stocks at Exclusively.Com for all you e-shopping junkies.
I figured that an ode from one creative to another should be one where creativity is of paramount importance and that drove me to conceptualising a warrior bride look with her heavily embroidered lehenga with a gold mirror work jacket blouse. It helps that my photographer has a knack for unearthing locations that wouldn't normally be found on google maps! I added some face art and decided to forego the traditional polki and kundan jewellery for a more back-to-the-roots, 'mogra' and 'genda' headgear. The concept of the look was a fierce, determined bride who obviously doesn't shy away from embracing her idiosyncrasies.

All of you itching to just get your hands on the next Bhumika Grover garment, find her showcasing at Bridal Asia, this 17-19 October, 2015. 
Find her on the following portals:

Photography courtesy of Jagrati Marwaha, more of whose work you can also find on and


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Spaces: Home & Beyond at AIFW

Spaces Home & Beyond sums up everything there is to know about this illustrious home wellness brand. Coming from the house of Welspun, it comes as little or no surprise that everything about the products coming out of Spaces is undeniably stellar. As a part of the POPxo blogger network, I had the good fortune of really letting my hair down at the Spaces Lounge at the ongoing Amazon India Fashion Week. The space transcends you right back to your own happy place (no pun intended). The little installations to display pieces of linen, swatches of fabric, towels etc added to creating the perfect look for people to stop by during a very hectic fashion week and just browse through their most interesting products. Two things made this a very very exciting time to be at the Spaces Lounge:
1) The Anamika Khanna show was brought to you by Spaces- Home & Beyond.
2) The brand ambassador Parineeti Chopra dropped for just a casual tete-a-tete with us at the Lounge. Just kidding, of course. But she was there for us to ogle at and fawn over.
They had also set up a mini kiosk inside the main area where you could DIY a turban of your choice for yourself. All brought to you by Spaces. Because really it is all about #FindingYourSpace.

Pictures courtesy: Namit of Valley of Chic
The Anamika Khanna by Spaces show was every Ready To Wear lover's dream. Relaxed and sporty on the silhouettes and interesting on the technique quotient, I have my heart set on each pre-draped half saree and kaftan that she showed. The colour palette went from shades of white and black to blues and finally some pops of mustard and red to end the show. The indigo dyeing technique and shibori made for some exceptionally interesting pieces apart from the interesting prints and hints of classic Anamika metallic embellishments on thread embroidery that we saw. Sporty luxe is here to stay and we dare say that that is one trend we cannot get enough of. Incidentally, as seen here I paired my boxy COS dress with a pair of terribly Indian earrings and all white sneakers too.
Some of my most favourite looks from the Anamika Khanna show:

Find Spaces on the following social media portals:

Instagram x


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