Friday, February 5, 2016

Love in the time of distance

Wordsworth could have a gala time writing poetry and maybe even prose about the amount of long distance relationships I have worked on in my love life in my 26 years of existence. I usually refrain from talking about my personal life on the blog because that is just who I am. Not necessarily someone who believes in hanging billboards about the hardships of having to emotionally and physically ache to be with the one you love. But here I am, having my Dr Emma Lloyd moment, yet again and going back to doing what I do best. Talking about love. And loss. The loss of love. The distance that pervades all the most romantic notions that you grew up with. The idea that you have known to love someone you know you physically cannot be in proximity of, well, 'until the time is right'. It's a modern day dilemma, truly speaking. I cannot imagine my mother or her mother having a second thought about moving right away to where the wind(not really the wind, more like her husband) took her. I would do that for love but would I not look out for my career simultaneously? 
You get by, with a few deep sighs. A bottle of red. The right mystical gown that your fairy godmother spins for you. A carriage that is basically a pumpkin tapped by a magical wand (okay, gross). You get the picture. I decided to dedicate one little quote to all those love lorn readers who actually took time to read my tale of longing and enjoy this visual treat.

There are days when I wake up searching the other side of my bed, 
For the tingle on my skin and the kiss on my forehead.
There are days when all I can think of are the letters I write to you,
But never send across because they belong in my head.

Once Upon A Trunk, an ecommerce venture that has hit the city of Delhi like a fresh bout of spring fever is responsible for helping recreate my fantasy. The concept is fantastic. No, really. You stay in your pyjamas, nurse your glass of wine while you set up an appointment with their stylists on call and they arrive at your doorstep (yes you read that right) with a beautiful trunk full of a bevy of options of clothes, accessories and everything you need to complete that look for a particular occasion. Try them, pick them, keep what you like and send the rest back. It is as simple as that. Of course, you have the option to directly buy what you like online from the website too, no questions asked. If you have been following me on instagram then you saw my unlock my Valentines Day special Once Upon a Trunk chest and it was delightful! It gets even more exciting, this Valentines Day. Order your special V-Day chest and you get the beautiful floral printed trunk you saw in my video as a part of your purchase. Hop on and give it a whirl.

Gown, earrings, clutch bag: C/O Once Upon A Trunk

Maker of the gown: Platinoir for Once Upon A Trunk
Maker of the earrings: Bedika N Richa for Once Upon A Trunk
Maker of the clutch: Saatvik for Once Upon A Trunk

Photography and edits by: Jagrati Marwaha and find her on Facebook


Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter Wonderland

Between the weeks of peacocking at Fashion Week every season, I try and work on some sustainable models of street style. Now I know that sounds like I'm referring to some sustainable energy generating model but it's definitely not as scientific as it sounds. I work with two key elements: Instinct and Effortlessness. And yes, that 'effortlessness' does come with a lot of effort since most of us aren't born Eva Chen to be able to pull off experimental furs with utmost ease. We can however, try. I picked two sets of outfits, one sexy and easy on the layering, while the other plays with colours, tones and layers. My favourite place to seek some fun fashion inspiration? Wooplr always. I usually just log onto the app and share some of my favourite looks while browsing through a lot of other interesting styles. Definitely worth a check out. I also share a lot of looks on a daily basis on Wooplr that don't go up on the blog, so you might want to brush up on those stalking skills.

Photography by: Raju Raman Photography
Make up by: Paavani Singh
Black coat with faux fur trip and collar: Zara
Red oversized sweater: ASOS
Black gilet: Forever 21
Snood: c/o Doodlage
Backpack: c/o Squareloop
Shoes: Clarks

Find these and more images for all the lowdown you need on style and other such on Wooplr.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Cameron Kham Part Deux

The Part Deux of this Cameron Kham collaboration was the flip side of the first. As easy as it is to make Cameron Kham clothing look larger than life and editorial, it is just as simple to tone down the crazy as make something look elegantly chic with this Cameron Kham shirt in blue just by pairing it with the right pieces. Attempts have been made to keep the look highly structured, with a geometric set up and bold winter tones. 
Let's get straight to the look:

Shirt: c/o Cameron Kham
Culottes: COS
Sandals: Tibi, New York
Earrings: c/o Maira Designs


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

FTLOFAOTXPushpak Vimaan

I love inspiring stories. Any designer that presents me with an opportunity to portray the fruit of their handwork and sweat in a manner that inspires their prospective markets are the kind that I like working with. Pushpak Vimaan began with a vision to create outfits for the fun and the young at heart. I understand that philosophy and I'll tell you why. Not everyone wants to buy expressly elaborate Indian clothing. Not everyone enjoys deeply rooted Indian colour palettes. A designer that experiments with colours and textures in terms of bringing together thread work with floral borders and a spray of sequins can be classified as one that could reach out to a market that is itching to wear that 'something new'. As someone who loves wearing experimental clothing, I am one of those people who sometimes wants to experiments with colours and textures as far as her Indian wear choices go too. A lehenga with what my punjabi mother would call 'light' work and brilliantly girly is all I need to play a quintessential bridesmaid. Check them out for their take on fun, Indian clothing and alternate choices to ornate jewel toned lehengas!
This collaboration worked as a creation of a series of photos inspired by the colour palette and mood of this particular lehenga from Pushpak Vimaan in collaboration with the brilliant Raju of Raju Raman Photography. We also worked with stark black and whites to lend an antiquated vibe to the series. 

Photography by: Raju Raman Photography
Make up by: Paavani Singh Hair and Make up

There is nothing I like better than giving you an authentic sneak peek into the work that takes place at the creative ware house we call the designer's studio. This outfit as envisioned by Pushpak Vimaan.


Thursday, December 24, 2015

Picking the perfect Engagement Ring: Truly Bridal

Being a bridesmaid for Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers feels exciting. This stems mostly from the fact that till date, I have been a bridesmaid to so many of my friends and siblings that I have almost mastered the art of getting everything right before the big day. No wonder then, that talking about the art of picking the perfect engagement ring for both the sexes came almost naturally to me. Sigh. Exciting times. Before I give out anymore spoilers, get right to watching the video and don't forget to subscribe to their channel and share this post with all the bride to bes you know.

Styling by: Who Wore What When
Make up and Hair by: Shruti Sharma Makeup
Wearing: Mint Blush

Head to the original video here on Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers


Friday, December 18, 2015

FTLOFAOTxCameron Kham Part Un

You know what I truly love? A designer who remains true to his aesthetic throughout his innumerable years of designing. There is experimentation, there is is fine tuning but there is this line of consistency that runs common amongst all their collections. A Diane Von Furstenburg garment will probably experiment with cuts but a wrap dress and the love for prints in solid colours will continue to be the forerunners of  Diane's design thought process. Closer home, Sanjay Garg may work with the age old technique of the mashru weave one season and yet another weave for another season but his love for handloom and the underlying message of giving back to the karigars (in terms of employment) is heard loud and clear. When Miuccia Prada revives the conventional to pepper over the contemporary, Prada and Miu Miu continue to have her distinct flavour to themselves even though she gives us ample to fawn over every season.
When the opportunity of a collaboration with Cameron Kham came my way, I took it on myself to do my due diligence. Cameron's USP is bringing the two worlds together; his French habitat and his Indian origin. These pieces that I picked from the Spring Summer, 16 collection are basically a riot of colours. From the luxe element that is the Indian brocade to the fine French riviera feels of the georgette shirts, the garments are an amalgamation of a great sense of originality and a signature style that makes Cameron's pieces stand out in a crowd. I decided to take the party to the French Riviera with a lot of wild pink glitter in my hair, big hair, glitter on the lips and gold shoes. Of course, there's no party without some champagne and balloons. 
Trend alert: If you're into experimental fashion as I am, then maybe looking like a mess straight from an arts and crafts class with 'accidental' glitter in your hair is not such a bad idea.
Find more of Cameron Kham on Facebook and twitter.

Photography by: Tarun Chawla Photography
Location Courtesy: Four Points by Sheraton New Delhi


Thursday, December 3, 2015

FTLOFAOTx Label Ritu Kumar

The oft-abused word 'bohemian' really gets my goat. It is probably the fact that in this day and age most people with a half baked sense of what bohemian really means have ironically attached a cliche image to bohemian style. I decided to dig into the etymological roots of the word bohemian so as to lend a certain sense of clarity to this widely used adjective in the world of fashion. 'Bohemian' simply means  a socially unconventional lifestyle. A non-confirmist outlook. An eccentric throw on things. A hippie (dating back to the 19th century). A literary or artistic person who chooses to move to the subculture of impoverished living and free love, primarily. While the birth of this class of people might have been in the continent of Europe (Bohemia to be precise), this movement with a  strong French undertone took over the world in no time. So where does one look for authentic, unadulterated bohemian style inspiration? In a century close to our own, the biggest proponents of this particular type of personal style would have to be Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. Of course, feel free to go through the works of Van Gogh to study how he immortalized the ironic (and iconic) bohemian stereotype. For bibliophiles like myself, a few works by Jack Kerouack would not hurt since he is irrefutably understood as the 'pioneer of the beat generation'.
After having laid a strong literary foundation to what is I assume now, a fair understanding of bohemian fashion, safe to say that Label Ritu Kumar plays on its alternate, bohemian side this Autumn Winter with its collection. What I particularly enjoyed with putting together this thoroughly bohemian look would have to be the fact that each separate could be paired with the other seamlessly, despite having a barrage of prints and patchwork. The waistcoat that I teamed up with this asymmetric hemmed dress complements its shades and hues without overpowering it with its cute mustard flower motifs.


Dress, waistcoat and bag: Label Ritu Kumar
Accessories (Nath and the cuffs): Suhani Pittie available at NIMAI in Shahpur Jat, Delhi
Boots: Forever 21

Photography by: Saumya Gupta and Shiva Kant Vyas for The Open Art Project

This video sums up everything that this collection draws from; Indian feminine embroidery and masculine geometric prints:



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