Tuesday, February 10, 2015

JOFW – Season 2: Day 2 of Auditions – Models, Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists

A blown up height chart had been set up. Our personnel stood equipped with his tools to get the proportions of each entrant. The registration forms began flying off the counter as hoards of 6 feet aboves (well mostly) started trickling in for the model casting.

Day two of the JabongOnline Fashion Week looked as exciting as it felt. While the casting tees and tank tops were doled out for the applicants, our haut monde jury sauntered in in their Saturday best. While the jitters (literally and figuratively given the city’s temperature) ran high amongst the modeling hopefuls backstage, the jury put their game face on to judge these boys and girls. India’s fashion choreography mammoth Lubna Adams directed questions at the aspirants that definitely required more than just their towering height. The over powering theme for the male models could have easily been, ‘why so beard’, given that more than 90% of the final models sported that look (trend alert, boys).

Nervous giggling and daunting ‘take-off-the-heels-and-show-us-your-real-height’ tests later, a pool of estrogen-fueled models were geared up to work hard to come out at the top in the final show in February.
With an experience of 26 years in the modeling industry, NoyonikaChatterjee is every bit from the tiny pool of India’s first few dusky super models. “Competition is so essential and Jabong Online Fashion Week does just that; create competition to improve the quality of professionals in the industry”, she says with the poise of a true diva. We nod in agreement when she points out that a good ramp model is ‘a lot more than just beauty’.

The make up and hair artist aspirants were up next. VidyaTikari, one of India’s finest make up artists spoke to us about how she would ‘teach an artist so long as they were willing to give everything to this art’. The aspirants giddy with the excitement of being judged by Vidya were seen hanging on to each word as she explained what was expected out of them.Missing bobby pins and dollops of colour later, the final looks were sashayed across in front of our jury.

Auditions were never so fun.

Find this and more at the Jabong Online Fashion Week blog.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Casual chic winter

Spring Couture, 2015 is here and while I might not be sitting obsolete to the whole world and drowning myself in one show after another, I have been picking and choosing favourites. Credit where credit is due, I have never been a big fan of Armani Prive but with this collection with recurring bamboo shoot print, I believe what I saw was an immense amount of maturity and sophistication in a collection that at some level drew inspiration from Asia. Then there was my all time red carpet favourite Elie Saab with a throwback all the way to his childhood circa '60s and those beautiful tulip motif appliqué tulle and point d'esprit gowns. There wasn't a gown he made that I did not love.
Moving on from that little monologue about what caught my fancy, more about the outfit. A little background would help. In a world where everyone and in many cases, every outfit is trying to outdo the other, sometimes it is a huge relief to be able to look stylish in the most minimally styled look. An Italian yarn sweater in a grey that matches the sky on most winter days in Delhi with an inky faded ripped jeans is the all-time favourite of every cool Pinterest poster girl. Of course it would never be complete without a dash of leopard print, some dusty pearls and block heels with peeping toes. Remember to wear little or no make up and you could actually end up looking as homeless as me. But thats just a story for another day.

Sweater: Zara
Jeans: Diesel
Portfolio clutch: ASOS
Shoes: Forever 21

Photography C/O: Dhruv Sethi Photography

Till the next post, which will be a while since I'm traveling. Hang in there.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hello old friend

Another new year, another set of resolutions ready to be broken. I have almost detached myself from the blatant fraudulence where I set my bar for resolutions so high, that its nigh impossible to ever get there. Instead, I have come up with a list of keywords that I am going to make my go-to responses, everytime life throws lemons at me that I cannot make lemon meringue out of.

  • Travel- On a very long car journey, left quite happily to my thoughts, I came to the realisation that I did not move beyond some seven big cities last year. I have never been very big on traveling but this year is my year of change and I am going to try and travel as much as I can and as far as I can. No strict rules, just plenty of wanderlust and pixie dust in my pocket.
  • Run- As much as I would like to make it a masala bollywood plot and announce that I plan to run away, that sadly is not the case. For anyone who follows me on instagram would know that I have recently taken to this wonderfully cathartic activity and this year will be about a lot of running and a lot of really stylish running gear. I call it positive reinforcement.
  • Shanti- I have not gone back to yoga class for a long while but the simple chant of 'Om Shanti' goes a long way in remembering that anything beyond your control is not your headache. Keep the ego out, temper in check, negativity out, positivity in. This is probably the hardest, but as the sagacious would say, good things never come easy in life.
On that note, here is the first blog post of the year where I donned my chunky, earthy sweater dress and gold kicks.

Chunky sweater dress in ecru: Zara
Black stockings: Random store, Australia
Golden sneakers: Michael Kors
Gold geometric ring, choker and long chain: Forever 21
Gold filigree Ring: C/O Aé-Teē
Black minaudière with gold handiwork: C/O Rimple and Harpreet Narula 

Photography C/O: Dhruv Sethi Photography

Till the next time,

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Joan Didion for Céline

Think Céline and a vivid image of the haute monde toting the classic luggage tote pops into your head and when you delve into this chain, you think of every imaginable synonym for chic as you think of the Céline aesthetics. Céline was not always this ‘thinking woman’s’ label as it stands today. Safe to say, those of us tracking the movements of the fashion players in the world would all agree that Céline is as it stands, an extension of Phoebe Philo’s creative genius. Be it her take on fashion as ‘back-to-reality’ and utilitarian or the time for Spring, 2015 when Céline gave us an alternate ditzy floral sartorial reality, Phoebe Philo’s vision makes Céline, what the American Vogue calls, ‘achingly cool’.
What makes Phoebe Philo so dauntingly cool to me is probably a thought for another day but it has something of an adhesive quality to what makes Joan Didion the coolest poster girl for Céline.
I must confess that I have not read any of Joan Didion’s vivifying works. I had, however, heard of her for a variety of reasons, be it her literary prowess with works like ‘The year of magical thinking’ which she wrote pondering over the very last syllable of death or ‘Slouching towards Bethlehem’ or her stint at Vogue in the ‘50s where her piece on morality rightly fitted into the glamour two page spread in Vogue. It is something to laud a writer for if the masses of a country are swayed towards adopting writing as a career choice only because her writing. Her writing, which is known to be so composed and yet so detailed, about her, yet so universally understandable. With her ‘70s sweater dresses and reed thin figure, Joan Didion was the original cool writer chick of America. I could not possibly justify the shock I felt when I realized that for the longest time, there existed no documentary on the life and work of this understated cerebral writer chick. The one that her nephew shot is possibly one of the pieces that gives voice to this beautifully wrinkled face that is not afraid to bask in the beauty of ageing. Is that what makes Joan Didion the right face for Céline? The fact that ageing is a natural process which few manage to process ever so gracefully and with the utmost maturity. Just like say, Céline was resuscitated when Phoebe Philo joined the ranks and tapped into the label’s subterranean charm. Maybe it is the fact that someone as definitively cool as Phoebe could have always idolized a Joan Didion and finally decided to give this body of work, that is Céline, a much-needed intellectual powerhouse makeover. Could it be that the cutting edge precision with which Phoebe has devised the strategy and designs for Céline are much in tune with the obsessive writing ways of Joan Didion. Much lesser known facts about Joan include that her pieces work around character count, not word count and if that was not enough, she checks all her pieces multiple times against the transcript.
What is it about Joan in the photograph for the ad campaign as shot by Juergen Teller that makes me see Céline in almost a new light? I have always believed that the cool, sophisticated, structured yet fluid designs of Céline are possibly a part of every fashionista’s virtual pinboard. But maybe the unwavering, sometimes-harsh million-dollar industry that is fashion, sometimes glosses over even the smartest, most inventive design. Joan brings to Céline, not a gloss but a matte finish, which only comes with the wisdom of a figure like Joan. Joan’s ways of absolute nonchalance to the waves that she is creating in the fashion world are much on the lines of Phoebe Philo’s who has always been known to eschew the press for as long as she can.
Old is cool. More so when old is beautiful and blissfully unaware of it. We might be heading towards a trend of reviving the old in the name of fashion (Read: Dolce & Gabbana Spring-Summer ’15 campaign), but it is hard to ignore the fact that style is eternal.
My money is on this one.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Secret Santa FTLOFAOT X India Circus

The aromas of pumpkin lattes (okay, maybe toffee and hazelnut), the string of fairy lights now and then seen darted across localities, a tad bit of the murky fog and endless portions of some divine pie. I'm thinking Christmas is here and maybe it is time to kickstart secret santa on For the love of fashion and Other things. FTLOFAOT has partnered with India Circus to bring to you a game of Christmas that will light up your day, and possibly the season ahead. Simple rules and a chance to win yourself a set of these fabulous elephant bath coasters and also this artistic mirror prints glass mug. If the prizes have you excited then wait till you see what else you could buy yourself and your friends from India Circus this season.
Tell us which of these five goodies from India Circus would you want for yourself from Santa this Christmas and why, along with your email address in the comment section. The coolest two answers can win themselves the aforementioned coasters and mug. This contest is also open on my instagram.
All you need to do is leave your answers here or on instagram with your email id. Don't forget to follow us on instagram here and indiacircus here. Your entry will be considered invalid without the same.
So what is it going to be? 1. Owl howl shot glasses
4. Zig zag print shorts (Also a new addition to India Circus)

Get going. The contest is open for all Indian residents till the 20th of December, just in time for Christmas. :)

What really makes these great choices for Christmas shopping? 
The owl howl shot glasses with their adorably quirky print are just the right choice for that welcome drink for all your guests. Kickstarting your christmas party was never this easy.

I haven't met a person who did not enjoy a gift for his/her house. This Christmas, India Circus gives you the option to buy the coolest floor cushions in prints galore to buy your friends and family. I personally love this blue with the white bird print and would set up my bed with a pair of two.

They also have a wide variety of coasters with prints to suit your mood, fun, quirky, eclectic, classy, sophisticated, whatever works. A great party addition to your christmas carnival this year. And it also helps that it keeps your home furniture stain free. ;)

My hot favourite this month at India Circus is their range of hot pants and boxers for men and women. While I agree that the weather in Delhi currently doesn't allow these, I can't wait for summer to flaunt a toned body (yeah, sure, whatever) in these. A perfect gift for that friend who is perpetually on a holiday or likes his/her life by the beach.

Their mirror prints glass mug are my favourite. When I received mine from India Circus, I couldn't quite fathom whether I should use it for actually consuming liquids or use it as a little decoration holder. That applies to their wide range of mugs which you should definitely browse through for a pocket friendly, fun Christmas buy.

What are you buying from India Circus this Christmas?


Monday, December 8, 2014

Mash up

Delhi is finding it extremely hard to make up its mind. The second week of December is here and we are still not witnessing the level of cold that we are now accustomed to. I am unsure of whether thats a good thing. Mostly because I find it hard to pick pieces to create outfits appropriate for the weather. For this particular day, I found solace in creating a mash up that would put the nomads to shame. I picked this red collared vest with a zippered front from a little stall in a market. To me it stands for Indian fashion at its best. Colourful thread embroidery with a hint of mirror work. I decided to pair it with a black tulle midi skirt and my combat boots with crochet. It was delightful how the outfit almost seamlessly came together, even though spanning across different trends of the world. Its easy to create a mash up of all your favourite trends if you believe its something that complements your personal style.
This mash up is all about the bass, no treble. (Pear-shaped Indian women unite.)

Embroidered vest: Street find
Black tulle skirt: ASOS
Black booties: Forever 21
Matha patti and bangles: Assortment of designers and stores

Photography Courtesy: Riddhima Arora Behance or reach her on email at riddhimarora17@gmail.com

Till the next time,

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Style Saturday with Marks & Spencer

Ever since I can remember, the urge to style people, influence people's shopping decisions has been my idea of fun. A little fashion nerdy as it sounds, it is a knack to be able to gauge and make informed decisions with people as far as their personal shopping needs go. Marks and Spencer India invited me to be their stylist for a day at their ginormous South Extension-II, Delhi store as a part of their Style Saturday campaign. A fun idea, this involved me being placed as a stylist at their store for an entire day and taking that opportunity to style all the customers who came in to shop that day. I had the good fortune of meeting a quite a few of my readers and other fun customers who are now opening their minds to making more adventurous choices in terms of fashion. The format of this fun activity was such that it involved a lot of conversation, the process of shopping and my advice to them regarding the same, a photo booth and cute Marks and Spencer giveaways which the shoppers loved. Whats not to love about a stylist's day which progresses like that.
The trends doing the rounds in the new collection at Marks and Spencer India include, houndstooth prints, floral prints, cowl necks , capes and my winter favourites; chunky knits. A whole array of leggings and treggings await you if they are your winter favourites. I particularly like the shawl-cape trend that the new collection taps into. Definitely a shape shifter as it covers your body flaws with the utmost elegance.
If you are in Mumbai, then get set for the coming weekend as Style Saturday comes to Mumbai. Watch their page for more details.

Black shirt with lace inserts: C/O Marks & Spencer
Acid wash leggings: ASOS
Earrings: Mimco
Cuff: Forever 21
Oxfords: Zara

This is a sponsored post.

Till the next post,


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