Monday, July 21, 2014

Before the sun sets

Spring turns to summer,
Autumn turns to winter,
Before you know it,
the sweet goes bitter.
The tide comes in,
bringing with it a host of shells,
Before you know it,
her dreams begin to melt.
We sit and ideally wonder,
about life and its way,
Before you know it,
April turns to May.
She wants to extend her arm,
one more time,
touch it before it wilts,
one more time, before the sun sets.

White blouse: Zara
Floral Pinafore: Forever 21
Box sling bag: Toteteca
Gold Cuffs: Forever 21 and Vero Moda
Platoform strappy sandals: Zara
Necklace in pastel: Pipa-Bella
Sunglasses: C/O

Photography Courtesy: Riddhima Arora Behance or reach her on email at


Monday, July 7, 2014

Tropical with a flourish

What do you get when you combine a bomber jacket with a vibrant tropical print and a price tag of Rs. 500? A must have? But of course, a must have. I must admit that as much as I have been lusting over the whole sporty luxe fashion movement, I have not found the ideal mix of sporty with the girly for myself. The right mix where I don't go overboard following a trend blindly and instead adapt it for my personal style. But this bomber jacket in lush tropicals demanded to be taken in just as much as this chequered white midi skirt in net did. It was interesting to see how this odd pairing would work out. Of the tropical bomber jacket and the feminine midi skirt in white net chequered in self.
I think it worked, especially with this white satchel bag and the cobalt blue pumps and the almost lack of accessories. Which trend are you flirting with this summer?

Tropical print bomber jacket: Street find, Gk-1, M Block Market, Delhi
White midi skirt in net: ASOS
Cobalt blue pumps: Michael Antonio
Reflectors: Ray Ban
White leather satchel: Toteteca

Photography Courtesy: Riddhima Arora Behance or reach her on email at

Till the next time,

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I'm batman

Kimonos are to summers what capes are to winters. Can you imagine what Fashion Weeks would be like if we didn't see at least one street style celebrity strutting it in a fabulous block coloured cape? Or even one of those fur ones? The paparazzi would have a field day looking for that one style saviour to photograph and make the street style headlines. I wouldn't say its entirely gratuitous since I truly believe in the super power of a good cape, or in this case a kimono. This geometrically inclined patterned kimono is so easy to style, you could throw it over a pair of track pants and still work it. So while I might not be batman (well, ever notice how I'm never in the same room as batman) or am I, I could still work my kimono like a charm with this lets-go-take-a-hike look. Especially with the addition of this large star studded nautical carry all from American Swan.
Would you trudge off on a getaway with this kimono and funky hold all look?

Grey midi dress: Forever 21
Patterned kimono: Forever 21
Patent leather loafers or smoking shoes: Zara
Layer of necklaces: Choker with the elephants: Forever 21, longer necklace with the Buddha: Street find, Khan Market (Delhi)
Large hold all: C/O American Swan
Sunglasses: C/O American Swan

Photography Courtesy: Riddhima Arora Behance or reach her on email at


Friday, June 27, 2014

The paradox of dressing up

It often strikes me as extraordinary, the paradox that comes along with the phrase 'dressing up'. Especially, given the context dressing up has been placed in, in this day and age. Where dressing up is mostly dressing down, keeping it clean, minimal chic and the other unending list of synonyms fashion bloggers use in their common parlance to describe effortless looks. Its a paradox that we have found ourselves completely intertwined in and at some levels, I am enjoying blurring the lines between dressing up and dressing down.
When I look at inspirations such as Jamie Beck of Ann Street Studio, I realise fashion editorials can be so much more than beautiful locales. And more often than not, Ann Street Studio does a beautiful version of minimalist photography on the blog and it still manages to capture the essence of inspiring fashion from across the world. Currently obsessed with the Cuyana campaign shot in Bali. The lethal combination of lush greenery, waterfalls and the simplicity of the clothing is enrapturing.
Now that I have disclosed that part of my brain that houses these fashion visuals, let me share the outfit that got me thinking about this paradox. I couldn't have epitomised this paradox anymore, even if I tried.

White peplum Top: New Look, Dubai
Blue distressed cut outs: Forever 21
Tan gladiators: Forever 21
Aztec printed summer jacket with neon trims: Street find, GK-1, M Block Market (Delhi)
Layered Necklaces: Shorter (Australia), Longer (Street pick, Khan Market, Delhi)
Hand harness: C/O Youshine
Tote with sweet lime print: C/O Uff Shop at The Mill
Sunglasses: C/O American Swan

These sunglasses are my newly added babies to the ever increasing collection. Maybe I should share all my favourites one day. These ones are from American Swan and till now, I have had a pleasurable experience wearing them everyday. Easy on the pocket too, so there is always that option of diversifying your collection. This shape is perfect for thinner face structures like mine.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Five things we learned from Sex and The City

A girl is basically falsifying the truth, if she claims to not believe in the almighty power of a good few hours of a Sex and the City Marathon. You might watch it with your good ‘ol dependable girlfriends in your favourite pjs and stained tank with all that wine and ice cream. Or you might watch it all alone and cry everytime Mr Big breaks Carrie’s heart. Or you might even watch it with your kids someday, teaching them the harsh realities of life albeit Carrie’s life is nothing short of a dream run. We all watch it, hormonal or not and it is about time we sat and evaluated all the wonderful things that we have learned from this heart warming and sometimes rib tickling tele series.
  1. Being a woman is never easy but we get by with the help of friends. Lets face it, all the Manolo Blahniks of the world do not make up for blatant sexism at work or the loneliness syndrome most single girls in their mid 30s or in our case (mid 20s) go through. It is painful to the extent that on some nights we believe we are going to die alone with our pet cat (picturing the pet cat gnawing at my face as I lie dead, undiscovered). But a good group of girl friends who know exactly what to tell you, when to tell you will get you through these rough waters.
  2. There is nothing a good Cosmopolitan cannot correct. When the world seems the most cruel place to be or when the Gods of kindliness and compassion shine on you, one thing you can always count on is a good Cosmopolitan. For the uninitiated (or boyfriends of the girls reading this), it is a cocktail made out of cranberry juice, triple sec and some vodka. I also take inspiration from Carrie since she whips up her own Cosmos at her swanky pad once in a while. Take a bartending class, go out if you have to but perfect that damn blush pink poison.
  3. Dress well or go home. Well, technically her Dior skirt sometimes stays on indoors too, so I will go with Dress well or die trying. This one I’m taking to the grave for there is little or no exaggeration when they say, dress like you will meet your worst enemy. Given the countless times the girls run into their despicable and not so formidable exs on the streets of the Upper East Side, you do not want to be caught dead in that boyfriend tee and PJs from the Flintstonian era. We live in a small, almost incestuous (what? Its true) world where everyone knows the other in some ambiguous form. If you are counting on the six degrees of separation to save you from that bad outfit day embarrassment, I suggest you watch Season 1 and 2 and all the others again.
  4. There are fish aplenty in the sea. Sure, Carrie had her happy ending but what it took for her to get there is what us lower mortals in Zara shoes instead of Blahniks, trotting the streets of Hauz Khas Village not Upper East Side Manhattan, go through everyday. Boy troubles are omnipresent and all of us have at some point wished for a world with only women and so on and so forth. Does it mean it is the end of the world? Well not for the girls and neither should it be for you. Bounce back like Samantha with her libertine sensibility or maybe like Miranda by drowning yourself in work but do it because what our local funny guy Karan Johar forgot to mention in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is that love happens, and it happens as many times as you open yourself to it.  
  5. There is always hope. There are times when we are certain that this is the end of the road and no good can come out of a particular situation. Enter the fabulous foursome in their ‘clackers’ who make you realize that it is never that bad. It is never the end of the road and to the extent that it is, there is always another road…leading up to the nearest watering hole. Or even the closest Barneys and Bendals. There are more than enough sex columns to be written, many hearts to be broken, parties to be crashed, spring affairs to blossom and many a shoes to be hoarded.                                                                                                                                 



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