Monday, January 31, 2011

I have a pocketful of Sunshine :)

Its Monday and what better a mood pick up then a dash of yellowwwww! :) Apart from the obvious reason that yellow is the color to reckon with, circa Spring collections 2011 :)
I stepped out for coffee, almost a staple for the body around 6 pm. Its like the body starts sending you signals. Its like I would collapse without a shot of caffeine. Ah, such is the world we live in. Its hardly an addiction we can de-addict ourselves from.
Back to more interesting stories, after my shot of caffeine, it was time to head to my favourite bookstore in the city. Blossoms is a small book house that has been around in Bangalore since 2001 and yet, it has the appeal of a book house so ancient, you would think it had been here forever. Maybe its the fact that you're very likely to find some ancient, rare copies of books here..complete with the yellow pages et al. The best part is that they also sell second hand books at throw away prices along with the bestsellers of course. You can sit and browse for hours and they won't shoo you away. My haven. So at Blossoms I picked for myself the 1st Volume of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, a movie that I've thoroughly enjoyed but weirdly enough, I had never gotten around to reading the books.( Random fact about me: I am an ardent lover of classic literature) I'm also a believer of the fact that most books-turned-movies can never do enough justice to the books. They might be really good, but its just never 'good enough'.
Wearing a yellow tube top with a pair of skinny tights, I threw on a favourite white woolen cover from Tattoo(Australia), a pair of golden ballet flats and a bag from street shopping in Sydney. My favourite addition to the outfit? An old chain intertwined with white net necklace that I'm wearing as a wrist wrap here. Tip 101: Try wearing your pieces of jewelery in unconventional ways, for instance a small necklace can always be worn as a hair accessory. Tell me what you think :)

Posters for plays, art exhibitions, book launches etc :)

My copy of Les Miserables :)
Share the love! :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Olivia Wilde, FTW! :)

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, you...yes you right there! :)
This is a post to sit up and take notice of this gorgeous diva, who's been around in the acting business for a while but its only now that people are sitting and taking notice of her..probably after TRON Legacy, I would say. However, for me she has been a diva ever since I saw her on the OC(Yes, I'm a big fan). Alex was the quintessential hot-girl-bartender with the rebellious streak which was evident with her hair do and that lurid pink streak in her hair. She defined COOL. Not only coz of her alternative choice of sexuality but because of the way she dressed and how she was, she looked so comfortable in her character.
I must confess I did not see Tron:Legacy but its nigh difficult to ignore her on the fashion scene right now. The stunning Marchesa gown on her stood out beautifully on the red carpet of the Golden Globes. The bangs, the minimal make up with highlighted eyes and those gorgeous bridget booties from Louboutin. Nobody could have made it more perfect.
This week, she was spotted in Gucci and it is being touted as one of the best looks of the weeks. Me thinks, she looks like a million bucks, complete with that contrasting clutch and a statement necklace.
What do you think? My stamp of approval for whatever its worth ;) ;)
Mucho love ladies

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello Spring 2011

Hello ladies!
Hellllllooooooo Spring 2011, buhbye Chilly winters! :) is an addiction, what with the most stunning visuals accompanied by the LATEST(it does not get more latest than this) trend reports. Even at ungodly hours like 3 in the morning, I have the energy to sit up and browse through their newsletters and then update my readers with the musings. Get a load of this. The Spring 2011 Trend Report is out and the first finding that is here to stay is Hyper Color. I could not be happier. Come Spring and I'm looking at translating a lot of these fab color blocking ideas onto my outfits and the search has already begun. The azzure blues with the yellows, the fuschias with the oranges, any bright hue with a black..these are definitely the order of the day with all the Haute Couture collections. Here are some of my picks with colors that are easy to translate to our not-so-glamorous lives and combinations and cuts that are well, very wearable.
Trend Prediction 101: Yellows and Jumpsuits. Me thinks, they're here to stay. Ask Michael Kors.
Alexandre Herchcovitch


Burberry Prorsum

Christian Dior


Nina Ricci
All the pictures courtesy
Which is your favourite? How do you plan to wear this hot trend of Spring 2011? Share with me :)
A bigggggg thanks goes out to Srish of Style Fashion Etc for awarding me the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you soooo much Srish! :)
Much love ladies! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Shoes and Movie Time

Hola all!
The first sightings of Christmas are in my possession and I finally decide to take them for a little walk. Ok, sorry for being's what I MEAN.
As predicted, they're snug and warm because of the blue velvet lining inside. And my favourite part of the shoes has to be the cute little puppy on the right shoe whose tail continues on the left shoe. A little retarded that sounds on text but trust me, it strikes you as very cute when you look at them :)
I'm off to watch Dhobhi Ghaat. I shall probably write about what I thought about it in brief for all those wanting to catch it. However, I do not promise that I shall not be biased. (Is Prateek Babbar cute or what?! :))
I also think Monica Dogra has an amazing sense of style and for more you could check out my old post on her HERE.
Till then, you fashionistas should read the best review of Dhobi Ghaat I've read so far RIGHT HERE.

The shoes are from Irregular Choice, the red shorts(my all time favourite) from Barkins and my favourite addition to the outfit is the checked crop top from Supre. I'm coveting croptops this season. The slight chilly weather would not let me wear them as I did in Australia of course but hey, they add that spunk to any mundane outfit anyway :)
Much love, ladies :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

I am the Notable Newbie :D

Hello fashionistas! :)
I'm very proud to announce that For The Love of Fashion And Other Things has been declared the 'Notable Newbie' by Blogadda and there is a small feature on the right hand side of the homepage about my blog you can look for. This is a brilliant surprise and has definitely pepped me up enough to survive the dreary week and of course, provide you with quality blog posts in times to come! :)
Yay, for us. The blog and all its gorgeous readers! :)
I got this awesome badge which you can also find on the right hand side of my blog now.
And this, just coz I think the picture is lovely and fits the very celebratory mood! :)

Cheerio ladies! :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Inspirations

You know you've had a boring Saturday when even Sunday evenings(i usually start dreading Mondays by then), excite you :) The city life is back to normal. Giveaway: The public conveyance is up and running. And the tiny coffee shop under my house is up and running again, yay. So while you up and about fashionistas, who've been having jet setting Saturdays are now soaking in the calm of Sunday, here's some food for thought for you.
My latest fixation is checking out blogs on tumblr. And take my word for it, Tumblr has some absolutely picturesque photo blogs. They're an absolute delight to look at and browse through. Its true, a picture speaks a thousand words. So for those calm Sundays when all you want to do is regain your calm and composure for the MAD week ahead(I know I have a crazy week to look forward to), these picture inspirations might be just the therapy you need ;)
via fashionsociety.tumblr

via thegirlnextdior.tumblr (LOVE the slick title ;))

via thegirlnextdior.tumblr

via fashionsociety.tumblr

via thegirlnextdior.tumblr

Thats everything a woman needs for the perfect weekend. A scoop of nutella, a chick flick, the perfect shoes, chic looking brogues, a stylish black jumpsuit. And with that I'm all set to go.
Much love fashionistas!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


And I'm back. And I hate 'bandhs'. Yes, they're annoying and whats more annoying than the inconvenience they cause is the reason behind it. A quote which sums up pretty much everything that this particularly uncalled for bandh is, "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy." Moving on from the political woes, I have NOTHING to do to while time away at home on a Saturday. Social Networking, television, music, reading, everything has reached its saturation point. So meet my new friend Celebuzz :)
All the following pictures belong to
Katy Perry was visiting Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook headquarters and me thinks, the pastel colored dress with the camel colored belt and the nude pumps worked wonders for her.

The Kardashian sisters, Kim and Kourtney were seen on the Late Show with David Letterman for a little publicity before their show 'Kourtney and Kim Take New York' takes off. Which means that the glam quotient of the show was at an all time high. While Kim continued to sizzle in a black sequinned number with the perfect make up and the perfect hair, Kourtney's stylish black coat with a fur collar was perfect for the show. P.S: I LOVE Kourtney's shoes.

What do you think?
Also, what do you think about wearing false eyelashes? I can see Kim's wearing them and I was wondering what most of the fashionistas thought about them?
Also, you know where to address your style queries. Just drop me an email and I shall get back to you.
Hope you'll are having a weekend( for the lack of a better word and emotion :/ )
Much love.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Spree Fetish

The weekend is here fashionistas and I'm all set to soak up the sun and ring in the fun with it! :) Ok, that was a bad rhyme. What are your plans? If you live in Delhi then I have some exciting ideas for your weekend. I don't wanna be pushy but if you're really wanting to indulge in some retail therapy, Spree is where you should be heading. (Ok, now I just miss Delhi!) SPREE  is a bourgeoining fashion store in the upmarket locale of Hauz Khas which stocks collections of a range of upcoming, aspiring designers because they're all about freshness and a new outlook towards fashion. Their USP? All the runway fashion with the perfect blend of affordability. They house the collections of almost 15 designers who have worked under the likes of Rohit Bal and attained the right amount of experience. Its a relatively new studio which started out almost 3 months back and has already employed a full time stylist to style both the sexes. My favourite part of the store? You pick what you like and the designers are at your service to customise and alter it according to your specifications. And when I say affordable, its not a mere lip service. Currently showcasing: Jackets and coats for the nippy Delhi Winter for Rs 4500.
See what I mean? Take a look at some of my favourites from their store:
The black net is perfect for that night out in Delhi

The white net back for a black dress for that edge.

For the glitz and the glam and the city life

My fascination for the big checked coats and the power shoulders never ends.

The sea of green in velvet with detailing on the shoulder

Look out for: The rose detailing

Gorgeous cut out backs

From their Winter Lookbook. The quintessential black jumpsuit.
If you haven't paid this one a visit, you're definitely missing out on something. Give their facebook page a whirl right here and convert yourself into a Spreeholic.
Check the page for more details and the full address. Your comments post your experience at Spree are more than welcome.
Have a gorgeous weekend, lovelies.
Much love.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Manish Malhotra dazzles all

Twitter is a blessing in disguise. No seriously. What better way to stay abreast of the latest happenings of the fashion scene. Manish Malhotra along with friend Karan Johar dazzled the ramp at his Sirius show for The Chivas Studio. Scene on the ramp were classic Manish cuts, lots of flouncy Anarkalis(yes, the Anarkali suits are definitely here to stay), lehengas with heavily embellished tops and sheer-net dupattas. Ivory-colored kalis and embellished pants were the order of the day. With all the glam and the sparkle with net and velvet detailing, Manish Malhotra stays a favourite amongst Indian brides and celebrities looking to sport ethnic outfits.
Here are some of my favourite picks. All pictures courtesy Vogue-India.

Don't forget to mail me your style queries for my new feature Now You're Talking. Share the love on Twitter and Facebook.


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