Sunday, December 22, 2013

Artistic License

There is a lot to be said about the use of this title for this post. But then again, suffice to say that I decided to use my artistic license by creating a potpourri look which works best for my cold loathing self. The priority, even now however remains to stay warm since I do not believe in following fashion at the cost of comfort. So while my vintage apparel loving self drove me to buy this dress from ASOS which is midi length and voluminous by it sheer texture, I decided to shake things up a little with some bohemian elements. A vintage granny dress wearing hippie with flowers in her hair. Yes, makes perfect sense. Well at least my artistic license reprimands that I use it to create fun looks that make the cold weather a little less dreary and thats where my Owl printed Loca Chica portfolio clutch comes into the picture. Its always easier to style staple classics. A black dress. A pair of nude oxfords. But adding a spin on a granny classic with my quirky owl print and floral wreath, this is me taking on the winters, in my full raging fashionista avatar.
Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

Black midi dress: ASOS
Bohemian necklace with victorian charms: Fab Alley
Tweed jacket: Mango
Oxfords: Zara
Floral wreath: Accessorize
Owl print clutch with golden flap: C/O Loca Chica India

If you are still looking for that perfectly girly clutch bag which fits right in your palm (and your budget) then Loca Chica is where you should head.

For all your love and more, I'm thankful for all the responses and love I receive on the facebook page here. Keep it coming. :)


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A starry symphony

I am truly a fan of the candid camera. Its partly because I believe that somethings just belong in their natural form and partly because an outfit post shot at a music festival should not look staged. This is my outfit from day 2 of the NH7 Weekender, Delhi Chapter and the reason I have prolonged these posts well after the Weekender is over is because some good things leave an aftertaste that we cannot help but relish long after its over. The outfit is as starry as it is bohemian which you will notice when you see the pairing of the sequinned crop top with the striped maxi skirt (good 'ol favourite) and a grey ruffled long cardigan that shares its silhouettes with the skirt. If that is not bohemian then I do not know what is. Finished off with my neon pink tasselled earrings and a messy braid, the star of the outfit are my tan bag from Youshine and the black nearly knee-length boots that stay hidden yet provide ultimate comfort when we jump to the music of the Midival Punditz. The starry symphony had just one thought behind it, Nischay Parekh's beautiful single 'I love you baby, I love you doll' that we sang along to and were serenaded by. The highlight, for those of you uninitiated was watching Mutemath live. Enough said.

Unedited, candid. Just so you know how magical it really was.

Sequinned crop top: Forever 21 
Striped maxi skirt: Forever New
Ruffled cardigan: Some store in Australia
Tan bag: C/O Youshine
Tassled earrings in neon pink: Diva, Australia
Boots: ASOS

Till the next time,
stay warm.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Music and Lyrics

The funny thing about music is that it determines choices aplenty in our lives. So while we might choose to eat a fluffy sponge cake while listening to a Katy Perry track, the idea of and the music by someone like The Beatles always transports me back to my time in the city of Bangalore. Its magical, really. My tryst with some of the best music has been streamlined in my head unconsciously and as soon as I am faced with that music, I automatically tune into those memories and moods. Music is omnipotent. On the first day of Nh7 Delhi Chapter, I decided to be dressed to tap my feet and twirl a little to the music of Dualist Inquiry and Nucleya and some other assorted artists. Comfortable, yet snazzy. The leather and studded elements seemed quintessential and not to be the one dressed for summer in the freezing Delhi winter, the leather and the stockings did a good job of keeping me warm.
As the electronica tunes of Dualist Inquiry merged seamlessly into the far end of Lucky Ali's strong vocals, I can safely say that a music festival like Nh7 brings you the best from all musical genres. Music, of any kind, will always blend together, come together. Much like the aztec print of my shorts' pocket comes together with the self patterned tights. Comfortably.

Leather jacket, old nude oxfords: Zara
Grey Teeshirt: Mango
Studded olive green shorts, retro framed sunglasses: Forever 21
Gold necklace: C/O Chic Accessorizer
Camel colored satchel: ASOS

Till the next post,
love and peace.


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