Thursday, May 26, 2011

Take 3

This is a bit of a narcissistic post so bear with me. I'm going away on a holiday soon and just before that I really cannot come up with a very life-changing post for you guys :P
But I know you're sure to enjoy this, irrespective! :)
These are 3 things that are making me bubble with joy and happiness currently:
  • Peg-legged trousers: There is just something about these. Enough said.
  •  Lace and net: Yes I know, I've been lusting after these for long enough. But a nice lace dress is the perfect staple for the season. 
  •  Tan satchels: Not like I haven't gone on enough about this already. But now that this little baby is mine, I can't seem to get enough of it. Ok not this one, but close enough :)
 What do you think? Slightly obsessive aren't we? :)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Oh Hey Beautiful! :) Yes, you reading the post. I'm not kidding, I do mean you. Oh you think you're fat? Really, not quite an issue..I still think you're beautiful..I know you're reading in your PJs and wearing your reading glasses, but how can that be a measure of your beauty?
There is no objective definition of beauty which is why when I look at a cactus plant, I might find it beautiful while you might not. Lets not look at cliches for once, lets look at how it works instead. Even if we get together a universal set to answer what beauty means to them, we cannot come up with an exhaustive list. Which is why, beauty is so all inclusive.
I am from the school of thought where there is beauty to be found in everything that exists. You heard me. According to me, beauty is a state of mind. When I want to feel beautiful, I ask people who know me to put down a few things about me which makes them happy..which makes them like me. And that according to me is what makes everybody beautiful. I truly live by the cliche that a thing of beauty is a joy forever.(Damn, cliches are so hard not to use)
I have worked with the disabled. There are people who are born specially abled. There are those who cannot see. Today when I write this, it seems awfully important to share that even if a blind person cannot see a beautiful image of a unicorn, they can still paint a picture of it in their mind. And it might not remotely resemble a unicorn, but they might think its beautiful. Because they relate a unicorn to a happy beautiful feeling. Beauty is indeed a state of mind.
I do not unrealistically preach that things that money can buy cannot be beautiful. Buy me a pair of Louboutins and I will be a happy person. If I look through a Tiffany's window, I do usually exclaim, "damn thats a beauty". It is beautiful to wear beautiful shoes but on a relative basis, I would rather be someone who writes beautifully. And that is a personal choice, probably because the latter gives my endorphins a greater kick than the former can.
Which is why, when I tell you looked beautiful when you smiled at my compliments, I did mean it :)

If you like what you read, come over and vote for me on Indiblogger's 'What does real beauty mean to you' contest :) Click HERE and then click on 'promote'. THANKS! :) gives you the best ideas about what beauty really is.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The White Dress

Let me tell you a secret. I'm actually a ninja. When I see people stare at me if I click my outfit photographs in public, I instantly jump back to a normal posture with my hand by my side. So what do I do? I sneak up to the terrace at weird hours of the day or night (still check for lecherous men) and have BFF take my outfit photographs.
This entire look is a rehearsal, almost. Post exams getaway, here I come! :) The white midi dress(my summer staple) is actually my BEST street shopping find ever. In the markets of Pondicherry, I saw this white cotton midi dress crying out asking me to take it home. How could I refuse, it was mutual love <3
Also, my almost futile effort at the bed head look. The look I was trying for was the lazy, laid back look. It just became a clump of hair by the end of it but surprisingly its almost deceptive in the pictures ;)
Tell me if these pictures give you a very Shaam(the Rishikesh track from Aisha) feel. They sure give me that! :)

The belt is from Next which I found in Mussourie and is actually about 5 years old, would you believe that :) Time to recycle the old ladies :)
Bib necklace: Forever New(Australia)
White chunky bangles: Forever 21
Also in another news, Nick Wooster fired from Neiman Marcus! Who would've thought?! More details still awaited.
Your comments are precious :) Welcome new readers :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Black Swan Influence

I know I know this post should have ideally come in with the release of 'Black Swan' in India but my fascination with tulle skirts is at its peak right now so this post is now due.
Black Swan classique fashion brought in tulle and net tutu skirts in India in a big way. How do you know? Well, for one the use of full tulle skirts was seen in the Summer-Resort collection of Gauri and Nainika at the Lakme India Fashion Week for their fantasy themed collection. These skirts are larger-than-lifely-flouncily-pretty. Yes, I just made up a word. Honestly, there is no adjective that the fashion gurus have not used for it. And indeed, there is no lack of criticism for these either. Some say, they are not very practical and the others just find it plain 'ridiculous'.
I shall show you the best tulle picks from Gauri and Nainika's collection to convince you with my conviction in this gorgeous trend of the season ;)

Images via
These are not tutus but the tulle knee-length dresses are quite fashionable too. Undeniable, tulle as a fabric is the most gorgeous kind of netting for these dresses and skirts spelling grandiose. I'm lusting after the tulle full skirts this season and would love to style them. Are you?
Fashion Inspiration: Natalie Portman in Black Swan (image via irulan18.wordpress)
Share the tulle love! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Nail Love

Greetings !
I was looking at my book and then staring in space for a while and then I stared at my hands for a while which reminded me that I forgot to review my most favourite nail paint of the season for my readers. Its the longest a crush on a nail paint has lasted, apart from the blood red of course. Nail paints are not even indispensable to me in my beauty regime but this nail paint actually makes me want to take some time and apply it on my nails. I do not possess the longest most sleek nails but I like to take care of them and keep them painted.
Presenting to you my peachy love from Colorama, Coral Chic.
This is the only nail paint which I have used more than once and gotten around to actually finishing half of the 8 ml bottle. The nail paint is a fine textured peachy shade with very tiny bits of shimmer to it which actually look beautiful on application. I am fine with the packaging too. Its comfortable to carry around, extremely portable for any bag size.

My only problem with the nailpaint is that its less in its consistency. I would have liked it to be slightly thicker coz one coat just doesn't cut it. Sometimes, you need 3 coats.
My love for the nailpaint still continues though. Also, because its so easy on the pocket. Rs85 for 8 ml is hardly a bad deal.

This is a double coat and as you see, there is scope to put another coat on it if you wish.
I still love coral chic and I think this is a color for the season. Also looking for some minty greens so if you have any suggestions you're welcome to share them with me :)
Tell me how you like the review and if you would try this shade yourself.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Put a Ring On It

At 4 in the morning, I couldn't find a better title for the post than a line from Beyonce's Hit Single-All The Single Ladies. Not getting any sleep and browsing random websites, looking for nothing in particular. Yep, thats me.
Moving on to more interesting stuff..cocktail rings seem to be the latest rage..going by the number of celebrities sporting these beauties..from big, chunky rocks( think has beens marrying RICH princes/hoteliers/the likes) to more adventurous vintage rings, they are all over. This ring I picked for a friend from Aldo Accessories got me thinking about how I would probably want many more of these. (Wear an invisibility cloak and pick my favourites, can't be too greedy! )
There's a ring out there for all personality types and here are my picks for different types of dressers out there:) So read and find out which ring suits your style perfectly!
The Owl Ring
This one is for all you fashionistas who HAVE to be sporting what the celebrities do. The 'owl' trend has taken the world over by storm and has left no celebrity untouched. From the pendants to the ring now, its a must-have for the celebrity-fashion follower girl.

The rose ring
The rose ring is for the uber-feminine girly-girl. She will wear a delicate pendant over chunky beads anyday. A delicately carved out rose ring over a chunky rock anyday. This is for those damsels who love their ultra-feminine style.

3-finger knuckle ring
This ring spells out edginess. This is for the woman who loves her power dressing. This is for those not afraid to experiment. Strong, geometrical shapes for the woman who is not quite apprehensive about trying new looks.

Oval-shaped Ring
This is the versatile ring for the ring-lover in every woman. The classic silver oval shape with the chic criss-cross detailing should appeal to all alike and also because this ring's versatility comes through in its use. Be it jeans and a blazer or a salwaar kameez, complements all looks alike.

Crackled Mother of Pearl Ring
This last one was actually supposed to be the 'vintage' ring from Aldo I bought but since I could not find that image, this is the closest I could find on Forever 21. The Mother of Pearl vintage looking ring is for those of you who like statement pieces. This ring is for the girl who shall let one piece do the talking along with being a snappy dresser.

All images courtesy: and

I hope this post was a fun read because I genuinely had fun coming up with these ideas for the perfect rings for all my readers! :) (Yeah, losing sleep and doing this at 4:41 A.M. is a little too selfless you would say! :D )
Till then, XOXO

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ushering in the Summers

Blogger, I can't believe you're doing this to me, I have to repost everything I wrote yesterday. S.U.C.K.S
Anyway, so this is how I ushered in the Bangalore heat..with the scorching heat..the crazy traffic jams..(deflated tyres and inflated egos kind of business :) ), all to make it to lunch with the girls for L's awesome birthday lunch! :)
I'm glad the pictures were taken before I got back from the lunch for what followed were torrential Bangalore rains..yes, thats how unpredictable the weather here is :) Did I mention how much I love it? Oh well, now you know :)
Wearing in this post:
The white shirt: Benetton
The zebra printed skirt: Zara
Minty green heels: Nine West
Feathered headband and peacock necklace: Accessorize
White oversized sunnies: Forever New
Studded sling: Forever New
There is nothing that works better than a crisp white shirt in cotton or linen in the crazy summers. Teaming it up with a zebra-printed summery skirt was the best bet with the sun shining overhead. Also note, the three-fourth sleeves avoided me a crazy load of tanning :D
So after a brilliant lunch, desserts at the most strategically placed dessert bar (Jimmy Choo on one side and Ferragamo on the other), mad bouts of laughter, giggles, sniggering and a mad load of picture taking, we got back, just avoiding the rains by a few minutes. Ready to study I guess. Exams around the corner. YUCK *sticks out tongue in disgust*
Till next time, later ladies :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cheatcode to Beat The Heat!

The temperatures are soaring, the ice lollies are probably the only thing you have the appetite for, bring out those sunglasses and layer on that sunscreen..coz Summers are here :D I absolutely LOVE summer fashion! Coming from India, we hardly have ever had a choice..just the choice to make intelligent, stylish choices about what to wear, carry, eat this summer! :)
So this is my personal list of  TEN MUST-HAVES this summer to beat the madddddddddening heat, stylishly! A cheatcode for all my readers to appreciate and add on to their existing list! :D Hope you enjoy it :)
  • Maxi Dress: Fashion magazine, blogs, television, I think everyone has been crying their throat hoarse about how its almost essential to wear one this summer. I think I placed it first coz I still haven't found my perfect maxi dress. Although I am loving this certain striped one that Kim Kardashian is wearing here :)
  • Flora-Fauna Prints: Yes, thats what I'd like to call the mad burst of clothing with floral and animal+bird print. Its adorable and I think I had a blast picking some of these kinds of prints in Delhi last month. Wear it on dresses, shirts, skirts and even shoes. A good idea-try the smaller prints.
via fashion21.tumblr
Bird print kimono via
  •  Strappy Flats, Colorful Ballets flats and wedges in neon colors: Its Summer and a lot of people forego the ballet flat madness for the slinkier strappy flip flops. I personally cannot. Maybe coz neon green flats in the day and jewelled ballet flats in the night are almost quintessential, irrespective of the season:) And for those very summery-shoes people, try these orange yummy wedges. Perfect to dress in the Sun's colors to beat the heat :D       
Yellow strappy studded flats via
Canvas strap cork Wedges via Charlotte
  •  Colorful and Printed Bottoms: They are my personal favourites and the most comfortable way to beat the heat. Also, very easy on the pocket. Go for thrifted printed harem pants or palazzo pants in bright colors, with lacey-floral sheer blouses. 
  •  Quintessential White Dress: EEEEEeeeeee! Its my favourite part :D The quintessential white dress in cottons and sheers is a must-have this summer, like every summer! Also, try using an oversized button down white shirt with a belt this summer. The look is chic and androgynous at the same time :)
Offwhite lace. Thats the dream. via girlnextdior.tumblr
  •  Satchels and totes in tan color: With all the colorful clothing and neon colored shoes, its a good idea to carry over the tan colored totes and satchels from last season to these summers. Of course, if you're going monotone or light pastel on the clothing, you can always jazz it up with bright bags these summers. This is the look I'm hinting at:
Loving the sheer nudes and tans
  •  Coral Lippies and cheek tints: I could go on about these, but I shall just leave you with a thought. A clear, glowing face with coral lips scream summer. MAC, Body Shop, Clinique the options are limitless!
  •  Oversized Sunnies and classic wayfarers: Go all out with the sunnies this summer! White wayfarers, oversized Jackie-Os to fit your face, wayfarers with printed frames and get a hold of this..heart-shaped frames! This summer, let your sunnies do the talking :)
  • Bangles-chunky and not-so-chunky: This summer I see the foray of all sorts of gorgeous metallic bangles into the market. Chunky metal ones, pearly ones with swarovski, Plastic shiny ones..they caught my eye at Forever 21, Forever New, Accessorize and every possible high street brand. I'm personally going for a combination of the thick and thin metallic ones with the golden base, loving those :)
  •  Scarves: No. Scarves are not for Winters alone and they do not belong in our grandmothers' era :) I can't wait to add scarves to dresses of the most summery kind and with blouses and jeans. Also, scarves in the hair is a very chic idea. My favourite scarves in market right now are those at Accessorize. They're crazy pretty and they just, well..seem to be very me.
Ditsy lacery scarf

Both scarves via
Also look out for thrifted finds in the most
 gorgeous greens and blues and pinks.

I absolutely enjoyed putting together this very detailed cheatcode for my readers and I hope it was equally enjoyable and useful for all you guys :)

    Saturday, May 7, 2011

    Outfit Post+Now You're Talking

    For the third time in the day. You possibly could not have been such an ardent follower so as to be reading all the three posts..and well, if you are, I consider myself damn lucky! :) Back to the point, I will try and ensure that I make up for the lack of outfit posts and sometimes posts at all for the last one month :P
    To begin with, my reader Swati M. asked me about styling options for hot pink tights that she owns. Keeping in mind she is a conservative dresser and not too much of an 'experiment-with-color' person, I designed this outfit post. Hope you like it Swati :)
    The most basic and classic way of teaming up hot pink(or for that matter any bold hued tights) is to wear it with a solid colored tunic/dress/oversized tee. I'm a big fan of the tunic-tights combination myself! :) The best thing about this is that you can experiment with a lot of belts on it.
    I have used a gray colored buttoned tunic from Vero Moda, teamed it with hot pink tights from Sports Girl, and worn my favourite Spring-Summer belt from Forever New and the floral print of the belt lifts the tunic too.
    The shoes are no fuss, supremely girly gray round toed ballet flats from D&A with rosettes embedded with crystals. The necklace has a sentimental story but I shall spare you of the bleary eyed affair just with a note that Best Friend from school and I bought the same necklaces with the rose charms from Accessorize.

     Simplest way of styling the hot pink tights :) Simpler still, accessorize it right.
    Note: In this crazy heat, avoid over doing the accessories and make up. Simple is good :)
    I absolutely enjoyed myself doing this post and it was the best come back of sorts :D


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