Sunday, February 28, 2016

That thing about wearing what you like

The world is a harsh place for a woman who dresses according to her whims and fancies. It's always 'under' or 'over' or 'too girly' or 'too macho'. It's always 'too much skin, who does she think she is' or 'too little skin, what a prude'. And let's not even forget the concerns of dressing for the weather and dressing to keep up with the trends. An outfit can symbolise so much more than what it appears to. I wear a lacey bralette to embrace every inch of my female body shape and to take immense pride in it. At the same time, a pair of denim overalls (initially meant as a piece of clothing for rail road workers in the USA who were men, of course) leaves me unfazed and I subsume it as a part of my personal style. I do think there is a lot to be said about embracing feminism in the sartorial choices we make and I do think I'm doing it proudly.
Dressing up is an art and just like everything else, women should rightfully possess the same right as men to create an artful journey of sartorial choices for themselves. 
Heavily inspired by paints, street art and everything that resembles an artist's uniform I put together an outfit with a plus/minus of basically five things that are giving me life in this hot/cold weather in Delhi.
  1. Denim overalls
  2. White sneakers
  3. A kaleidoscopic scarf
  4. A maxi shirt dress in black
  5. A large portfolio clutch in leather

For details on these and everything else you need to know about my everyday outfits head straight to Wooplr where you will find my style inspirations and a lot more you need to know about everyday fashion. Are you on Wooplr yet?

Photography by: Saumya and Shiva of The Open Art Project

Denim Overalls: c/o Stalk Buy Love
Lacey bralette: Some place in Singapore
Shoes: Stradivarius
Portfolio clutch: H & M, India
Scarf: c/o Cameron Kham
Maxi shirt dress: c/o Stalk Buy Love


Monday, February 22, 2016

The Anomaly story

What do you look for in your white shirt?
  1. Phenomenal tailoring
  2. A great design
  3. A beautiful fit
  4. Value for money 
  5. And if you are me, then the possibility of picking such a shirt in other great neutral tones
The reason I choose to emphasise on the white blouse apart from all the other well tailored goodness that the supremely comfortable label Anomaly has to offer is because I am possibly, still wearing it after having acquired it only a month back and probably having worn it 20 times already. (My laundry runs every day, just to make it clear!)
The clean, minimal vibe that Medha Khosla's label Anomaly aspires to embody does just that. The clothing makes me think of white textured walls juxtaposed with pieces of cool geometric furniture. While Anomaly brings forth my love for great design and beautiful muted tones, Kassia's great composition and photos that speak to you with all their elements does justice to all our forces coming together. The easy breezy styling and the play of light and shadows in the images would give you an insight into the brand's philosophy that we tried to showcase. 
While I dream of orange lollies, matte white manicures and dual toned sliders that prep my feet for the summer ahead, indulge in some AnomalyxFTLOFAOTxKassia Karr goodness.
Even the tan lines on my feet are so normcore, guys.

Shirt, trousers and blazer: Anomaly,which you can buy at their website ( now along with the option of their physical studio in Shahpur Jat. Also available on Facebook
Jewellery and bag: Photographer's own
Photography: Kassia Karr of Dear


Friday, February 12, 2016

Summer is coming-I

That title might give you the idea that I'm one of those people with that absolutely adorable knack of stating the obvious. Yes, I couldn't see outside my window and had absolutely no idea that winter is on a decline. Sunny? Are you sure? I'm so glad you could tweet about it and let us all who have been eclipsed clearly, know. Never mind the sarcasm. The title actually comes from my inherent love for summers and cotton. There is an unsaid beauty in the diaphanous cotton. Organic fabrics that let your sun kissed skin breathe. The backdrop of the succulents and just the joy of dipping my toes into the sun kissed mud. The song of the trees and the flowers and the merry floaty dresses make on my skin. Just languishing around in my beautiful  p é r o  clothing that brings forth everything the Indian summer stands for. If your heart yearns for the sunshine and that extended period of twilight that summer brings with it, then this series of photos might just be the drop of rain your parched soul looked for. 

Dress: p é r o
'Pyar' Necklace: Eina Ahluwalia

The beautiful photography and edits courtesy of the very talented Nayantara Parikh.

Watch this space for Part Deux.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Love in the time of distance

Wordsworth could have a gala time writing poetry and maybe even prose about the amount of long distance relationships I have worked on in my love life in my 26 years of existence. I usually refrain from talking about my personal life on the blog because that is just who I am. Not necessarily someone who believes in hanging billboards about the hardships of having to emotionally and physically ache to be with the one you love. But here I am, having my Dr Emma Lloyd moment, yet again and going back to doing what I do best. Talking about love. And loss. The loss of love. The distance that pervades all the most romantic notions that you grew up with. The idea that you have known to love someone you know you physically cannot be in proximity of, well, 'until the time is right'. It's a modern day dilemma, truly speaking. I cannot imagine my mother or her mother having a second thought about moving right away to where the wind(not really the wind, more like her husband) took her. I would do that for love but would I not look out for my career simultaneously? 
You get by, with a few deep sighs. A bottle of red. The right mystical gown that your fairy godmother spins for you. A carriage that is basically a pumpkin tapped by a magical wand (okay, gross). You get the picture. I decided to dedicate one little quote to all those love lorn readers who actually took time to read my tale of longing and enjoy this visual treat.

There are days when I wake up searching the other side of my bed, 
For the tingle on my skin and the kiss on my forehead.
There are days when all I can think of are the letters I write to you,
But never send across because they belong in my head.

Once Upon A Trunk, an ecommerce venture that has hit the city of Delhi like a fresh bout of spring fever is responsible for helping recreate my fantasy. The concept is fantastic. No, really. You stay in your pyjamas, nurse your glass of wine while you set up an appointment with their stylists on call and they arrive at your doorstep (yes you read that right) with a beautiful trunk full of a bevy of options of clothes, accessories and everything you need to complete that look for a particular occasion. Try them, pick them, keep what you like and send the rest back. It is as simple as that. Of course, you have the option to directly buy what you like online from the website too, no questions asked. If you have been following me on instagram then you saw my unlock my Valentines Day special Once Upon a Trunk chest and it was delightful! It gets even more exciting, this Valentines Day. Order your special V-Day chest and you get the beautiful floral printed trunk you saw in my video as a part of your purchase. Hop on and give it a whirl.

Gown, earrings, clutch bag: C/O Once Upon A Trunk

Maker of the gown: Platinoir for Once Upon A Trunk
Maker of the earrings: Bedika N Richa for Once Upon A Trunk
Maker of the clutch: Saatvik for Once Upon A Trunk

Photography and edits by: Jagrati Marwaha and find her on Facebook



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