Tuesday, October 18, 2016

FTLOFAOTxAmazon India x POPxo: India Modern at AIFW

There is something to be said about the massive number of women and men who have taken to digging out their old Indian archetypes for dressing up at Fashion Week. One in every five people at Amazon India Fashion Week was seen wearing a bindi or a pair of jhumkas. I'm no one to decide whether people all across the world wearing it accounts for cultural appropriation. But I do believe, for reasons right or wrong, we are seeing a massive wave of style currently that we love to call 'India Modern'. The 'India Modern' prototype understand the Indian weaves. He/she understands Indian fabrics. He/she understands what they see on the ramp and give it an interpretation they best deem fit in the modern day India. On day 5 at Amazon India Fashion Week, I had the privilege of attending the shows as a POPxo Super Blogger in collaboration with Amazon India. The one show that redefined the day's proceedings for me was the First Show: the accessory show. Accessories are having such a big moment in the Indian fashion scene currently and while we are keeping up with the world and creating contemporary pieces, it was absolutely heartening for someone like me to see collections that worked around the classic Indian motifs in jewellery pieces. The revival of the gold jewellery. The pairing of the glamorous diamonds with Indian clothing and western wear alike. The styling of the shows which included fluid drapes that appeared to be very fusion, with dull gold jewellery and flowers in the hair. My favourite would have to be the collection by Mine of Design; Ambar Paridhi Sahai's label
I also put together an outfit from Amazon India with a lot of influence of velvet since nothing spells old Indian regal charm like the use of velvet.
Find snippets from the three accessory shows and my outfit below.

Photography by: Saumya and Shiva of The Open Art Project

Teeshirt dress, slip dress, bomber jacket: Vero Moda (available on Amazon India)
Shoes: Clarks ( available on Amazon India)
Bag: Kenzo


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Italian Trade Agency at AIFW

Indian fashion is going global and simultaneously taking along, the Indian Fashion Weeks. Amazon Indian Fashion Week, Spring Summer, 17 is currently under session and this time promises to take things a notch higher. If you have been living under a rock, then you must take a moment to soak in the fact that Italy has been a partner country at AIFW this season. Things just got very hot at AIFW last night as the Italian Trade Agency, or ITA as it is more popularly known came forth with a very luxe presentation with the choicest Italian labels on the Indian ramp. Italian labels take immense pride in their inherent elegance and the labels being showcased like Fratelli Borgioli, Diemille, Gianna Melianie, Lella Baldi, Loriblu amongst many others were no different. I immediately think of outstanding craftsmanship and fine leather as I think Italy and the show really was a culmination of all your la dolce vita fashion dreams. *Insertion of basic Italian phrases is a must*

Serious innovation with lamé fabric, neoprene, and a variety of diaphanous fabrics were the order of the day. The bags did well to complement the eclectic mood of looks and the men's wear did not disappoint either. I was for a few moments therein, transported to an international fashion gala and in all probability, this is what the Italian Trade Agency working along with a supremely talented team of Indian show directors and stylists intended. We captured the essence of this fabulous country and it's sensational fashion aesthetic with a few of our favourite looks.

Photography by: Saumya and Shiva of The Open Art Project

Directed by Rashmi Virmani
Styled by Gopalika Virmani


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