Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sugar and Spice

So I believe I haven't found a lot of time to shop offlate. Blame it on the crazy lives we live. There are some weeks where I go on without browsing through any online style bible or even window shopping. So when the paucity of time takes over your life and you find yourself juggling too many things with too little time and your immense love for fashion seems to only increase, you recycle. And restyle. And reinvent. Thrown in two of my most favourite parts of the summer. Tangerine and floral print. A comfortable loose braid and a golden layered necklace. I really am good to go. Are you? :)

Wearing: Floral romper- Forever New, Tangerine skirt- Zara, Sandals- nicked off from BFF, Bangles and cuff- Street shopping, Delhi and Hyderabad, Gold layered necklace- Accessorize, Hairband- Forever New


Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Bag Love

A new bag can really put a lot of wardrobe woes to rest. Tried and tested. The cribbing about not having enough clothes to wear is never ending, even when you have two closet fulls bursting at their ends, mind you. But we're women and its almost a birthright to buy what we like and what we don't like so much and crib later, right? :)
Jokes apart, smart shopping is as crucial this season as was any other season. Don't flood your closets with never ending array of neon colored pants which you probably would not wear every season. Pick one and experiment. Or go for pastels. Summer prints. And don't restrict that to just clothes. Pick a bright floral accessory and throw it on to the most casual of the clothes to be ready for this season. Sun dresses are good. A trend that never really goes out of fashion so maybe buy those.
Or like me, use a little bit of both- pastels and neons.
This bag in embossed python print in a grey-blue by Michael Kors is my go-to bag this season. Its a cute tote which I'm going to be throwing on with an ensemble of mostly all color families and be sporting a blue thats perfect for the season.
So keep the tans and nudes away for a day, and try a neon or a pastel colored bag for the day :)

Wearing: Paisley printed cotton tube dress- Street shopping (Pondicherry), Lace shrug- Vero Moda, Bag- Michael Kors, Cobalt blue pumps- Michael Antonio, The rose ring and the turquoise ring- Forever New, Gold cuff- Jewelery vendor at GK-I M-block( Delhi).

A shout out to all the 1000+readers on my facebook page ! Keep the love coming in guys and your feedback is precious :)


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bring On the Sun

This is my n-th comeback. But does it really matter, if in the end of the day I do feel inclined to come back and post yet again for my readers? :) Thats all that counts, doesn't it? I am a staunch believer of quality over quantity so unless I had something substantial to offer, I did not really find the time in my last, hectic semester at Law school to post. Farewell, last few group plans, lots of taboo and other such fun things have kept me busy all this while. I am on the threshold of a new life post school and I find myself in a quagmire much like the one I was in post school and before entering college. But life goes on. *Sigh* Now to the post. This dress from Fifth Avenue is about 5 years old and I cannot for the love of God get enough of innovating and recycling looks with it. Its the perfect length for this insane summer, polka dots and cute frills at the bottom. And I've been a lover of casual tees for a while now and throw it on this dress to make it appear like a skirt for the brand new look. Now the favourite bit. The necklace is one of my latest buys on one of my trips to Delhi and the gorgeous pastel green makes for the perfect Spring-Summer '12 trend. So only pastel and no neon? Or vice-versa? If that's what confuses you then you can try what I did. A hint of pastel with the necklace and a neon shade of the same color on my bag. Voila. Two trends, one outfit ;)

 Wearing: Dress worn as skirt- Fifth Avenue, Tee- DKNY, Necklace- Jewelery store in Khan Market, Delhi, Bag- Nirvana, Pondicherry, Loafers- Shoe store in Bandra, Mumbai.
What do you think?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Urban Shots Bright Lights: The Review

So when  Blogadda started their bloggers book review program, I was more than enthused to sign up for it. Finally got around to reviewing a book edited by Paritosh Uttam, called Urban Shots Bright Lights. This is a follow up of Urban Shots.
Lets begin with what this book promises to its readers. Urban Shots Bright Lights is a collection of 29 short stories. It promises stories from every nook and cranny of the urban life. Stories of children, of adults, some happy, some not so happy. But it all ties to a one point program and its for you to interpret it the way you wish.
What it delivers: Most of the stories are short and lucid. They are effectively told and the writers have the descriptions spot on with the in-depth detailing of things also as inanimate as a raincoat or as deeply emotional as the bond between a mother and her child. Some stories strike a chord with you almost instantaneously as the one which is about the love story of a married couple who have polar opposite styles of raising their child or about the protagonist set in the city of Kolkatta and how he romances the city with his words and visuals. There are also some which fail you on a certain level with their narrative and even with a twist so intrinsically emotional, they fail to connect with the reader on that one level. Then there are the kinds which make you break into a smile or two. For a sample, let me take The Weeping Girl and Hot Pants with both of which the writers not only throw in a comic twist for good measure, the narrative also keeps you at the edge of your seat all through.
All in all, the simple language and clean narrative for most stories works to connect with an audience and establish a good foundation for the stories to progress. There are stories which definitely make you relate to them because of the set up, for instance stories set in corporate houses but at the same time, not all those stories achieve the purpose of connecting with their readers because somewhere I did feel that they lost the plot even if they did not in the others. The Wall, however does make me individually understand the protagonist's point of view considering the author analyses his emotions from different angles that convey the point to the reader.
What my interpretation of the underlying theme of the book is: You might hail from Mumbai or you might work in Kolkatta, you might be an IT guy in Bangalore or just a dedicated home maker raising her children in another urban set up, similar emotions, congruent situations will always tie people together in similar relationships in a larger set.
In my opinion, that is the USP of the book. The simplistic nature of dealing with human emotions and nothing more. Read it if short stories covering a myriad of those emotions is what you look for. This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at Participate now to get free books!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dress your tee

What do you get when you throw in a semester full of debate tournaments, events to organize, lots of getaways and another ton of parties to be attended with your most favourite people?
You get my life in the last semester of Law School. As the time to leave draws near, I can nearly see the horizon. Possibilities and memories aplenty. But without getting into that right now, let me give you one of my favourite shoots of recent times. Sorry, the saree pictures are still unavailable :)
I am a huge fan of comfortable trendy Tees. I think if they are paired with the right bottoms and appropriately accessorized, there are possibilities infinite of dressing up your cute tee. I have shown you similiar posts in the past but this one's extra special.
Paired a new DKNY tee with my red skinnies and accessorized. Take a look :)

Red skinnies: Vero Moda
White tee: DKNY
Nude peep toes: Inc.5
Link chunky necklace: Juicy Couture
Portfolio clutch: ASOS

Also debuting for the first time, The Naked Palette by Urban Decay :) I have used shades of nude and gunmetal on the eyes.

What do you think? Are you dressing up your tee, today?


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