Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bring On the Sun

This is my n-th comeback. But does it really matter, if in the end of the day I do feel inclined to come back and post yet again for my readers? :) Thats all that counts, doesn't it? I am a staunch believer of quality over quantity so unless I had something substantial to offer, I did not really find the time in my last, hectic semester at Law school to post. Farewell, last few group plans, lots of taboo and other such fun things have kept me busy all this while. I am on the threshold of a new life post school and I find myself in a quagmire much like the one I was in post school and before entering college. But life goes on. *Sigh* Now to the post. This dress from Fifth Avenue is about 5 years old and I cannot for the love of God get enough of innovating and recycling looks with it. Its the perfect length for this insane summer, polka dots and cute frills at the bottom. And I've been a lover of casual tees for a while now and throw it on this dress to make it appear like a skirt for the brand new look. Now the favourite bit. The necklace is one of my latest buys on one of my trips to Delhi and the gorgeous pastel green makes for the perfect Spring-Summer '12 trend. So only pastel and no neon? Or vice-versa? If that's what confuses you then you can try what I did. A hint of pastel with the necklace and a neon shade of the same color on my bag. Voila. Two trends, one outfit ;)

 Wearing: Dress worn as skirt- Fifth Avenue, Tee- DKNY, Necklace- Jewelery store in Khan Market, Delhi, Bag- Nirvana, Pondicherry, Loafers- Shoe store in Bandra, Mumbai.
What do you think?


  1. u luk so cute..!! love d neck piece n d bag..!! 2nd last pic is just too cute.

  2. As I have told you before, I'm absolutely, obsessively, head-over-heels in love with your necklace!! <3

    I want one NOW! *sigh*

  3. Awww..the skirt looks cute! And love the neckpiece!

  4. I so love that mint-y neckpiece..its gorgeous!! What made a happier was the fact that its from Khan Market (Heading thr next week so can lay my hands on a similar one :p) If ever u visit next, do check out the 'tribal' beaded pieces too :)
    You look super cute..totally loving second last picture :)

  5. Oohhh I have the same bag in another colour :)

    Loveee the skirt. The neckpiece is adorable.


  6. Oh!! i love that neck-piece!! <3 And the skirt!! looking lovely like always!! :)

    P.S. --- New Post on my blog too Cherie! <3 Make sure you take out time and give it a look. I'd really appreciate that! Once again -- Lovely blog-post! :) I already follow you! :) If you happen to like my blog then follow me too and share the love! :)


  7. Love the necklace.
    is it from amethyst in khan market or the street shops?

  8. LOVE the neck piece!! <3
    Which camera do you use?

  9. Absolutely LAUVE the necklace ... I want one! :( :( :(

    And your carefree, genuine smile always lights me up. **sighs**

  10. Thanks a ton guys! :)
    @Surabhi: The necklace is from one of the street shops, not Amethyst.
    @Medha: I use a Canon 1100 D :)

  11. The summer months are here and all we can think about is cool, be it eating, drinking or wearing. On that note have you checked out the new summer variant from Parachute - Summer fresh? I have heard that it is doing quite well. Will you please post a review of the same. Thanks!!



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