Tuesday, February 10, 2015

JOFW – Season 2: Day 2 of Auditions – Models, Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists

A blown up height chart had been set up. Our personnel stood equipped with his tools to get the proportions of each entrant. The registration forms began flying off the counter as hoards of 6 feet aboves (well mostly) started trickling in for the model casting.

Day two of the JabongOnline Fashion Week looked as exciting as it felt. While the casting tees and tank tops were doled out for the applicants, our haut monde jury sauntered in in their Saturday best. While the jitters (literally and figuratively given the city’s temperature) ran high amongst the modeling hopefuls backstage, the jury put their game face on to judge these boys and girls. India’s fashion choreography mammoth Lubna Adams directed questions at the aspirants that definitely required more than just their towering height. The over powering theme for the male models could have easily been, ‘why so beard’, given that more than 90% of the final models sported that look (trend alert, boys).

Nervous giggling and daunting ‘take-off-the-heels-and-show-us-your-real-height’ tests later, a pool of estrogen-fueled models were geared up to work hard to come out at the top in the final show in February.
With an experience of 26 years in the modeling industry, NoyonikaChatterjee is every bit from the tiny pool of India’s first few dusky super models. “Competition is so essential and Jabong Online Fashion Week does just that; create competition to improve the quality of professionals in the industry”, she says with the poise of a true diva. We nod in agreement when she points out that a good ramp model is ‘a lot more than just beauty’.

The make up and hair artist aspirants were up next. VidyaTikari, one of India’s finest make up artists spoke to us about how she would ‘teach an artist so long as they were willing to give everything to this art’. The aspirants giddy with the excitement of being judged by Vidya were seen hanging on to each word as she explained what was expected out of them.Missing bobby pins and dollops of colour later, the final looks were sashayed across in front of our jury.

Auditions were never so fun.

Find this and more at the Jabong Online Fashion Week blog.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Casual chic winter

Spring Couture, 2015 is here and while I might not be sitting obsolete to the whole world and drowning myself in one show after another, I have been picking and choosing favourites. Credit where credit is due, I have never been a big fan of Armani Prive but with this collection with recurring bamboo shoot print, I believe what I saw was an immense amount of maturity and sophistication in a collection that at some level drew inspiration from Asia. Then there was my all time red carpet favourite Elie Saab with a throwback all the way to his childhood circa '60s and those beautiful tulip motif appliqué tulle and point d'esprit gowns. There wasn't a gown he made that I did not love.
Moving on from that little monologue about what caught my fancy, more about the outfit. A little background would help. In a world where everyone and in many cases, every outfit is trying to outdo the other, sometimes it is a huge relief to be able to look stylish in the most minimally styled look. An Italian yarn sweater in a grey that matches the sky on most winter days in Delhi with an inky faded ripped jeans is the all-time favourite of every cool Pinterest poster girl. Of course it would never be complete without a dash of leopard print, some dusty pearls and block heels with peeping toes. Remember to wear little or no make up and you could actually end up looking as homeless as me. But thats just a story for another day.

Sweater: Zara
Jeans: Diesel
Portfolio clutch: ASOS
Shoes: Forever 21

Photography C/O: Dhruv Sethi Photography

Till the next post, which will be a while since I'm traveling. Hang in there.


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