Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Latest Award :)

Hey all!
I'm hoping the week is progressing fairly well for all of you'll who do not have to write exams in the next few weeks. Ah, the dreaded exams and at the risk of exposing my readers to any obscenity I'm just going to say #*%&#%&%.
However, it is little joys like this that makes me come back to my blog at the end of a very long day. The lovely Shristi of Style Fashion Etc has given me the Stylish Blogger Award.
As a ritual, I pass on this award to 7 other lovely bloggers and state 7 random facts about myself. Did I cover everything? I think. Here goes. I shall pass on this award to:
  1. Peaches & Blush
  2. Oh To be A Muse
  3. The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Infamous
  4. The Sidewalk is my Runway
  5. COSMICaroline
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody: Capturing Fashion
  7. Full Closet But Nothing To Wear
As a ritual, if you've been awarded this award, please link the person who awarded this to you and pass it on 7 other stylish bloggers with 7 facts about yourself. Also, let them know by way of a comment that you've awarded them this award.
7 Random facts about myself:
  • My first love was journalism and not law. My second love is Human Rights Law, where I'm headed.
  • I CANNOT live without at least 3 cups of coffee/tea in a day.
  • I am also actively involved in theatre. I might want to study theatre at NYU someday.
  • I have the biggest fetish for perfumes. Tried them all, Chanel for keeps.
  • I LOVE debating. Have been debating ever since school and continue to do so.
  • I love dancing. I have trained in salsa and hopefully shall train in some other forms in this lifetime
  • I can be hypochondriac-ish sometimes. Note: SOMETIMES :D
Love love love, chicitas.

Monday, November 29, 2010

My style Icon FOREVER.

Hello Lovelies,
I hope the week's begun on a good note for you'll. Mine has been one, long sleep-a-thon. Not bad, I hear you say? Very very bad, I have exams coming up and its time I get my act together. One post I've been meaning to do for a long while so here goes. Its a little personal yet its an answer I think most my readers and friends need to know. Very often people ask me who my fashion icon is. Of course, there are answers customised for different people. I've said Anna Wintour to some, Audrey Hepburn to others and Sarah Jessica Parker to yet some other people. However, very realistically my style icon ever since I even remotely understood what fashion or an individualistic style meant, has been my sister. Till the time we were in school, I think I made it awfully obvious that I tried to emulate her style. From her skimpy short tops with stretchable jeans look, to wearing colorful loops(Ewww)..from wearing 'short' skirts to wearing white ruffled knotted tops with platform heels, I've copied all her looks. Even when she went away to Uni and I was still in school, I used to ask her to buy two of whatever she shopped for herself. She's married now and I'm in Uni and I still look up to her for now very-Aussie fashion sense. It is so inspiring to see her wear classic designer clothing with so much elan and yet pull off a casual minimalistic look with hawainas with the same amount of ease. From her sunglasses to her choice of accessories and oooooooh her make up, everything makes me feel like a little girl in a barbie store. And then there's her collection of designer bags and shoes which I hope to inherit someday :D Here are some of her looks which I randomly put together for this post. Tell me what you think.
Loving the Tony Biancos
Perfectly put together for a day out with Husband :)
Sister and I in front of the Opera House :)
And then she manages to look so fly even in a saree
Don't forget to enter my Big-Fat Giveaway chicitas, its right HERE and its also posted in the sidebar of my blog. So DON'T FORGET.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Big-Fat Sony Ericsson Giveaway

Dear Readers,
I can finally unveil the big surprise that I’ve sat on for a while now. I’m not sure but I think the title gave it away :D Yes, there is a gorgeous Sony Xperia X8 up for grabs on this very blog. The contest for winning the phone is sponsored by Sony Ericsson India and hence is open only to bloggers residing in India.

However, there is something for my international blogger friends in this too. You can enter this contest too and one lucky winner shall be featured in an entire style post.
So whats new and so great about Sony Ericsson’s new range, the Xperia phones? Apart from the first of its kind human curvature design which fits the phone right into your palm, there are a gazillion other yummy features that would want to make you buy this babe ;)

I am using the Sony Xperia X10 Mini Pro in the pictures which has all the latest applications along with a great 5 megapixel camera and whats great is that you can also upload these pictures directly on facebook.
Touchscreen, Google Maps, Android based applications are some of the features that make it absolutely trendy and fashionable to own. It also comes in a ravishing Red in case you’re interested!
The phone we are giving away in the contest is a Sony Xperia X8 which is the perfect phone for the ladies. It is compact and has a 3-inch screen so watching videos earns a cooler quotient. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera with all the awesome google features and a stunning touchscreen. If you’re slightly edgy in the colors you choose then this one’s for you because it also comes in a dark blue apart from the shiny white. For all the geekily fashionable women who want their phones on the best operating system, there’s another ‘one up’ – the X8 is on the Android 2.1.
The contest is simple as hell. Get your creative juices flowing and tell me in about a sentence why you would want to own this phone. The answer should be left in a comment to this post only after you have become a follower of the blog. The winner will be decided keeping two benchmarks in mind: the creativity of the answer and the number of times you publicize this post (this includes sharing it on facebook, tweeting about it and including a link to this post in any blog post you do). The links of sharing this post should also be included in the comment. The contest closes on December 17, 2010 at 12 p.m, the winner will be declared in the same week and the phone shall be couriered to you once I receive your contact details. 
The photo credits for all the great looking pictures go to BFF. She’s awesome.
Keep the fashion alive, chicitas.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Latest from A Lot Like Fashion

Hello everybody! :)
My week is drudging along thanks to those awful things you call 'exams'. If you ask me, I do not even get the point of testing us like a billion times in a year. One set of exams, get done with it already. Its a pity the concerned authority does not have such liberal conceptualization of education as yours truly. Moving on, the reason behind this post is a new feature which I have inducted into my little world of blogging. The plan is to make it a weekly feature but I might be a little flexible about that. In this feature, I shall be featuring one very stylish person who will be my muse in a certain location :D For instance, today's post is about style hunting in a Shopping mall. Keeping that in mind, I have decided to share the lovely Tenzing with you. I ran into her in a mall and the first thing that caught my attention were her gorgeous shoes. Also love, her gorgeous curls.
Her style is simple and chic. She has made a conscious effort to put together her ensemble and yet, keeping in mind that she was hanging out in a mall..its not over the top. Her grey dress and grey cardigan are perfect for the slight nip in the air and the purple sling breaks the monotony of the greys perfectly. I like the fact that she wore black tights with the dress and GORGEOUS grey ballet flats which were embellished with rhinestones and a bow, also embellished with rhinestones. Here is a closer shot of her shoes.
Thats all from my desk. Sleep beckons. Tell me what you think of Tenzing's style and also if you like the new feature on my blog. I also would like to know where all would you like me to go style-hunting (Honestly, I make no qualms about it..its a WONDERFUL job :D )

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hair Color-ing Ideas

I'm back and how.
I have a test to write tomorrow but this looked like it needed my commitment so much more. Mom-Dad, I hope you're not reading this :D
So being back to Uni is not such a bad thing but it isn't the greatest feeling in the world either when you've been in your part of the country for more than a month with all your favourite people, people who've known you longer than you can even imagine. So 1st day back and I knew I had to treat this depression. BFF here, is very supportive and she literally jumped out her skin(in the good way!) when I suggested that I could get my hair cut and colored to give my boring black locks a much desired new look. I headed to a new salon this time. Yes, I've been on an experimenting spree. I have gotten my hair streaked in the past, in class 10 I think and I cringe everytime I look at those old school photographs with my loud blonde streaks. Nu-uh, fashion faux pas if done in this day and time. It was quite the hit then, of course ;)
I love L'oreal for its hair color ranges and I was pleased no end when the stylist told me he would be using their products for highlighting my hair. Here's some gyaan on how hair streaking/highlighting works. I learnt all of this from the stylist and it makes sense for me to tell you about it. The two ways you can highlight your hair in a uniform fashion are either highlighting at the crown, which is the top most part of your head. The other method is called global highlighting and in that case, they pick strands of hair from all over your head and use multiple colors(usually2-3, maybe even 4)to streak it. It is fuller, of course. I decided to go with highlights only in the crown so in most ways I usually tie my hair or wear hair bands, the streaks show. I got dual streaking done wherein they use two colors, mostly contrasting(of the same shade family though) and alternate on the streaks. Both the shades used in my hair are from the Brown family. One of the lighter shades was an Indian equivalent of  this and the darker shade was this. The difference in the colors gets more pronounced after a couple of washes. Immediately after the cut and color, it looked something like this.
Here's another one. Loving these shirts from Zara btw, the ones with gather on the sleeve and the high neck. :)
Global highlights look something like this. Taken from Rodolfo Valentin's hair coloring website.
Tell me what you think of the Great Experiment. Much love to all the fashionistas.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beret style

Hi folks! :D
My internship is over and I can very proudly say that it was an enormous success. Coming back to Uni after a month full of bringing sexy back, literally :) Difficult to say the least. Girlfriends and I have shopped everyday of the last one week, gone out for lattes and cheesecakes, drinks and italian yummies, mall hunting and sheesha-ing(yes, thats what we call it :) ).
Forever New being one of my most favourite places to shop did not disappoint me when I wanted a lovely beret for the grey Delhi winters. This is also when I chanced upon the lovely LookBook which you saw here. I wore the lovely off-white beret which has an embellished bow at the front with a black and white off-shoulder shirt from Paper Scissors-an Australian store I absolutely adore for their very trendy and innovative clothing. Needless to say, I am hearting berets and tweeds and fedoras this season. Are you?
Tell me what you think :)
Share the love! :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Reunion, 2010

Greetings ladies and gentlemen :) (Again, full respect for gentlemen who've stuck around :) )
The alumni meet has to be the highlight of my year. Even though I ended up being the only one from my batch(my girl friends bailed last moment due to exams etc), it was the best feeling ever to have gone back to my second home. Thats the sort of attachment that comes with having lived 8 years of your life on a campus. And having seen how the school is now growing from strength to strength I could not have felt more proud being an ex student of the institution. Meeting my teachers was most definitely the best bit and seeing their awestruck reactions and hearing that 'ol cliche of  how I had 'become a big girl now' just added to the flavour. The feeling is incomparable to walk down those winding paths where you had probably shared some of the best moments of your life with the friends who last you a lifetime. Ah, I could go on. Like I said, for the love of orating, I could go on ranting. I could not get pictures at the campus but here is a picture of what I put together. Tell me if it interests you :)
I picked the dress from Zara and it was love at first sight. :) Sartorial delight, I will call it. But then again, mostly everything Zara is. :)Love the off-white chiffon layers that cluster in the middle. :) The shoes, you would have seen me wear here. The bow necklace is my pick from Forever 21 and I will admit that everything with a bow usually interests me:) The bracelet is this old piece I own with pearls.
Yay! I'm finally successfully publishing outfit posts. All my blogger friends, you'll have been ever-so-great and all your individualistic styles are so inspiring.
I have immense love for candles and I was elated to receive this gorgeous candle stand as a memento from my alma mater for being an alumni. Purple, its almost my new favourite. :)
That was my eventful weekend. Back to the grind tomorrow. Another week of internship and then back to Uni. I am excited but at the same time, Delhi you shall be sorely missed.
Surprise coming your way soon, readers. Keep following.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Forever New India Lookbook

Hello hello and then some.
I love myself and my punctuality on weekends. No, seriously. Two posts in 2 days. Good job, A Lot Like Fashion. I have been ranting about my exciting life in Delhi what with my internship and chilling with friends post that. Incidentally, there have been some very productive results of this wanderlust too. Shopping, for instance. I have time and again, praised the Lords for sending Forever New to India. More than Forever 21, maybe. Yes, I said it. But personally, Forever New is iconic for people like me, fashion tastes like mine. Dressy and ultra feminine. Maybe it comes from the love of Australian fashion. So having shopped at Forever New the other day (what did I buy? I'm not telling you, not until I wear it one of these days ;) ), I picked up a copy of their lookbook India, Fall-winter 2010 and you gotta love it. Whats better, I'm going to share the lookbook with you right here :) Yay! :D
Which ones do you like?
Tomorrow is the school reunion. I can barely wait. Its the first one I'm attending in 4 years of having passed out of high school. There, I'm ranting again.
Surprise still under wraps :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter Essential: Tweed it

Hats and Tweed. Winter Essential for surviving Delhi, stylishly of course. Shopping has been on in full swing and I can barely wait to show you guys all the great shopping I've done here in the right combinations, of course :) Met a couple of friends yesterday and, went for drinks to Cocoa Bar. A nicely done up place with the right amount of wall art. Dinner at Ai. Tappenyaki stir-fried Japanese food. Yum. That place is anyway gorgeous but the food really sealed the deal. Back to important issues, my essential Number 2 is my tweed cap. Team it up with a ruffled shirt and harem pants like me(slightly hobo-ish :D ) or even a dressy trench coat and booties for the extreme weather. I'm in love with hats and caps this season and I'm currently coveting these ones from Forever 21.
The bow pretty much does it for me.

This sequinny beret is so chic, you could even dress up a casual look with this one.
As for me, here are some pictures from my day out yesterday.

This one's from Ai. Love the ambience.
Shopping at Forever New is never disappointing and their Fall-Winter collection is to die for. Pastel pinks, peaches, whites, greys with embellishments, power shoulders and the perfect accessories. I got my hands on their lookbook after I shopped there yesterday and I shall share it with you soon. In the next couple of posts, I may have a surprise brewing for all my lovely readers so follow the blog and watch out this space for more.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Grey Skies

I am extremely proud of myself for the punctuality I have maintained over the weekend at home. 3 posts in 3 days, commendable. This is of course influenced by the fact that for the next 5 days I might not be able to post anything new. So, here are my 2 cents. Till the time I'm in Delhi, I shall be doing some posts on my favourite Winter essentials. Actually, not winter as much as it is Indianised fall :)
The last Wednesday was spent with BFF painting the town red. Lot of shopping for my upcoming school reunion, for instance. Having gone to an all girls' boarding school, the level of attachment to my alma mater is of some other level. And its the first ever reunion that I'm attending so the outfit has to be perfect. I shall of course post pictures of that too. I found the perfect dress at Zara and the perfect accessories at Forever 21. Back to my very girlie evening, we dined at a fancy Italian restaurant followed by drinks at a Greek Lounge. El Perfecto. I carried my Forever New white bag which I paired off with a pink dress from Witchery, grey tights and a Grey long cover from a store(I cannot recall the name) in the Queen Victoria Building, Sydney. Being the biggest lover of tights, the grey tights were to simmer the color of the dress. The bag has these beautiful white flowers with pearl detailing on them and I'm quite fixated with it.

I like this shot :)

Ouzo, as they call it in Greek is a must for all girl time together!
BFF and I are becoming pros at photographing each other. This is not a complete shot, but it shows a part of my tunic dress and the frilly details of my grey woollen cover behind me.
Greys with frills, nets and sequins remain a classic favourite this season and also the perfect color to brave the nip in the air with.
Tell me what you think. And all that you've been upto all of this week coz this week for me was absolute insanity coz of all the festivities. Also, as most of you know I'm a writer there are some pieces I post on another blog Le Melange and I recently added another one which received much acclaim. Go through it if you like and tell me what you think.
Mucho love bloggers!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Hello my people,
A very Happy Diwali to all :) Its been a mad mad day.(In the good sort of a way of course) Shopping, all the pujas, entertaining the myriad of guests, going to see everybody and give Diwali gifts, done it all. And at the end of the day, the essence of Diwali is about family time and friends. Mission accomplished :) Even though its been a super tiring day, sharing some festive pictures with you is in order. Here are some very Indian, very festive and some very random pictures from today.
That would be me lighting the diyas (earthen lamps) to accentuate my Rangoli(For my international readers, its a form of art where you  draw designs on the floor using colored powder and flowers). And chucking my modesty aside for an instant, it was pretty darn nice :)
My tip for the festive season? Accessorize the hair with a pretty, bright hued flower. A purple orchid in my case.
A picture of my glittery purple floating candles and purple orchids and of course a few drops of Ferragamo's Incanto added to the water for the effect. Perfect :)
Diwali is truly,in every sense of the word the grandest festival of lights.
Like I always say, bring on the festivities :D

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Swarovski Mania

Hello Lovelies! :)
The festive season is at its peak and what better time to covet Swarovski Element's for the beautiful women of the Middle East-Jawaher. I would be not far from the truth if I said that I absolutely adored every piece I saw. And you know what makes it so special? Its the ingenuity of some of these pieces that has me going bonkers to get my hands on at least one of these. For instance, I share with you this gorgeous head piece, which can be innovated with in multiple ways.
You thought the crystal sheen in the head gear was ultra glam? You haven't seen everything yet. Take a look at this bejeweled necklace that would give your classic LBD that sparkling edge :)
 Oh and if these lovely pieces were not enough, I chance upon this in the collection and the saree fanatic in me could not have been happier. The gorgeous cuff is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.
Like 'em? Love 'em? Let me know :) Also, you could show your love for this Swarovski line here on facebook: Swarovski Elements-Jawaher.
Watch out for my post tomorrow. Lot of updating for you guys :)


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