Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Latest Award :)

Hey all!
I'm hoping the week is progressing fairly well for all of you'll who do not have to write exams in the next few weeks. Ah, the dreaded exams and at the risk of exposing my readers to any obscenity I'm just going to say #*%&#%&%.
However, it is little joys like this that makes me come back to my blog at the end of a very long day. The lovely Shristi of Style Fashion Etc has given me the Stylish Blogger Award.
As a ritual, I pass on this award to 7 other lovely bloggers and state 7 random facts about myself. Did I cover everything? I think. Here goes. I shall pass on this award to:
  1. Peaches & Blush
  2. Oh To be A Muse
  3. The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Infamous
  4. The Sidewalk is my Runway
  5. COSMICaroline
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody: Capturing Fashion
  7. Full Closet But Nothing To Wear
As a ritual, if you've been awarded this award, please link the person who awarded this to you and pass it on 7 other stylish bloggers with 7 facts about yourself. Also, let them know by way of a comment that you've awarded them this award.
7 Random facts about myself:
  • My first love was journalism and not law. My second love is Human Rights Law, where I'm headed.
  • I CANNOT live without at least 3 cups of coffee/tea in a day.
  • I am also actively involved in theatre. I might want to study theatre at NYU someday.
  • I have the biggest fetish for perfumes. Tried them all, Chanel for keeps.
  • I LOVE debating. Have been debating ever since school and continue to do so.
  • I love dancing. I have trained in salsa and hopefully shall train in some other forms in this lifetime
  • I can be hypochondriac-ish sometimes. Note: SOMETIMES :D
Love love love, chicitas.


  1. i also have a journalism background! if you love debating and journalism then human rights law is definitely where you should be!

    but maybe i'll see you on broadway someday instead. :)

    congrats on this stylish award, and thanks so much for passing it on to me.


  2. You totally deserve the award and all the love! :) Always good to know a 'little' extra about the bloggers. You are multi talented, it seems!!!

    Thanks for passing the award to me! :) Appreciate it!

  3. congrats! love your blog, thanks for introducing me to all these great new blogs! I love my tea/coffee too :)


  4. congratulations on the award dear!! And I love your little list :)



  5. Congrats on your award; I am addicted to you sweets & I am SO honoured that You are one of my followers! ;) your list is cool too and speaking of which, I so much agree with being hypochondriac-ish sometimes as I am one too. ;P

    And thanks so much for passing me the award, this is my first award as a style blogger. Thanks again. I really appreciate it ^_^


  6. congrats :D
    i love the facts about you :D


  7. congrats on the award! its so nice to learn more about bloggers -- i also love dancing too but i don't anymore unfortunately. i've always wanted to learn the salsa its so sassy!! xoxo


  8. I hope all your passions stay alive & in fact, grow with time.
    Wish you all the best with your exams.

  9. Thanks you guys! :)
    I'm glad I was a recipient for this award :D Brings all the bloggers so much closer!

  10. cute!!! and congrats:)



  11. Congrats for those who received the awards..
    So great blogger that I knew already and definitely going to check the others out.
    Ps.. I also have an obsession with perfumes.. hahah

  12. Congrats on your award, darling!

    I love debating too!


  13. congratulations! i am sure it's well deserved! :) very nice blog, i shall come back to check it regularly


  14. Thanks so much to all those who feel I deserved it :) And congrats to the new recipients! :)



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