Sunday, August 31, 2014

The quirk mania

The girls at Blueprint Coleccion, Divya and Navya are designers after my own heart. From clever tailoring to unexpected silhouettes to use of great fabrics and finally, to great use of interesting motifs and unexpected details, this label checks all the right boxes. I have had the immense pleasure of working for their digital magazine in the past with looks you saw here and here. When they sent across this high-low hemmed dress in this quirky chilly print this season, I had a whirlpool of ideas to style this dress. I narrowed it down to upping the quirk factor and decided to do bouts of colour with it. A whole lot of bling, bright colours to complement the quirky chillies and the debut of my whacky scissor double finger ring made for a great contrast. This look can qualify as quirky as well as elegant given that the hairdo and the makeup was in slight contrast to the quirkiness. The white platform sandals which are definitely a summer favourite give the shift dress a complementing boxy feel. Without dwelling much on how amazing it was to style this uber quirky dress, let me share the look with you. Check out their page to know more about their label and where you can buy their pieces.

Dress: C/O Blueprint Coleccion
Chunky bib necklace: Forever New
Orange spiked cuff and scissor ring: Australia
Gold cuff: Forever 21
White platform sandals: Zara
Yellow clutch bag: Aldo

Photography Courtesy: Riddhima Arora Behance or reach her on email at


Friday, August 15, 2014

Mastering the art of throwing a bachelorette

Bachelorettes and bridal showers have not been a norm in our country since time immemorial. Only over the last decade or so have we seen a crazy upsurge in this particular cultural practice and boy, is it a welcome change. For all the bride-to-bes, it is that one last night where you want to hang loose, let your hair down and make it count with all your main girls. While I have also noticed a trend of a bachelorette week with some, the rest of us are not that lucky to get a week off from work to celebrate the last few days of our friends' spinsterhood especially since we look for more holidays over the wedding celebration anyway.
To the meaty discussion now, I scoured the internet like a spy looking for clues to throw the best bachelorette for my best friend. While there are some articles out there, nobody wants to think more in detail than the obvious, get away with your friends etc.
Of course, a get away is a wonderful idea if you have that kind of time at hand and I would suggest that if you plan to get away, do it at least a month prior so as to stock up on your leaves ahead (This is for all of you women who have crazed work schedules like most of us).
While if you are going to be in the city, here are a few pointers to keep in mind while throwing a bachelorette to make the experience memorable not just for the bride to be but also for everyone attending.
  • The first thing most people think of when they think bachelorettes are the crazy amount of paraphernalia associated with this celebration. From sex toys to kinky hand cuffs, drinking board games to customised balloons, everything needs to be given enough detail. If you are looking to throw a down and dirty bachelorette then this article is not for you since I am personally over the whole male anatomy cake movement. Keep it classy. Make sure you keep your friend's taste in mind which is why I kept everything refreshingly girly and fun. Polka dotted balloons, bride-to-be-balloon, a kinky pink furry hand cuff just for the element of fun, customised badges keeping in mind all the girls who are going to be wearing it and the works.

  • The second thing that most people do not give much thought or importance to are the party favours and how those tie in to the party. My searches yielded a few ideas of creating hang over kits for everyone which included bandaids, a box of disprin and some crisps etc. As cool as that idea is, I wanted to do something of my own and tie it into the party. So my party favours were specially picked bright coloured Nyx lipsticks for all the girls. It was placed in their glass before they came in and when they picked their lipsticks, they had to wear it for the rest of the night, keeping it in the theme of the loud, bright girls' night. Safe to say, everyone loved their shade.
  • The third thing that I gave a lot of thought and emphasis to was the cake. The other option always is to customised cupcakes with cute fondant figures like bikini tops, bottoms, lipsticks, a bottle of champagne etc, but I was quite keen on a cake. Ensure that you do an in-depth research on the cake bakers in your city and choose the one who gets exactly what you need. I spoke to my baker in depth so much so that she knew how I wanted the insides of the cake to be! Be a pain but make sure it is the perfect cake. As far as the question of what cake to get goes, I skipped the trashy perverted connotations for a classic timeless Victoria's Secret cake with interesting pink ruffles peeping out. It looked and tasted divine and my research paid off. The other peppier options available these days are cake pops and if you live in a metropolitan city, those could be customised in colours and toppings too.
  • I did not obviously take photos of everything since after a while I just wanted to concentrate on having fun and obviously not share all the photos from a personal night. :) Another important aspect of the night if you plan to notch it up real high is the right champagne. We popped pink bubbly which I thought was appropriate given the theme of the night. I opted for Moet and other pink option is Chandon. Two ideal pink champagnes.
  • The aspect where I found most articles really unimaginative was the part about what games should follow the customary cake cutting, champagne popping. There are the obvious options of drinking roulette, which I must admit is quite fun but it is important you come up with games that engage all the girls throughout the night, depending on what you plan to do. I planned a bar crawl across the best bars in the city with a rule to consume different liquor at every bar, so the games had to up the ante too. These are two game ideas that I found and had a blast playing with the girls. Since many painstaking hours were spent finding it, I guess its time I share my research with the world to benefit many others.

  • Most importantly, whatever activity it is that you choose to highlight at a bachelorette, make sure it is keeping in mind what the bride-to-be will enjoy. Take a lot of photographs, do not sleep and ensure everyone wakes up with at least a mild hangover. Mild embarrassment in public is also due and should be on your agenda. (Fight with the DJ, drinks and conversations with random couples, hugging the bouncer, weird dance moves, some ideas that are tried and tested and can comfortably be spoken about on a public forum). The rest I shall leave up to your imagination. :)
I hope a few of these pointers and tiny detailed references help. The images are not of the finest quality and I am sure you could understand why. Make sure you give the bride-to-be a night that she will not forget and do it in your own style. There is nothing people love more than a party that screams of your effort and enthusiasm. 


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Strange Love

Named after a very popular song by the Kooks which also incidentally made it as a music score for a cute Coke advertisement, this post is an ode to my crazy mid season fixations with certain colour families. I need not even devote any time to emphasising how metallics are basically the florals from the 50s and 60s. I have found this new kind of love, love albeit a bit strange for all things grey and silver and this post is a testimony to that. More than the colour, it was this dolman style of the top that won me over. Its a futuristic asymmetrical hemmed poncho-like top that makes a perfect top for a snug pair of jeans. What I definitely cannot get enough of in this metal-silver frenzy are my silver pointy-toed pumps that I almost take to bed (just because I love them too much, you filthy mind).
I also have the addition of a cute nautical print baby clutch in an anchor print by American Swan which was the perfect addition to this silver crazed look.
I would have also introduced the zit that has found a home on my forehead for the last two days but I haven't named him yet. I would never photoshop the friendly bugger.

Dolman style top and slinky beaded gold necklace: Forever 21
Jeans: Guess
Pumps: Charles & Keith 
Clutch: C/O American Swan
Sunglasses: C/O Paperlillie
Hairband with beads and crystals: Aldo

Photography Courtesy: Riddhima Arora Behance or reach her on email at

Till the next time, maybe when my zit has left the house.


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