Sunday, October 24, 2010

Girls Gone Bonkers

Greetings fellows :)
I'm back after the first few grilling days at my internship. Human Rights is serious business and will always be my primary reason for having gotten into a Law School. Come weekend, and I treated myself to a sleep over with a BFF. This blog post is my 2 cents to spread the word about her induction into the fashion world. Temporary name for her line we came up with that night-Sonal Singhal Creations(simple, yet chic). We're going to give it some more thought though. She's forayed into primarily designing salwar,kurtas and sarees but she also designs some really chic dresses for her selective clientele. Since brooches of all sorts- stone encrusted, faux fur pieces, oversized flower brooches are all making a come back to adorn our little dresses and trenches, she's designed these adorable pink and blue brooches with fur details and pearls with swarovski elements.
Fashion tip 101: Dig into your mothers' jewellery lockers or heirloom jewellery. You're bound to find those gorgeous blingy, victorian looking brooches. I found those in my mother's possession too.
Back to the sleep over, S had fashion exhibition for Diwali(our GRANDEST festival) today and so we decided to ransack her collections' closets and model around in our homely little photoshoot, in preparation for her exhibition :)
The violet dress has the pink brooch tucked at the extreme corner and its really bringing out the color, me thinks. This is me in it.

The next picture is of the designer herself in her own creation, it has these graphically printed dolls right at the bottom of the dress and the colors really bring out the pattern. :) Take a look.

This mini-modeling assignment was followed by a lot of heart-to-hearts, sipping tea at the most ridiculous hours of the night and a lot of giggly bantering. I miss her when I'm away at Uni.
Back to the point, the exhibition was successful and the line will only get bigger from here on. Very proud of you, BFF :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Best Friend's Uhmm..Engagement.

After a night of utter craziness and nostalgia, I'm blogging at 5 in the morning only to share with you what a wonderful affair my friend's engagement was. I had a wonderful time meeting all family friends and acquaintances and of course meeting my friend's fiance. Its still hard for me to digest that the girl I grew up with, braided hair with, built sand castles with (literally!) was on that classic Indian ornate stage, exchanging wedding bands with a man she was going to be with for the rest of her life. Its beautiful, it really is to look at the family of the little girl up there, all excited and anxious at the same time, simply because everything has to be PERFECT :) I remember the last text I got from her was in the evening when I was at the salon getting my hair done saying that she was nervous. I told her that it'll be perfect and she would be her gorgeous self. She was gorgeous and it was perfect :)
I'm sorry I was too emotional to click too many pictures but here is a picture of her with the would-be groom and a friend of theirs. Take a look :)
Perfectly color co-ordinated in pink with her diamonds to match :)

 My mother was my official photographer for the next picture so all credits to her incredible patience with me in getting the 'right' picture. Take a look :)
Diamond accessories, bracelet(gifted) and a watch by DKNY.

It was a glitzy night, sure but it made me realise how we all grow up. How relationships are ever-dynamic. How emotional an affair weddings are-especially for little girls who grow up :)
How Indian engagements and weddings are so larger than life with that fairytale component :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reasons why I love home

Hello my festive folks!
You're damn right if you think that we in India are at all points of time in the year, indulging in some form of festivity or the other for our culture is a social fabric of diversity of festivals and celebrations. Its time for the Durga Puja and the Garba currently and although none of these festivities specifically apply to me, we have always believed in celebrating every festival with as much vigour, especially something like Garba( for my international readers: ) which is so colorful and loud and vibrant!
I have been visiting these garba or dandia as its more popularly known celebrations for the last few days and my mother and I put in a lot of effort to dress up ethnically for these parties. Best part of being at home? I get to call dibs on all of my Mom's jewelery or other unused pieces of jewelery that was bought for a reason but never used for the same. Its then that I found these old gold earrings with a diamond at the top and a pearl at the bottom and I just HAD to recycle these into my fashion cycle  with my ethnic outfit :) Take a look :)
And then the fact that I tried a darker shade of lip color which I haven't, well..almost Ever. It was this color I found in my mother's kittie, Maybelline-Great Wear Lip Color-Raisin, in case you're interested. I don't think I can ever pull off a matte lip color so I just had to coat it with some clear lip gloss from David Jones.( I love that clear gloss coz well, its super glossy, high quality sheen and pomegranate flavoured :) Good for daily wear.

I'm all geared up for my friend's engagement for now and then a month of hard work at my internship from the 20th in Delhi. Lots to look forward to before I head back to Uni. Tell me all, folks and leave me some blog love :D

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gastronomical Delights

Greetings, all :)
My thoughts on vacation are of the highest regard because there is nothing else in the world which allows you to pursue all those things you absolutely love, simultaneously. My childhood friend's getting engaged and nothing has me more excited than that, this vacation. Figuring out the perfect outfit to wear, perfect shoes, accessories, make up and how I would want my hair styled are extremely important aspects that I've been considering day in and day out :D I shall of course post lots of pictures of us in our ethnic attire from the engagement. Amidst all the frenzy, I decided...yes, finally decided to do that which I've been mocked for, since time immemorial. The lack of my cooking skills :) I admit I have never had any fascination with cooking and the only bit that interests me is the end result coz I'm a self confessed foodie. I finally decided to shut a couple of mouths and cooked my first proper dish- Pasta Arrabiata :) I used Farfalle or bow shaped or butterflies pasta as its popularly known :) Why Arrabiata? Coz I love red sauce much more than white. I love it with olive bits and capsicum and lots of different sauces that I add according to my whims and fancies. And olive oil, yes please. I ate it with generous helpings of cheese sticks so I'm suddenly not sure if the engagement dress is going to fit by the 18th. But, food..its a weakness. Nothing shall stop me :)
Here's a bite of my gorgeous day. Tell me what you think :)
P.S: It tasted as good as it looks :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Off to the Movies

Hello souls of Mother Earth who might have become almost as lazy as me.
Greetings. For all those who think I've retired from blogging, hell no, I'm just getting started here. Although I must admit I've been supremely lazy in writing and uploading interesting fashion centric pictures. However, that is only the result of being at home and living a sloth like existence-courtesy holidays. I did, all for my wonderful followers put together a very simple, yet interesting outfit together for a day out to lets say, the movies. This is also the new dress that I spoke to you guys about in the second last post. I have paired it up these really cute pointy ballet flats that I picked just before coming home in a standard, shiny black with studs at the back. The dress can also be worn as a tunic with tights-black preferably or grey if you feel edgy. I like this look for its simple and yet it shows the effort that has gone into putting it together.
The sailor dress :)

Love 'em.
Tell me what you think.
Much love :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Stumbling Upon Fashion

Hello ladies :) and gentlemen, if any have stuck around to read this :D
I am an ardent fan of Stumble Upon and I wouldn't be lying if I said that its one of the greatest features of the internet or lets just that is an expression for the amount I enjoy Stumbling-Upon. I happened to stumble upon this very talented photographer's page today, by the name of Lisa Loftus. After looking at her photographs I realize how a lot of talent in this world goes unnoticed, for if it was not for Stumble Upon, I might have never had the privilege of seeing some very classic pictures. She has captured fashion and beauty timelessly in these pictures and I love the way she plays with color. Its ethereal. For all of those compliments and more, do justice to her work and let me know if you agree with me.
Candice Swanepoel photographed by Lisa for the cover of Ocean Drive ( 

Have a nice one :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hello people!
Its never too late, is it? So after  few days of being in transit, I'm finally BACK in the confines of my house, being pampered by the parents like no other and basically unwinding. My internet's been giving me trouble and I cannot seem to upload any picture on my blog(any ideas for troubleshooting that, please let me know) and this post has been long due.
Best things about coming back home for a Uni break: Surprise 101- Finding a box with a cute little navy blue and white striped little dress with a hoodie which my Uncle bought for me from Taiwan. Its gorgeous and its a pity I can't post the pictures right now :(
On another note, I've been OD-ing on the Vogue-India issue of October and on the top of my list of HAVE-TO-HAVEs are the ruffled shirts or blouses that are seen all over A/W fashion lines. Thanks to the magic of internet, I found these lovely pieces on the lines of which I would like my ruffled blouses to be :)
Alexander McQueen Ruffled Silk Blouse from

One Vintage Zoe Top from

I'm really hoping to get my connection or notebook, whichever's malfunctioning fixed soon to get back to blogging.
Please show some love to my blog :D


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