Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hello people!
Its never too late, is it? So after  few days of being in transit, I'm finally BACK in the confines of my house, being pampered by the parents like no other and basically unwinding. My internet's been giving me trouble and I cannot seem to upload any picture on my blog(any ideas for troubleshooting that, please let me know) and this post has been long due.
Best things about coming back home for a Uni break: Surprise 101- Finding a box with a cute little navy blue and white striped little dress with a hoodie which my Uncle bought for me from Taiwan. Its gorgeous and its a pity I can't post the pictures right now :(
On another note, I've been OD-ing on the Vogue-India issue of October and on the top of my list of HAVE-TO-HAVEs are the ruffled shirts or blouses that are seen all over A/W fashion lines. Thanks to the magic of internet, I found these lovely pieces on the lines of which I would like my ruffled blouses to be :)
Alexander McQueen Ruffled Silk Blouse from

One Vintage Zoe Top from

I'm really hoping to get my connection or notebook, whichever's malfunctioning fixed soon to get back to blogging.
Please show some love to my blog :D


  1. im glad the comments are working again :) i kept trying to leave you a comment and i couldnt! LOL

  2. Hey girlie, ruffled tops are cute but I am a bit over them as I have seen them being done to death around here in Aus.
    The Alexander McQueen one is special though :)

  3. I love that second ruffled top from net a porter...its totally adorable..

  4. Oh and i just read yr about me section- P.G. Wodehouse is my fav !...Love blandings castle stories

  5. How the second one best:)

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  6. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things... I'm sooo envious of you! You're at home and being pampered! :) Lucky you! :) Lovely pictures by the way! I can totally understand why you fell for all that lace and ruffles! :) Here's wishing you get a whole lot of them for your collection!
    As for me, please keep posting, its a lovely respite from all the dull work! :/

  7. Welcome back, darling!
    Love that first blouse!


  8. @Ayanna: Agreed :) Follow for more!
    @Isabel: I know :D Still fumbling with blogger :P
    @Johanna: Love it! :)
    @Sweety di: Agreed, but these ruffles are here to stay so I don't think I could get fed up with these :P
    @Mehak: Net-a-porter has some real beauties :) And P.G.Wodehouse is an all time fav. Jeeves and Wooster series :)
    @Collette: I knowww :)
    @Ankita: I'm glad I'm providing you that respite :) Keep reading!
    @CC: Thank you sweetie :) That first shirt is GORGEOUS as hell! :)



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