Monday, November 28, 2011

Green Day

Fall-Winter has me hooked to cardigans and which is why you will probably see me OD on cardigans and layer them with shirts, blouses, scarves etc. Cardigans in bright pops of color like this one will probably give your dull grey winter the much needed cheer and holly. (Green? Christmas? Ok, chuck it!)
I saw Desi Boyz today and it definitely deserves a mention here. What a respite from a lot of trash being churned out off late! Pure unadulterated mindless (and not slapstick, thank god for that!) humour which delivers as promises.
Anyway, back to the outfit, just a casual outfit, layered with a cardigan over my favourite ruffled blouse. Accessories, my new favourite lipstick and my minty green heels to go with the rich forest green cardigan are the primary elements of this fun, Bangalore-weather outfit.

Ruffled Blouse: Charlie Brown(Australia)
Jeggings: Supre(Australia)
Cardigan: Tibetan Market, Bangalore :D
Strappy heels: Nine West
Polka dotted cuff: Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Color on lips: Chambor(Silk Pops)

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Convert thy outfit

The outfit posts are back on a roll and maybe you will rejoice that its coming at such a time where I'm dealing with the slight chill of Bangalore. This was an outfit post that I had in mind for a while and the foundation of this post comes from the idea that its not difficult to convert a day vintage-inspired outfit to a night out one. What I have really done here is keep my current favourite fall piece, mustard cardigan intact in both the outfits and played around with the make up and accessories. Take a look.
 The picture on the left is as I traveled. I feel slightly cold on flights so I really would not travel without something warm on me! Yes, fine. Have your laugh :P
So I decided on high waisted cropped pants, a singlet and my current favourite cardigan. My accessories are just a stack of metallic bangles and a bow ring with pearls. I use a geometric nude hold-all to complement this look. 
As opposed to this look, I use a bright reddish-orange lipstick (French Rose by Faces) and some blush on with the same outfit, a nude clutch by Aldo and a statement necklace in pearls to complement the vintage look for a night out.
So all you really need are the right accessories, a bright lip color, some cheek tint and a pair of heels (if you really must!) to transform a chic day look to a stunner night look :)
Singlet with rosettes: Forever New
High waist cropped pants: Mango
Hold-all: Mango
Mustard Cardigan: Zara
Nude clutch: Aldo
Embellished flat pumps: Kurt Geiger (Carvela)

What do you think? Are you going to try these ideas this fall? :)
You also might want to look at my interview at Be in Style (pocketchange-the lifestyle website!) here.
They were kind enough to interview me and feature it on their website :) Check them out.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Maybelline lasting drama Gel Eye liner

This is a review which has been long pending simply because this is definitely my pick for a kajal/liner this season. As if Maybelline Colossal Kajal wasn't a style deal enough, they come up with this smooth as hell product.
What Maybelline says about the product:
• Oil-free formula holds highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base
• Smudge-proof and waterwproof for 24 hours
• Most intense line for lasting drama                                    
• Safe for sensitive eyes and ophthalmologist-tested
• Contact lens safe

My take:
Highly concentrated, gel based wonder. Smudge-proof definitely. Apply in the morning and it will get you through till the evening without a touch up. My skin is a normal type so I can't say whether it works the same way for oily skin. The best part is the application of it with this sleek brush which is sturdy and sleek and not the thick sorts which starts opening up after a few applications.
My mom however did express a genuine worry about how the brush becomes a little hard if its not in regular application.
All in all, more than satisfactory. I would definitely repurchase this one. Using it is like painting with thin, neat strokes :)
Price: $10
I tried a winged eyeliner look with this product and here is a glimpse of it. It was awfully easy to get this with this product.

What do you think? I am definitely trying this dramatic look more often.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

India Resort Fashion Week 2011- Launch

Here is a an exciting bit of news for all you multiple Fashion Week fans out there. India is now foraying into organizing an Indian Resort Fashion Week, this year taking place at Grand Hyatt, Goa. The event scheduled from 7th – 10th of December 2011 is poised as the most anticipated fashion event of the year, with the country’s most coveted designers showcasing the best in Indian resort wear.
We've all seen how big the resort wear collections of international biggies turn out to be. Maybe it was time our designers followed suit. :)
The grand launch of the India Resort Fashion Week 2011 took place on Tuesday, 15th November, 12 noon at Escobar Bandra. Present at the occasion were renowned fashion designers Shantanu & Nikhil, Shivan & Narresh, James Ferreira and Narendra Kumar to announce the launch of this IRFW 2011. (Sucks that I couldn't make it! )
India Resort Fashion Week 2011 presented by INK Infrastructure in association with YUVA & powered by Provogue made their first announcement over high tea at Escobar, Bandra. Present at the press conference were Delhi's coveted  designers Shantanu & Nikhil, Shivan & Narresh, Bombay designers James Ferriera and Babita Malkani, choreographers Harmeet Bajaj and Lubna Adam to show their support. Also present at the launch was Imtiaz Khatri, owner INK Infrastructure, Shankar Nikalje associate publisher YUVA, Akhil Chaturvedi, Director Provogue India ltd, IRFW promoters Nikhil Oza, Pallav Kumar, Tanya Swetta and Shalini Chuganee, COO IRFW.

Looks promising. More about the IRFW itself post the event, of course.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

A twist in the Tale

Has it happened to you that you were in a state of absolute zen and suddenly you jump out of your bed like a ninja coz you've just had a mad brainwave?
Well it happens to me quite often and more often than not, these are bursts of creativity spouting out in miniature frenzies like these.
Symptoms: Look of absolute concentration, rummaging through closets and trunks with old clothes in an absolute frenzy, causing worry to the family et al.

What I've done with today's outfit is recreate a traditionally printed full length skirt for you in a new avatar. That of a maxi dress. The idea is to pair the old with the new, the bold color of the skirt with a sombre black of the jacket, the fuchsia of the skirt with the midnight blue of the Kurt Geiger flat pumps. It was this one skirt I was particularly looking for when I styled this outfit in my mind and I was glad when I found it amongst my sister's old clothes. Lend your old full length skirts some shape to turn it into a maxi dress by belting it at the top of your waist. Throw in a stack of bracelets, bangles or even a chunky necklace to accessorize this look. But since my skirt(dress) had a lot of golden going on, I just stuck to a couple of blingy stack of bracelets to peek out of the jacket. You could also try a blazer or a cardigan for the same effect.

What do you think? :) Did this post give you enough inspiration to liven up some old, beautiful pieces? Share with me! :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

What does it mean being a stylist in 2011?

Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini is a fashion blog or a fashion diary like the author, Raquel, likes to call it. She talks about everything that happens in her life involving fashion from her hair to her shoes including her thoughts. Raquel is a 27 year old Portuguese girl who apart from her blog, works full time as a stylist in a Fashion company. Before she embraced the fashion industry she worked as a journalist for several years and made a Masters in England in Cinema, her greatest passion.
Here is an article she was kind enough to write for my blog and promises to be an insider's perspective.

What does it mean being a stylist in 2011?
My job description is "stylist", but I’m much more than that. It’s impossible not to be more than that in 2011. To be a stylist means I also need to be a fashion advisor, market analyst, a buyer, a street style photographer, a blog writer and reader. At least in my company and I want to believe that the same happens everywhere. So well, the question is: Does styling mean different kinds of jobs in the fashion world? Is the concept of a stylist changing? If yes, what is causing this mutation?
The Rachel Zoe! :)

For the first question I must say I’m still figuring out the answer… I think your stylist job depends on each fashion area that you work in. Of course your tasks change when you’re working for a magazine, for e-commerce or for a factory. It depends if you’re working with high street brands or fast fashion stores. But the grounds are the same: fashion knowledge, aesthetic sensibility, innovation spirit! I believe there is place in the world for different concepts of this career but I also believe being a stylist in 2011 is no longer the same it was back in the time when I was a journalist. Everyone working in this area should pay attention to the blogosphere, everyone should go to the streets once in a while and take pictures of people whose style is impressive, everyone should go to concerts, exhibitions, movies and take inspirations from what the cultural art/ industry gives us. And that is what mainly changed in the styling career, the fashion world is no longer the same, the rules are vanishing and you must be ready for working in a fashion anarchy.
There are two major examples of 2010 hits that could be mentioned: Mulberry Alexa bag and Moschino vintage belt. I’m pretty sure that Alexa was the sensation of this season because style icons used it everywhere. And when I talk about style icons I’m thinking about girls like Olivia Palermo and, of course, Alexa Chung. They covered the magazines pages with their style and they were copied by the readers and bloggers. Thousands of people read these blogs and wanted to have a similar bag. Hundreds of fast fashion brands presented low cost solutions and in less than nothing the blogosphere and websites like were crowded by satchel bags. The Moschino black and golden belt is even a more consistent example of the street style influence. This belt for decades, was considered cheesy for most fashion canons. One started using it and then others found the same belt in the mother’s closet. Suddenly the belt is in every daily style website and is one of the most wanted items on eBay.

How can you be a stylist in 2011 if you have no idea of what’s happening in the real girls' and boys' minds? You can’t. But most important of all and that’s the main point of this article, stylists should not copy or get inspired by just this. They should create that inspiration and this happens if you go further than your limits. Analyze what’s already done and aim bigger, think different. Do you like a painter? Ask your designers to make a print collection to t-shirts based on a painting. Do you love a song but it’s not popular and no-one heard it on the radio? Great! Think about what that song means to you, think colors, think shapes. Being a stylist in 2011 means artistic, singular work in a world where the massive cultures rule. Do you dare? I will proudly try.


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