Monday, December 24, 2012

Winter baubles

Winters have been kind to me so far. No crazy flus, frostbites et al. Also, I am learning the key to survival while keeping it stylish. 
Sporting two of the season's greatest trends in the outfit, python print and spikes. When you get both in one piece, it is a double whammy. What is an outfit without some baubles and if you, like me have been addicted to Get Jewelified off late, then you know you want all their pretty jewelry. The folks at Get Jewelified were kind enough to send some of their prettiest pieces along with some great discount coupons which I shall be kind enough to share with my readers and friends. With a tagline like Royalty made affordable, they really aren't very far off the mark with their exquisite and tasteful pieces. There's something for all kinds of jewelry lovers. I went with this bullet styled tribal necklace with green beads, the cuff in silver and gold and the black chunky ring. Definitely did the headlining for my outfit.
To get your hands on these or other such lovely pieces, hop on to Get Jewelified now.
Also find them on:

Photography by: AC
White tee: DKNY, Python print pants with golden spiked detailing: Zara, Neon yellow cardigan: Forever 21, Golden ballet flats: Friend's, Tan tote with fleece detailing: Marks and Spencer (Won in the Blogger meet styling contest), Necklace-cuff-ring: C/O Get Jewelified

Hope you are keeping it warm and chic.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What women want..and that does not include rape

It is difficult to ever forget that one class I had with a very interactive guest lecturer in law school. It is the single greatest question I can think of today as we face the prelude to doomsday. Do we really need an apocalypse to prove that the end of the world is near when humanity has taken a complete 360 degrees turn towards its anti thesis?
Back to the question that I continue to ponder over, which somehow I believe never left me from the time I was first faced with it as an impressionable law student. What is it that really makes rape more heinous than murder? Why is it that the voice of India cries for capital punishment for rapists more than it does for murderers? How exactly does taking away an individual’s life look paler in comparison to encroaching upon a woman’s autonomy over her body?
The answer is not crystal clear. Legal pieces directed me to historical evolution of the law wherein a woman was considered a ‘good’ and a rapist was automatically asked to pay a fine for ‘damaging’ the ‘goods’ either to the father or the husband. A penny for my thought, has much really evolved? If the women are raped at the rate they are at, even in this day and age, have women actually stopped being treated as goods?
The New York Times wrote this piece a while back titled ‘Is it a Good Time to be a Girl in India?’. While it discusses the progress that has been made for the rights of women in India, from higher mortality rate to higher literacy rate, one cannot help but wonder about the obvious. Is it really a good time to be a girl in India when your parents actually let you be a part of the human race by not committing female foeticide, they educate you to be a better, more informed citizen of the country and even with all those wonderful developments, you realize that hyenas who call themselves men prowl the streets to prey on the body of the fairer sex with almost infinitesimal fear? It is a very cynical view and it does not make me less happy about the improving state of women in the country, but is it enough?
My answer to why rape is the most heinous of the crimes concerning one’s body is two pronged.
First and the most important is the impact of the crime. The impact of a rape of a woman’s person is so deep and so intense, that the damage that is done to the psyche of a woman is unfathomable. It is difficult to formulate a sentence that will justify the intensity of the harm and the magnitude of the trauma that such an act entails. Force, coercion, sexual violation of a woman’ body, the helplessness that accompanies the absolute denigration of her being. A rape is not a one-act crime; it continues to be committed in the head of the victim everyday, thereon.
The second reason for my opinion is that a rape is the succumbing of a man to his most vile instinct there is. More than just an issue of the man and his instincts, it is a malady that goes much deeper than just the instinct. Why does the man have the gall to act on such an instinct? Is it because the respect for women as equals has remained only on paper? Is it because our law and order is so lax that there exists no fear? I think it is a bit of both.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But is castration really the solution to an endemic like rape? I am not sure I know the answer to that.
What I do know, however, is that the there is a lot more required to deal with this grotesque crime than just an amendment to the law. To reach a stage in society where the mere thought of acting upon his filthy instinct, sends a chill up a man’s spine, we require symbiotic efforts between the community, its people and the state and its machinery. In a state where the police issue statements blaming a woman’s choice of clothing as a justification for her rape, a lot needs to be done and this fact can never be overstated. Does that mean that there has to be an unlearning and relearning to understand the sociological nuances of a crime like rape? Why not. Is the law merely the answer when the implementation is flung on the backburner? Effective and prompt investigation, speedy trial, thorough examination of the evidence, these are points of law and implementation that form the nerve of the solution. With a little more emphasis on speedy and effective trials, we might just make headway into dealing with a crime like this.
Having said that, a fear of the law can only be instilled by setting a precedent. Not all rapists understand law or its implications. A precedent, however, does surpass the problem of ignorance of law. Do we need social sanctions? I do not see why not. On the confirmation of the identity of the rapists, it is essential to expose their identity to the public.
I am not an expert. This is not exhaustive. These are merely questions and possible answers that have arisen from a lot of mental conflict, reading, understanding and sure, a lot of emotions. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Of blazers and aztec print

When it gets increasingly cold, your only savior is the right clothing. I mean it. And it is not about purely fashion motives either. My idea of dressing for winter is ever evolving as I understand the season and its dynamics better. For one, compromising on the warmth purely for what might appear fashionable is not my idea of trendy. Besides, there is a whole range of options out there to look absolutely trendy in the warmest of the apparel. But thats just me.
I'm not ready for a drab black and grey winter, just as yet. Pops of color, pastels, hints of neon and prints will continue to make their mark in my outfits. 
These aztec print block heel stunners from a house called Qupid came in my mail courtesy RoojaRooja is known to work with indie designers and global names and is definitely full of products that you would want to get your hands on. With an interesting take on all the big trends at affordable prices and a customer service that is definitely quite efficient (my shoes reached me within 2 days), Rooja is already making its mark.
Find them on twitter and Facebook and tell me what you end up buying from there. :)
On another note, this is also the first shoot with Shiva of Shiva Seth Photography. Like the page for updates of his brilliant work.

Purple shirt: Street find (Delhi), Pastel pink blazer: Zara, White straight fit pants with the zip detailing: Zara, Grey snood with metallic strands: Accessorize, Tan bag: ASOS, Aztec print block heels: C/O Rooja, random pearl bangles: C/O Globus
Photography: Shiva Seth Photography

Have a lovely weekend ladies. Would love to hear your feedback on the shoes, the new photography and the new haircut.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Book Review: The Bankster

The Bankster is yet another piece of fiction from the desk of Ravi Subramanian, the guy who brought to you, The Incredible Banker.
I have not read the Incredible Banker. Nor have I really explored the genre of corporate set suspense dramas so lets take my review with a pinch of salt, ya? :)
The Bankster is a well spun out web of mystery, suspense and thrill, all set out in a global bank in the jet setting city of Mumbai. The characters are kept real and at most points of time, you get an insight into what it really must be like working in an organization of that nature and stature. At the same time, being a stickler for details, I personally thought the characters could have been fleshed out a little more in order to give depth to the story. The characters which the book mostly deal with are all the employees of a global bank called GB2 and one level of the story stays on the bank. The other layer of the story deals with a man with a cause of nipping a nuclear power plant in India at the root who meets yet another man with more than just propaganda in his mind. While the two tales develop by themselves, its intriguing to see how it all falls into one big scheme in the end (spoiler alert).
However, that hardly poses as a hindrance to the very intriguing plot that is laid out by the author with multiple tracks running simultaneously. What is really great about the narrative is how all of those complex little tales spun out by the author start off on a trajectory that finally converge into the climax which is epicentered at the bank. There are no loopholes left gaping in the mystery angle and it all falls into place quite comfortably in the end. The end makes you think it would make for excellent silver screen adaptation especially because the ending is chiseled in a way that all characters meet their fate.
The set up of the stories is definitely something that takes a large cue from the reality. It is to be noted that this work of fiction definitely has a large borrowing from the reality of banking scams and NGO funding that we see today. At no point of time (except an instance here or there) does the reader disconnect from the story in terms of the practicality of the characters or their actions.
The Bankster scores high for me on two counts: the edge of the seat factor and the great story telling. The edge of the seat factor is well developed in this thriller because the nifty turns in the tale and innocuous mind warping lead you to wonder how exactly will it all tie down in the end. The climax is not exactly Earth shattering and that definitely disappoints. However, it all boils down to a reader's perception of what is being written and in the way it is absorbed.
Definitely an Indian writer to watch out for, I am going to try catch all his other banking masterpieces. Are you? :)

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at . Participate now to get free books!
For more updates from the author, find him at the following forums:


Saturday, November 24, 2012

When the wind starts to blow

I have always detested winters. Its not rocket science to figure out my reasons. The perpetual goose flesh. The feeling of impending doom when you have to step out of your duvet into the cold exterior (read: room). The sensation post which your face goes numb cause the cold winter wind stung it right across.
Not making you feel better, am I? We have the God of clothing to thank that winter is very fabulous as far as dressing up in concerned. I know, personally, that is what will get me through the cold Delhi winter.
This look is for that fun night out into the city, Friday night when you need to let your hair down with your friends. Of course, incorporating the latest trends (simply cause you actually enjoy them and NOT cause they are trends).
Wore this for just that purpose and replicated the look to shoot in the gorgeous Hauz Khas fort the next day. (Accredit the diligent blogger, please.) )
When it gets colder, I will continue this look with a pair of stockings/tights. Are you with me?

White vest, Tweed jacket: MANGO (Int.), Pleated oxblood skirt: Forever 21, Cobalt blue pumps: Michael Antonio, Linked necklace with neon lace: Sheik (Australia), Box clutch in glitter: Nine West, Square chunky ring: Street find(Delhi)

Are we hating-loving winter, then?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lights, camera, action

Now that Diwali has come and gone and the grey clouds of an outfit catastrophe have passed, I shall, for years to come, tell this story with a lot of fervor.
I was beside myself with excitement and with that level of enthusiasm, I had decided to get my outfit designed for this Diwali. Having dreamt of that outfit day in and day out for the last one week before Diwali and mostly, how it was going to turn out, I had nearly mechanized my brain to not even imagine a Diwali in another outfit. No good story is ever told without the right elements of drama so that my readers ooh and aah at the right moments. I stepped out of the shower after designing my rangoli for the home (the only artistic endeavor for the year) and to greet me was that phone call wherein I was informed that I would not be celebrating this Diwali in that new outfit (next Diwali, maybe). Call me a drama queen if you may but I did not stop at beseeching her to do something and It was ridiculous. It was not going to happen. And after the initial horror of that piece of news sunk in, then came the aftermath in which I reveled in, almost for an hour of despair. That I did not have anything else that I had got with me to wear for Diwali. Told you, mechanized brain? :/
The blogger skills eventually kicked in and I decided to put together what has possibly been my coolest Diwali outfit ever.
The corset is a part of my extremely ornate lehenga outfit and the skirt comes from, well somewhere deep in my closet. Definitely not less than 7-8 years old, this one! :D


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Neon and some incense

If you saw my Marks and Spencer post and wondered why that maxi dress looked so familiar, it might be the right time to remind you that you probably saw the maxi dress here where it was worn as a skirt which was what it was designed to be worn as. Sometimes, a little bit of tinkering gives the most handsome of the results. Yes handsome. The skirt worn as a maxi skirt almost seemed like it was meant to be worn that way. Especially because of how I decided to style it. The laid back nautical stripes juxtaposed with the glam of the sequined throw. And two loud neon elements.
When K of Purple Peeptoes came Delhi trotting, we took this one chance when we were bumming around Hauz Khas Village to do this impromptu concept shoot. Attracted some strange looks. Befriended an incense-sticks vendor on his bicycle. But did manage pictures that merged perfectly into the yellow, happy surroundings. Yet, stood apart from the incense and incense smoke. Fashion pervades all. :)

Maxi skirt worn as dress: Forever New, Sequined throw: Dotti (Australia), Neon pink and python print shoes: Random shoe store in GK (Delhi), Neon and pearl bangles: C/O Globus, Neon green kitsch tote: Nirvana (Pondicherry)

What do you think?

Monday, November 5, 2012


Minimal chic meets rocker girl. Fashion inspired by celebrities? Sometimes. Also, sometimes not even intentionally. For instance, only after I had put together this outfit and was halfway through putting it on did I see the striking resemblance to how, say the Olsen twins dress. Its minimal. Its chic. And there is always a certain rocker-goth element to the look.
My outfit obviously has my absolutely Shreya touch to it. Ergo, the rocker vibe is juxtaposed with the Dilli kudi vibe with the juttis with the intricate metallic and thread work.
If you are lost and wondering how exactly did the outfit turn out, well, take a look. :)

I went with the layering of gold long necklaces, incorporating trends like tribal/aztec in one necklace and the rose gold watch is my love for a few seasons to come.
The rocker chic element is my current favourite leather tassled bag in black!
Wearing: White vest and leather tassled bag: Mango, Blue jeans: Diesel, Gold necklaces: Aldo and Fab Alley, Cuff: Vero Moda, Rose gold watch: Marc Jacobs, Jutis: Authentic juti maker stores :)

What do you think of this look? Let me know in the comments below.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Winners of the Giveaway!

The contest ran long and successful and I have my lovely avid readers and most importantly the generous sponsors to thank for it! Blueprint Colección for providing lovely designer garments to the winners and Anushka Salon and Spa for the lovely make overs that the winners can anticipate.
So if you are ready for it, what are we waiting for!
The three winners of the giveaway as chosen via are:

  • Abhilasha Seth
  • Payal Satish
  • Prerna Hundia
Congratulations ladies! :) Divya of Blueprint Coleccion will be mailing you shortly with all the details so please look out for the email.
Image source: Google


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Marks and Spencer, Blogger Meet

A suitably creative way to spread the word about fashion is to get all the fashion bloggers of the city together to experience the collection. And I use the word 'experience' because with the kind of fun hosts that M&S played for the bloggers meet, we definitely experienced the new Autumn-Winter collection in and out. The agenda of the bloggers meet was simple and fun. Get to know each other, divide into groups and play a styling game. Our task basically was to put together two looks from all the garments, shoes and bags available at the M&S store and talk about it to describe it. One look from each group was selected to be showcased on the M&S page to run for a styling contest and on the basis of popularity, a winner of the M&S Blogger Meet styling contest was to be picked.
Cutting the long story short, only because I cannot contain my excitement, by popular choice, my group won the contest! The group comprised of Aakriti of Beauty Gossips , Manvi of Labels and Love and me and we decided on calling ourselves Prima Donna Inc. Ok? Ok.
Some pictures from the meet. :)

The winning outfit. A scarf print(baroque) shirt, which we paired off with houndstooth print pants in slim fit, black pumps and this casual denim satchel to relax the uppity, print on print look.
What say? :)
Enter the giveaway on my blog with Blueprint Coleccion and Anushka salon today, right here. Only 3 days to go ladies!


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