Saturday, November 24, 2012

When the wind starts to blow

I have always detested winters. Its not rocket science to figure out my reasons. The perpetual goose flesh. The feeling of impending doom when you have to step out of your duvet into the cold exterior (read: room). The sensation post which your face goes numb cause the cold winter wind stung it right across.
Not making you feel better, am I? We have the God of clothing to thank that winter is very fabulous as far as dressing up in concerned. I know, personally, that is what will get me through the cold Delhi winter.
This look is for that fun night out into the city, Friday night when you need to let your hair down with your friends. Of course, incorporating the latest trends (simply cause you actually enjoy them and NOT cause they are trends).
Wore this for just that purpose and replicated the look to shoot in the gorgeous Hauz Khas fort the next day. (Accredit the diligent blogger, please.) )
When it gets colder, I will continue this look with a pair of stockings/tights. Are you with me?

White vest, Tweed jacket: MANGO (Int.), Pleated oxblood skirt: Forever 21, Cobalt blue pumps: Michael Antonio, Linked necklace with neon lace: Sheik (Australia), Box clutch in glitter: Nine West, Square chunky ring: Street find(Delhi)

Are we hating-loving winter, then?


  1. So the colours ESP blue

  2. I love the outfit. But somehow feel that stockings and tight are not warm enough, especially for Delhi weathers. You need jeans (and possibly some layer underneath). :(

  3. Wow, tres chic!!! You look amazing!

  4. Loving the heels and skirt combination!

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  5. In love with the clutch, it's perfect and also the skirt!
    You look great.

    Much Love,
    Modish And Muse

  6. Disco, this jacket is the love and the love. I want to eat some of that delicious Delhi winter too.

  7. The Necklace is attention catching and gorgeous!

  8. Thanks a ton guys! :) And Nidhi, you're right. :) Sometimes the stockings just don't suffice but thankfully the current weather isn't so bad, especially in the day and I did quite alright even without the stockings. :)


  9. Lovee that oxblood colored skirt! <3


  10. "Aha"..that's the exact word that comes out of mouth after seeing this look!You look fabuous and that little sparkly box clutch does the rest of wonders to this outfit!

  11. Ooohhh its lovely..

  12. Oohhh its lovely..

  13. Oohhh what a lovely outfit..



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