Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lights, camera, action

Now that Diwali has come and gone and the grey clouds of an outfit catastrophe have passed, I shall, for years to come, tell this story with a lot of fervor.
I was beside myself with excitement and with that level of enthusiasm, I had decided to get my outfit designed for this Diwali. Having dreamt of that outfit day in and day out for the last one week before Diwali and mostly, how it was going to turn out, I had nearly mechanized my brain to not even imagine a Diwali in another outfit. No good story is ever told without the right elements of drama so that my readers ooh and aah at the right moments. I stepped out of the shower after designing my rangoli for the home (the only artistic endeavor for the year) and to greet me was that phone call wherein I was informed that I would not be celebrating this Diwali in that new outfit (next Diwali, maybe). Call me a drama queen if you may but I did not stop at beseeching her to do something and It was ridiculous. It was not going to happen. And after the initial horror of that piece of news sunk in, then came the aftermath in which I reveled in, almost for an hour of despair. That I did not have anything else that I had got with me to wear for Diwali. Told you, mechanized brain? :/
The blogger skills eventually kicked in and I decided to put together what has possibly been my coolest Diwali outfit ever.
The corset is a part of my extremely ornate lehenga outfit and the skirt comes from, well somewhere deep in my closet. Definitely not less than 7-8 years old, this one! :D



  1. Oh wow....what great results..for an outfit put together at the last min...perfect..
    hope u had a great Diwali...happy new yr..

  2. I think you couldn't have put together a better Diwali's so pretty!! :)

  3. This is really nice! The colour of the skirt is so pretty!

  4. You're looking nice. Love how the corset fits so perfectly on u.

  5. You're looking nice. Love how the corset fits so perfectly on u.

  6. WOW
    You look beautiful!
    I love the corset, looks gorgeous on you.

    Much Love,
    Modish And Muse

  7. I love the look. You look darn pretty:) Hope you had a great Diwali.

    Eccentric Connoisseur
    Giveaway on my blog. Would like it if you can participate.

  8. Disco chameli. *aaah-haaan*
    I LOVE that picture of you and the rangoli. Dp ho jaye?



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