Sunday, November 11, 2012

Neon and some incense

If you saw my Marks and Spencer post and wondered why that maxi dress looked so familiar, it might be the right time to remind you that you probably saw the maxi dress here where it was worn as a skirt which was what it was designed to be worn as. Sometimes, a little bit of tinkering gives the most handsome of the results. Yes handsome. The skirt worn as a maxi skirt almost seemed like it was meant to be worn that way. Especially because of how I decided to style it. The laid back nautical stripes juxtaposed with the glam of the sequined throw. And two loud neon elements.
When K of Purple Peeptoes came Delhi trotting, we took this one chance when we were bumming around Hauz Khas Village to do this impromptu concept shoot. Attracted some strange looks. Befriended an incense-sticks vendor on his bicycle. But did manage pictures that merged perfectly into the yellow, happy surroundings. Yet, stood apart from the incense and incense smoke. Fashion pervades all. :)

Maxi skirt worn as dress: Forever New, Sequined throw: Dotti (Australia), Neon pink and python print shoes: Random shoe store in GK (Delhi), Neon and pearl bangles: C/O Globus, Neon green kitsch tote: Nirvana (Pondicherry)

What do you think?


  1. whats with the tan gal! did I miss any post!

    1. Hahahaha! No no you didn't :D Its just the lighting. :D I haven't got any tan :D

    2. glad:-)... really...
      actually how does it matter... its still you ...

  2. glad:-)... really....
    actually... it doesn matter...
    its stil you...

  3. Diggin the pink python print shoes.

  4. Fashion pervades all, apparently. *Bows down at its altar*
    Loving the post, Shreyaness.

  5. Fashion pervades all, apparently.
    Loving the post, Shreya-ness.

  6. lovely look....u against the yellow wall...stunning :)

  7. lovely...the third picture is amazing...loved your diwali look too..
    one of the few nice blogs.

    If you like let's follow each other

  8. lovely...the third picture is your diwali look too
    one of the few nice blogs.

    if you like let's follow each other



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