Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lets Doll Up

You have got to love the ballerina style of dressing. Tutus, full tulle skirts, glittery ballerina shoes, the works. Well, it happens to be one of my favourite style inspirations. Style tip: For instant ballerina inspiration, watch Black Swan for ideas (and the brilliant story, of course).
When I chanced upon this lovely tulle skirt, all I could think of was SJP from Sex and the City and the fact that I had been looking for the perfect tulle skirt. As a continuation of the rant about the skirt, if you are in Delhi, Love Birds in Hauz Khas is a boutique that you ought to not miss. With vintage finds from all across the world, there are some absolutely splendid pieces to be found under this roof.
I decided to take a little detour from the usual ballerina route and added a variety of elements to it. A black ruffled blouse to contrast the pink tulle. A black geometric clutch and elements of bling to add the finishing touches. Needless to say, finally strutting around in my ballerina skirt on a sunny holiday when the temperature was dipping to a zero back home was the most wonderful feeling. Okay, a little sadistic this. :D

Wearing: black ruffled blouse: Charlie Brown, Ruffled tulle skirt: Love Birds (Hauz Khas Village), Black clutch: DKNY, Cuff and earrings: Assorted, Sequined ballerina shoes: Steve Madden, cat-eye sunglasses: D&G, Rose gold watch: Marc Jacobs

Lots of love, ladies.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Colors of a holiday

The sunny weather has me sweating and running around, trying to cover as much of the city as I can. In the Sydney heat, Melbourne weather proved to be a delightful respite for a getaway. The chilly winds that almost knock you off your feet can be a tricky affair but the weather was by and large sunny so dressing had to be done accordingly. That for me are the colors of a holiday. One minute you are throwing on a crisp jacket to combat the winds and the other you are lying by the beach, soaking up the sun. Yellows, greens, summery prints were juxtaposed with a crisp black blazer, just cause the weather required. Quite the fall outfit, I would say. Also something easy to emulate in any weather. Add stockings in case of extreme chill. Loose the blazer in case of heat. :) You get the picture.
Also, the bag and the flats were almost a fixture for a lot of outdoor-sy days of my holiday. Mostly cause its one of those style+comfort combinations. Works with everything. The skirt is one of my cute holiday buys and it definitely lends character to the outfit with the fun aztec print. The secret that you do not know here is that it was priced at 5 $! Whoever said fashion was expensive necessarily, clearly did not know where to shop. ;)

Wearing: White vest: Mango (Int.), aztec printed skirt: Cotton On (Australia), Black blazer: Portmans (Australia), Bag: Coach, Black flats: Tory Burch, Yellow and gold ring: Lovisa (Australia), Necklace: gifted (Australia), blue bracelet: Kate Spade, New York

Tell me what you think in the comment form.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Favourite five

I have been thinking about doing this kind of a post for a while but kept putting it off indefinitely. This time, however, the list automatically formulated in my head. For almost two weeks now, I have been loving these favourite fives and finding ways to include them in my holiday lifestyle. And in case I cannot use them, they just sit pretty by my window and I stare at them love struck.
Before you convince yourself that the holidaying is making me a little looney, here are my favourite five picks for this month. Safe to say, they are staying favourites for a while to come. Tell me about your current favourites in the comments section. :)
  1. Two of my quirky jewelry pieces:
The scissor two-finger ring and the golden link necklace with pink pelicans are my current absolute favourites. The scissor ring will double up as my self-defence device when I am back in India, no jokes.
2.  Cute colorful hair ties:

I had been on the lookout for some kind of quirky hair ties for a while and then I saw these and it was almost love at first sight. Primarily cause they are colorful and so trendy, I bought two packs, all colors! No prizes for guessing, my favourite is the silver glittery tie.
3.  Coral colored cup and saucer:

This is one of my gorgeous, yet retarded buys over the holiday but I just could not help myself. T2 is a popular tea shop in Australia which sells not only every possible flavour of tea you can imagine but also the most gorgeous Victorian and modern tea crockery you can imagine. If you are a regular here you would know about my love for tea. So T2 was my heaven. I cannot get enough of sipping my chai latte from this!

4.  Addict by Dior

The name of this perfume sums it all up. Self confessed perfume hoarder, I have used this one before but not for a very long time now. Wanting to bring it back, I bought this one again. Its feminine and not extremely sweet. Yet the strong accord leaves the fragrance lingering for hours. 

 5.   Fun stationery pieces:

I have always had an immense love for fun, designer stationery. The bigger issue in exams was always buying a new kit with the coolest print to stock my stack of pens, markers et al. And don't even get me started on notebooks. The cover mattered a lot more than the pages.
Stationery from Typo is a definite winner for stationery lovers like me. My silver glitter covered journal, post-its which will remind me to google, buy things etc. and paper clips which say fun/funny things are my three absolute hits.

What do you think of my favourite fives? What are yours?

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Boathouse

A bit of a travelogue, this one was shot at the Fairfield Boathouse and tea room in Melbourne. A cute little place with a view overlooking the stream where one can boat. Or if you feel lazy like we did, just picnic and laze around watching life go by as the ducks continue to waddle in the water on a lazy sunny afternoon.
Lazy holiday-ers in Melbourne should definitely visit this one.
Traveling fashion tip 101: If you are not a cold friendly person like me, never ever board a flight without a jacket. I tell myself that I would be alright everytime and this might be obvious to some of you but for the rest, make this a rule. Its never too warm in there! :/
This is one of those lazy, fun fashion outfits. Coral pink, lace cutwork, high waist shorts and a statement necklace. Sums it up, I would say.

Wearing: coral colored blouse with lace cutwork: Portmans (Australia), printed high waisted shorts: Marcs (Australia), gold necklace with multi colored stones: Sports Girl (Australia), Bag: Coach, Black ballet flats: Tory Burch, Cat-eye sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana

What do you think? :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Moulin Rouge-sque

Sequined skirt in champagne color, times two on the blog, if you please. The most fun part about wearing something so blingy or with this amount of sequins is that you leave the accessorizing, mostly up to the piece of apparel. Besides, one can never have enough sequined clothes. And if you are wondering why I am so dressed up when the sun clearly has not set, well that's something I am growing accustomed to, here on my holiday in Australia. Its naturally well lit till about 8ish in the night so safe to say, I was not the only one ready to take on the nightlife with my sequins, under the Sun.
Finally a piece of peplum that felt quite right, mostly because it spells understated and classy. The blouse has cute cuts with a plunging back and flappy power shoulders, giving the whimsical feel of Moulin Rouge.
The shoes are my absolute favourites mostly cause of the spiked toes. Finished it with rouge on levres and I am set.

Black peplum top in lace: Dotti (Australia), sequined skirt in champagne: Dorothy Perkins, red pumps with spiked toes: Zara, box clutch: Colette Hayman, Red lipstick: YSL

I hope 2013 has been treating all of you well. Leave your feedback, here.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013


A girl can never have enough scarves. From the slim kinds that are mostly for the style value to long ones that can go around the neck a couple of times I have forever been a fan of this fashion accessory that definitely adds a lot of value to my outfits. Offlate, the Delhi winters have almost made it mandatory that I adorn a scarf/muffler/snood everytime I step out. I'm not complaining. Its the perfect way to stay warm and add that zing to even your grey outfits.
Indiebazaar is a technology and marketing startup trying to provide independent artists and designers a profitable platform to retail their products online. When I first heard from them, I spent hours bookmarking quirky cute little thingamajiggys for my house and myself. The website is definitely a storehouse for some interesting apparel and decor options. Go check out for yourself at Indiebazaar.
I was sent this lovely scarf by Niche which is the label of designer Nishita Aggarwal. This satin full size scarf has abstract print in paint strokes which is ideal to style almost any look. Buy scarves online and tell me what you think. :)
I decided to wear this scarf over a glam-goth outfit I was strutting in, in Australia. Currently on a holiday in a country with an average temperature of 25 degreees and a lot of cool breeze, this scarf fitted in just as much it would once I am back to Delhi.
On adding this scarf, the glam-goth factor dropped a little to make it, lets say Chic-a-boom. Go figure.

Sequined tee in neutral colors: Forever New, Ripped denim shorts: Forever 21, Green alligator print bag: Coach, Dotted tights: Random store (Australia), studded ballet flats: Steve Madden, Abstract print scarf: C/O Indiebazaar.

Happy New Year, dear readers. :)


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