Tuesday, January 1, 2013


A girl can never have enough scarves. From the slim kinds that are mostly for the style value to long ones that can go around the neck a couple of times I have forever been a fan of this fashion accessory that definitely adds a lot of value to my outfits. Offlate, the Delhi winters have almost made it mandatory that I adorn a scarf/muffler/snood everytime I step out. I'm not complaining. Its the perfect way to stay warm and add that zing to even your grey outfits.
Indiebazaar is a technology and marketing startup trying to provide independent artists and designers a profitable platform to retail their products online. When I first heard from them, I spent hours bookmarking quirky cute little thingamajiggys for my house and myself. The website is definitely a storehouse for some interesting apparel and decor options. Go check out for yourself at Indiebazaar.
I was sent this lovely scarf by Niche which is the label of designer Nishita Aggarwal. This satin full size scarf has abstract print in paint strokes which is ideal to style almost any look. Buy scarves online and tell me what you think. :)
I decided to wear this scarf over a glam-goth outfit I was strutting in, in Australia. Currently on a holiday in a country with an average temperature of 25 degreees and a lot of cool breeze, this scarf fitted in just as much it would once I am back to Delhi.
On adding this scarf, the glam-goth factor dropped a little to make it, lets say Chic-a-boom. Go figure.

Sequined tee in neutral colors: Forever New, Ripped denim shorts: Forever 21, Green alligator print bag: Coach, Dotted tights: Random store (Australia), studded ballet flats: Steve Madden, Abstract print scarf: C/O Indiebazaar.

Happy New Year, dear readers. :)


  1. Happy New year swetie.Another look aced.
    Love ya!!

  2. What a cute outfit! You've inspired me to make more use out of my scarves (I have three drawers full of them *cringe*). Have a lovely time in Australia - you lucky girl!

  3. You look too cute!That tights and scarf are fabulous :)
    Have an awesome year ahead.

    Bong's Belleza

  4. You look super chic!
    Love the shorts and the scarf!

    Much Love,
    Modish And Muse

  5. Happy New YEar, sexy! Hope its turning out to be fabulous for you. :*

  6. Thanks a ton, lovelies! :) So much love to all you guys!


  7. Most awesome outfit post ever! You look gorgeous and it is so comfortable, the whole feel of it. Young, fun and cheery =) I feel 20 again. =P

  8. Nice outfit! You look lovely!! Loved everything:):)

    Jabong Coupons|Coupon Dekho

    Thank u,

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