Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Outfit

I went a little OTT today. I will also not deny that I loved it. I've been wearing my loud pink pants-pajami a little too often. Its easy to team it with kurtas as easy as it is to be teamed up with Tee-shirts, flowy tunics and the likes. So today for a Sunday evening-turns-to-night outfit, the use of the pink pants was almost, indispensable. The pink pants are from W.
The pink pants were teamed up with a black tank and my blingy-sequinned jacket from Dotti(Australia). Not to forget, silver kolhapuris to go with it.
Don't miss the silver earrings with black rhinestones which I'm currently fixated with, mostly because I got the most awesome deal for them (Rs. 150 ONLY :D )
The hair's a mess but then that is sort of intentional. I'm a big fan of messy hairdos, a slight puff at the top and a lazy looking bun at the bottom. Sounds very me! :D
For those of you of wondering, I did use the Kohl Minerals Precious Black mineral liner on the lids, but more to give the smokey effect than to line the lid. Me thinks, it looks precious! :) The review, right HERE.

What do you think? Loving all the feedback you guys take time out for, to give me :)
Much love!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Product Review: L'Oreal Paris Kohl Minerals

We all love shopping. Some of us usually set out with an agenda and a set list of things to be bought, while others(read: Me), just step out to buy a shampoo and end up buying make up whimsically. (Daddy, its not my fault, I swear :D) On the request of Neha of An Ounce of Eternity, I am going to be doing posts in multiple parts on my favourite make up essentials (simple, fuss-free ones). This post is a review of L'Oreal's Paris Kohl Minerals, which I bought in 'Precious black'. It is a powder liner which comes in 3 great colors 'Precious Black, 'Stellar Grey' and 'Meteorite Blue'. I began eyeing this ever since I saw Sonam Kapoor endorse it and it looked quite glam in Aisha too.
The idea of a powdered liner, especially if its mineral based is quite intriguing. L'Oreal promises that this liner and applicator duo contains 95% naturally-derived micronised minerals, plus Vitamin E and aloe vera to make it gentle on sensitive eyes.

Looks neat.

Only used on the upper lid

Notice the subtle glitter

What I feel?
  • The powdered liner can be used for lining the upper and lower lashes. The 'precious black' is highly powdery and more smoky than its black. 
  • The applicator brush is not really sleek so you cannot possibly apply a thin kohl line. Its more like a hold up on the kohl you wear.
  • Love the slight glitter. Perfect for the smoky eye effect. Especially on the upper lid.
  • Its quite glam. The blackish-grey, is.
  • Dislike the packaging. There is a perforated cap on the bottle which needs to be shook a little for powder to appear above the cap. Annoying as hell, took me the longest time to figure out how to use it.
  • Costs about Rs 515 or 11-12$
  • Value for money? I would say yes because once you get the hang of how to use it, it should be worth the results :)
This is my pick No. 1 for this season's make up essentials. Nothing like the 'ol smokey eye lining and doubling up as kohl. Hope you like the post Neha. And the rest of you fashionistas too :)
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Summer with the Tees

I finally have something more substantial to show you guys. You really cannot blame me. If this blog was my let out for venting, I would post ten times around everyday. But hey, let me just show you the prettier, more fashionable side of things. And not bog you down with my worries of practical submissions, law school mid-life crisis, internship planning etc. Uhhh..wait, I am turning this blog into a let-out.
So very quickly, moving on :) Browsing through Mango a couple of days back, I saw their latest collection which included Slim-fit, stretch tees with *hold your breath* cartoon prints! So I'm not sure how exciting this is for most of you, but for me its like Christmas came early! :) I'm a big fan of graphic printed tees, tees with my favourite cartoon/comic characters and when Mango goes Disney, there's nothing that's stopping me from buying the stuff :)
I'm the proud owner of the cutest Mickey Mouse tee from Mango. No, I DO NOT think they're juvenile. They're super awesome :D
Happy Birthday Cuzn- met him for lunch and finally got around to wearing the tee :)
This is how I pick out clothes these days. Makes putting them together so much easier!

Please excuse the expressions, I was sulking for no good reason :)
The head gear is this colorful ribbon, woven thing with silver thingamajjiggys hanging from them. It complemented the off-white tee and blue of the cartoon print perfectly! Slightly beachy, but who cares :)
Tee: Mango, Tights: Random store in Australia, Cute crochet blue and lavender shoes: Auroville, Pondicherry, Headgear: Random (Australia), Green satchel: ASOS.
Like? Love? Tell me what you feel about cartoon-prints, graphic/comic strip prints on tees to beat the Sun :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Spring Inspirations

Hello Lovelies!
Since I have ranted about Spring having reached the threshold, no end..I will just let these gorgeous Spring Inspirations do the talking :) I think it more than makes up for being MIA, you think? :)
Anything that looks so colorful..EAT IT.

Lacy cover, floral corset and those shoes. *Sheer love*

I need to find myself these. To go with a plain white Summer Dress.

My life's mantra. Coz food is too beautiful.

MAC+Pink=Spring love

Bright hued totes, messenger bags, the works
Photos courtesy: fashionsociety.tumblr, girlnextdior.tumblr
(Simply coz I spend wayyyy too much time on Tumblr)
I hope you guys had a lovely Holi. Tell me stories, send me pictures, love hearing from you guys :)
Also, welcome aboard all new readers :) It will do you good to join us on FACEBOOK too :) More news, more updates, more excitement :)
Till then, keep the love for fashion and other things alive!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Toni&Guy Iron It Defence Spray

Hey fashionistas,
Welcome to my first product review. This product had me so pepped up that I could not resist doing a review for all you readers to know :)
If you've been trying all sorts of serums to protect your hair from the heat of the straighteners and to no avail then I suggest its time to change. And what a happy change at that! :) Toni&Guy Iron-It defence Spray comes in two sizes of 50 ml and 200 ml and is a good buy if you're a fairly often straightener-using person like me. My hair is naturally straight but I use straightener once in a way to iron out the bends but its not a lot of heat that my hair is exposed to so it was never really a problem. Off late, however, I noticed hair fall post straightening and thats when I decided it was probably time I bought something specifically for this purpose.
The best part about T&G products is that they leave no residue. Unlike hair wax or mousse, you run no risk with this leave-in conditioner because it a light hair mist that you can spray over your hair before you straighten it and it leaves this light, vanilla-ish fragrance. Not sticky, not icky. YAY for that! :) And it also leaves a natural shine :)
The only drawback, their products are priced slightly steep, but trust me, when it concerns something like your hair, you cannot compromise :) Ok now I just sound like I run a salon! :P
50 ml can: Rs 400 or about 9$. I will, however, buy this again in the future for their not many hair products in the market that I don't crib about :)
Post the spray+straightening
Would you be trying this in the future? Tell me what you think :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lakme Fashion Week 10th-12th Part-I

The Lakme Fashion Week has captured the fantasies of most of us who swear by fashion. While I've been enjoying the minute by minute updates on twitter from Vogue India, I have to admit, its only when I pushed myself to write this blog post did I go through all the collections. Since there are a myriad of new designers who have debuted on this awesome forum of LFW, there were many shows that I covered while working on this post. This is Part-I(shows from 10th to 12th) where I showcase some of my favourite picks from all these gorgeous designers. Also, designers to look out for.
Anna-Liza Ganguly and Anita Walia
Collection: 1980's rebellious style, accented shouldes, short dresses with gaudy tights, mixture of shimmer and matte, chunky golden neckpieces as seen in my favourite pick.
Arpan Vohra
Collection: Nautical, beautiful turquoise, whites, rope detailing and seen on the belt here, outdoorsy dresses, perfect holiday wear. The color spray on this dress just spells a cruise holiday to me.
Kiran and Meghna
Collection: Use of silks, dash of colorful prints across the fabric, Moroccan inspiration, Tunics, angrakhas commonly seen. Also, very fluid.
Little Shilpa
Collection: Known for her accessories, this time she dazzled all with the oversized flowers and heart necklaces, bouquet crowns for the hear, detailed neckpieces. Overarching use of flowers.
Manish Malhotra
Collection: Needless to say, the flouncy ghagras with rose embroidery, net and tulle with swarovski work on chikankari was the order of the day. (Excuse the personal bias, I'm a big fan :D )
Masaba Gupta
Collection: Again, I'm a big fan and I was floored with her very Masai-tribe inspired collection complete with footmark motif on the capes, bold color blocking in the maxis, rusts, oranges and the beautiful polka dots. Also look out for: exaggerated hair styles and pop colored shoes.
Sabyasachi Mukherjee
Collection: Inspired by 'Save the Tiger' Project, earthen shades and tones, use of Indian textiles, Rajasthan inspired colors and prints. This maxi dress had me sold from the word go.
Shivan and Naresh
Collection: Fluid lines, use of two-toned crepe, dresses and tanks beautifully colorblocked. Massive international appeal. No surprise, I say. This dress reminded me so much of the Loewe color blocked piece I used for the Spring Trend Report from, HERE.
There was no dearth of talent and there was certainly no dearth of appreciation for this talent either. LFW is after all, the most awaited event of all fashionistas' social calendar :)
Part deux..look out for it.
Helped you stay updated? I sure hope it did :)
Also, just bouncing this off..Anybody up for a Fashion Bloggers' Meet-Bangalore? Lets hear this :)

All images courtesy:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tank tops and Sundry

This week marked with it an all time low that the world saw what with the earthquake in Japan giving rise to the Tsunami waves and taking a toll over thousands of people and it does not stop there. The Fukushima reactor saw another explosion and the world is going to be reeling under the aftermath for a while now. Its times like these that make me think, maybe just mentioning about it in my blog is not enough. Maybe just retweeting helplines for aid and funds is not enough either. But come to think of it, its a small step towards a bigger goal of ensuring that the entire world is connected in on this. Much akin to how things are when the world sees any one state being targeted by terrorists from another. But then that's just me and my 2 pence to what we can do to get everybody together. Prayers for Japan.
This post goes out for Priya Kapoor who asked me on my facebook page HERE, about ideas on layering of tank tops. It was an interesting query because I personally enjoy layering tank tops just about ANYWAY I like. Besides, who cares about the fashion police, right? :)
Here are some easy-to-replicate looks with layering of tanks.
Step 1: Picked a plain grey tank from Mango.
Step 2: Team it up with a pale pink spaghetti with rosettes on the front which pop out from the deep neck of the tank. The pale pink spaghetti: Forever New.
Look 2:
Step 1: Pick a brightly hued tube top to complement the grey of the tank. Yellow tube: Benetton
Step 2: The grey tank goes over the tube for the perfectly layered look.
P.S: This look is a hit for the upcoming SUMMERS.
Look 3:
Step1: The grey tank will now serve as a base and will be layered upon.
Step2: Pick out a brightly colored button down shirt. I picked a bright lavender with white striped shirt from Benetton with puffed sleeves. For a cool, summer effect, do not button the shirt. Perfect with a short skirt or a pair of hot pants.
Step 3: Go a step further with the layering and add a different colored scarf to the look. I picked a blue scarf which I had picked from Pondicherry to complete this look.
Look 4:
Step 1: A monochromed tunic which flares at the bottom from Supre. You would have already seen this look in the outfit post but its a great look for layering a tank and hence it finds its way here :)
Step 2: Added a black tank with rosettes on the front from Forever New to layer the tunic.
For looks 1, 2 and 4 its a good idea to throw on long string of beads or pearls or layer multiple necklaces.
These are some of my favourite ideas although this trend still leaves a lot upto your imagination. My favourite look this season is going to be Look 3. Which ones are your favourite?
I hope you enjoyed this segment of Now You're Talking as much as I did, putting it together for you guys. Till next time, keep the queries rolling in. On the facebook page, twitter or even mail.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You gotta love Women's Day

A very Happy International Women's Day to all you fab readers and fashionistas. I need not launch into an explanation about how I feel about a day solely dedicated to women because the post will do most of the talking.
I have been inspired no end by Prabal Gurung's Fall 2011 Collection and those bright hues( with and without the color blocking) are to swear by. Note to self: Bright hued Maxi dress is a must buy this season.
For now, my bright pink, 'ol faithful tunic from Witchery will do the trick. More so when I pair it up with dark blue tights for the stark combination.
New wine in an old bottle when I add a gold coin necklace I mooched off my sister AGES back to add a rustic touch! :) The first two picture are at a Teafe or a Chai Bar in Bangalore called Chai Patty which is AWESOME to say the least. Low lying cushions, cane stools, cutting chai, pakodas, maggi..and wait for it..Jewelery for sale, glowing in the amber glow of lamp shades. I could sit there for hours.

Bright pink tunic: Witchery, Blue Tights: ASOS, Golden shoes: Rubi Shoes, Australia, Golden bag: Random pick from Australia, Golden necklace: NO IDEA :P, Anklet: Commercial Street (Its becoming a permanent fixture with me :) )
A perfect day with the perfect Italian wine and dine and lots of shopping. And my cup of chai <3
Share the love on FACEBOOK and TWITTER and oh oh, STYLE PILE.
Lots of love chicitas <3

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring time-Head Over Heels

I can feel it in the air. The slight constant breeze..alright alright, so the Sun still shines like there's no tomorrow, but I can live with it :) Spring is here and I'm making sure my frilly, colorful pieces are aired enough. I have the biggest thing for these adorable little flip flops from Head Over Heels which I just bought and I can't seem to get enough of. Once you look at them, you're sure to concur that they are indeed truly, Spring delight! :D
Clubbing this post with what Ankita asked me about how to dress for casual house parties, a good suggestion is to go easy with the shoes because the chances are that being a chilled home affair, you won't really be flaunting those lovely wedges inside the house.
My suggestion is to go for easy-on-the-feet shoes, like these flip flops for instance. Cute-printed ballet flats are another option. Comfortable, easy to lounge around in. Also, another thing to keep in mind for house parties, fuss free make up. Keep it minimal. The outfit cue can be taken from what I am wearing in this post, a well cut ruffled top, a tank of some sort, paired with military shorts, a frilly/pleated skirt( Its SPRING, you can be a little frivolous) :)

Thats my New Fashion Journal <3

The Head Over Heels flip flops have colorful hearts all over and I can keep raving about them forever. The black metal anklet is a new pick from the famous Commercial Street and its gorgeous because its so traditionally Indian. The two shiny toe rings are also new picks and I'm going to be wearing those very often, me thinks. Nothing like accessorising your feet a little.
Peach ruffled shirt with the rose: Australia
Pink corduroy skirt: Gift from London, I think
Flip Flops: Head Over Heels
Over sized transparent beach bag: Street shopping, Australia
Hairband: Sportsgirl

What do you think of the look? Sporting something similar for the Spring? For a house party? Or a cute little picnic into the woods?(Ok, now I'll shut up!)


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