Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tank tops and Sundry

This week marked with it an all time low that the world saw what with the earthquake in Japan giving rise to the Tsunami waves and taking a toll over thousands of people and it does not stop there. The Fukushima reactor saw another explosion and the world is going to be reeling under the aftermath for a while now. Its times like these that make me think, maybe just mentioning about it in my blog is not enough. Maybe just retweeting helplines for aid and funds is not enough either. But come to think of it, its a small step towards a bigger goal of ensuring that the entire world is connected in on this. Much akin to how things are when the world sees any one state being targeted by terrorists from another. But then that's just me and my 2 pence to what we can do to get everybody together. Prayers for Japan.
This post goes out for Priya Kapoor who asked me on my facebook page HERE, about ideas on layering of tank tops. It was an interesting query because I personally enjoy layering tank tops just about ANYWAY I like. Besides, who cares about the fashion police, right? :)
Here are some easy-to-replicate looks with layering of tanks.
Step 1: Picked a plain grey tank from Mango.
Step 2: Team it up with a pale pink spaghetti with rosettes on the front which pop out from the deep neck of the tank. The pale pink spaghetti: Forever New.
Look 2:
Step 1: Pick a brightly hued tube top to complement the grey of the tank. Yellow tube: Benetton
Step 2: The grey tank goes over the tube for the perfectly layered look.
P.S: This look is a hit for the upcoming SUMMERS.
Look 3:
Step1: The grey tank will now serve as a base and will be layered upon.
Step2: Pick out a brightly colored button down shirt. I picked a bright lavender with white striped shirt from Benetton with puffed sleeves. For a cool, summer effect, do not button the shirt. Perfect with a short skirt or a pair of hot pants.
Step 3: Go a step further with the layering and add a different colored scarf to the look. I picked a blue scarf which I had picked from Pondicherry to complete this look.
Look 4:
Step 1: A monochromed tunic which flares at the bottom from Supre. You would have already seen this look in the outfit post but its a great look for layering a tank and hence it finds its way here :)
Step 2: Added a black tank with rosettes on the front from Forever New to layer the tunic.
For looks 1, 2 and 4 its a good idea to throw on long string of beads or pearls or layer multiple necklaces.
These are some of my favourite ideas although this trend still leaves a lot upto your imagination. My favourite look this season is going to be Look 3. Which ones are your favourite?
I hope you enjoyed this segment of Now You're Talking as much as I did, putting it together for you guys. Till next time, keep the queries rolling in. On the facebook page, twitter or even mail.


  1. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things: I love the looks you've come up with to layer the tanks! They are so nice and summery, I can't wait to try them :D

  2. And my favorite look is the first one with the flowers popping out. :)

  3. Good job with the layering. I specially liked the one with the yellow tube. The grey tank totally contrasts the strong yellow.

    And yes prayers to the people of Japan. It was devastating.

    Good post :)

  4. Loved the pop of color of the tube top underneath the tank! In fact, all the looks are easy to replicate, comfortable & practical for the coming summers!!! :)

    P.S.: I didn't know you were from Bangalore, hence missed you this time, will surely meet up with you!! :))

  5. i love the first look with the pinkish tanktop :) xx

  6. Nice!!!
    Cute blog!:)
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  7. love all the looks...perfect for summer!!

  8. you are definitely good at this. love look 2!

  9. loved all esp d yellow...dey look fab..

  10. Total thumbs up on this one- Im sooooo trying this out ;)
    thnks gal :d

  11. Tanks are really versatile and you sure know how to use them well! :)

  12. Thanks everybody. I see look 2 has emerged the winner :)



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