Friday, September 30, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2011 Collection- A review

A shout out to the people at Tommy Hilfiger India for giving me this opportunity to review their Men and Women Fall Collection-2011, yet again and this time around at their flagship store.
I have always maintained a serious love for preppy and this is probably why I always enjoy picking staple Tommy Hilfiger pieces. The Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2011 Men collection sees the amalgamation of bohemian and preppy. With the 'Indie Music' theme, you see a lot of utilitarian pieces like checked shirts in pastels, chunky knits in the American colors, bomber jackets and my most favourite addition to a Fall wardrobe, a chunky checkered muffler. The brights pops of the knits can be offset with lighter shirts or polo necks, this Fall.
Some of my classic favourites from this collection:

Now to my most favourite part, the women's Fall Collection review. The theme on which this collection is centered is the 'Rock Star's Girlfriend' Look. This includes elements of the '70s with a non chalant air where the clothes take male inspirations and turn them around for an absolutely feminine piece. Classic knits in pops of colors, shirt dresses in tartan prints, staple LBD for the Fall in gorgeous cuts, semblances of tweed in skirts and shorts, silk dresses with exaggerated shoulders, thin cardigans in azure blues and burgundys are some of the best pieces in the collection. I had planned to share with you guys two of my most favourite and staple pieces from the collection in the form of looks. So here goes :)

The first look is a plain flannel shirt in a blue with a large check print and ruffles on the front. Pair it with jeans, high waisted shorts and you're ready to take on Fall, ever so stylishly. Must. Have.
The second look is a staple black dress in a simple classy cut offset with a chunky muffler in gray around your neck. Try this look, this season.
Some of my other favourite looks from the collection at the store:

Tan belts in broad structures, boat shaped loafers and cute duffels were some other highlights of the Fall Collection which you could also probably consider adding to your accessory collection.
An impressive collection, in short and one with versatile pieces that actually might not see the inside of your trunks every alternate year. Tommy Hilfiger does preppy proud, yet again :)
A massive thank you to the folks at Tommy Hilfiger India for asking me to review this collection. Cannot wait to pick one of these pieces for myself! :)
Share the loving, guys :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The element of Fluorescent

Happy Weekend readers!
I know I should technically end a post with that but this week, the weekend was much awaited at my end. Simply because the drudgery of the week seemed to drag on. After a lazy-ass day, I finally decided to play dress-up and step out for a movie. Perfect opportunity to also show you guys, my buy from Nirvana-Pondicherry, you read about it here.
The tote bag with the Raj Comics digital print and the sequin detailing is my fluorescent element to the outfit and its brings the much desired color to my weekend. Also note how it looks nice against the color of my palazzo pants and Orange-ish red of my lip color.
With all that discussion of colors and fluorescence, I leave you to decide. :)

Peep toes: Charles and Keith
Blouse: Forever 21
Palazzo Pants: Street find
Tote bag: Nirvana

I realize I put up too many pictures in this post. No reason, simply. :)
Feedback, readers :) Love hearing from you guys!
Please keep the love coming in.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Product Love: Hugo Boss Orange

Its almost surprising that a perfume junkie like me had not, till about now, done a perfume post on my blog. I have an immense love for perfumes, taking after my parents and sister I assume and even though my signature fragrance would hardly ever change, I still love stocking up on new fragrances.
Current obsession, almost unhealthy: Hugo Boss Orange.
Now now, I know it was launched in 2009 and its a little too late to be trying it and liking it but what the hell, I have limitations too :D
With Sienna Miller as the face of this fragrance, it comes as no surprise that this modern chic fragrance has a very trendy flacon to flaunt in your closets or on your dressing tables.
This is the description of this fragrance by Hugo Boss:
Top notes describe strong personality of a woman, her enthusiasm and energy. Notes of sweet apple reveal the first, delicate taste of feminine passions, adding a floral, soft and charming heart. White flowers, which are tame and gentle, are mixed with orange blossom, giving an optimistic impression. A base includes sandalwood, olive wood and creamy vanilla, which make the finish very characteristic, passionate and warm.
The flacon is very modern; it combines elements of metal and glass (orange glass stones). 7 identical, symbolic stones cut light and characterize 7 chakras, deeper spiritual dimensions. Stream of energy through human body is symbolically presented with design of the new Boss flacon.

My word:
Its a light, fruity fragrance that gets you through the day. It might not get you through the whole day without reapplication if you are going to be running around for all and sundry under the crazy Sun. But then again, it does not claim to be that strong. Favourite notes: the orange and the vanilla. They linger the longest and are definitely the finest. 
Also, it makes me think of Orange Lindt Chocolate coz I'm one of the few people who enjoy orange and chocolate together. Much like mint and chocolate. :)
Price: Rs. 2970 for 50 ml. Also available in 30 ml and 75 ml.
So would you like for me to review perfumes more often? Would love to hear from you :)


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pondicherry continues

Saturday melted into a Sunday and its quite surprising that it has already been a week since my last holiday. Do I feel the need of another holiday real soon? Sure do. After a really tough week, it actually feels good to sit propped with my laptop with me to post some pictures of the second day of what was, one hell of a getaway. For all those of you who asked, I shall post pictures of what I bought from Nirvana, soon enough :)
If you do happen to visit Pondicherry, do visit the Le Hidesign Cafe for its all day breakfast. It has been constructed in a way that the first 3 floors showcase the Hidesign goodies( read: bags, satchels, purses et al) and the top most floor is a cafe with the utmost avant-garde interiors and great food. Suggestion: Do not give the white chocolate Creme Brulee a miss.
On a random note, I'm looking forward to 3 days of rigorous debating from tomorrow. The debate tournament shall keep me busy but in case debates about China-Tibet conflicts, economic policies of developing countries, Anna Hazare and the flaws with the Lokpal bill et al do interest you, then you always have the option of following me on twitter.
With that, here are the snippets from last Sunday's outfit.

Don't miss the lace trimmed scarf in pale pink from Forever New. Yes, there wasn't much of a surprise there, I am a loyalist. :)
The Eiffel Tower earrings, the cocktail ring with the rose, the white sunnies- Forever New
Blue dress- Some boutique in Australia.
Bangles- Forever 21 and gifted

Till the next time, XOXO.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nirvana in Pondicherry

The weekend getaways are my method of regaining my zen mode. What can some sun, sand, beaches, french food, some shopping not do. It can work wonders if you ask me. So when I found this little pop-art kitsch boutique on the Rue Suffren Street of Pondicherry, my joy knew no bounds. It was hard to say which one was I happier with, my supremely kitsch buy from the store or all the pictures I took to share with you guys in a post for the store.
The store goes by the name of Nirvana and is run by a sweet French lady who has been a resident of Pondicherry for a long while now. The graffiti on the walls outside the store shout out the theme and the insides are not disappointing either. From bags to wallets, tee shirts to cushions, little miniatures of autos, small pouches and almost everything you can kitschy-fy, you are bound to find here. The prints include old bollywood and tollywood scenes in digital colors, blingy-fied with sequins. The most popular and my personal favourite is a print of a cover of Raj Comics, which were a hit with all kids when I was growing up. To me, such pop art, kitsch bobo style of fashion signifies, India's being. To having witnessed all these milestones of India's being and now seeing the same imprinted on articles as objects of fashion is the portrayal of fashion as a phenomenon which goes way deeper into our roots than it appears to on the surface.
Yep, thats me squinting in the sun.

The biggest incentive to drop in at Nirvana if you're scaling Pondicherry is that it doesn't cost a bomb to add this dash of quirkiness to your fashion quotient. Beginning from Rs.250, you can find a piece of Nirvana to take with you back home.
Much love, ladies :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Garnier Tinted Eye Roll On

Its been a while since I did a review. Primarily because I do not do reviews of make up products half as well as some of the awesome make up bloggers around and also coz I enjoy apparel and accessories a little more :)
But, Garnier tinted eye roll on is one product which has me so hooked, you could swear it had caffeine in it!
Oh wait, it really does. Presenting to you, Garnier Caffeine Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roll-on which claims this:
  • Moisturising eye care and a cooling roller ball: refreshes & hydrates tired looking eyes
  • With mineral pigments it instantly covers dark circles
 On the first count, I'm not too sure of the cooling effect. However, it does hydrate puffy looking eyes and make your eyes look brighter. Your kohl is very likely to look so much brighter and better in general, if the area under your eyes is not puffy and discolored.
On the second count, it does work well for your dark circles. It might not do what a concealer does, but for everyday wear, its perfect coz a) Its available in shades for every skin tone (medium, fair, very fair), b)You can use very little and blend it in with your index finger and it blends in well, c) You do not necessarily need to use it with a make up base unlike a concealer.
Price: Rs.200
I think I will be using this one for a long while. For those exceptionally annoying college Mondays, work Mondays or any other week day, its a good bet.
Would you use it? Oh, wait do you already? :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

The love affair continues

Lets begin with the more exciting news first. Most of you would remember that I am quite a passionate writer and along with fashion content writing, I also do writings on random musings of life, short stories, poetry et al. Two of my short stories have been published in the Chicken Soup India series and I hope some of you at least will go and buy them off the stands and read my stories :D One of them is Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul on Friendship and the other one is Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul- teens talk relationships.
If you do end up buying these and reading my stories, do remember to hit me back with some feedback :)
To the post now. This is the post of my final day of the love tryst with Hyderabad. This also happens to be my second time of the love tryst with my beige high waisted, peg leg trousers in linen which I wish I could step out in all the time. If I had to pick between peg leg trousers and palazzo pants, I wouldn't know which to choose this season! :)
Which one would you pick?
Also, the coral peep-toes are my latest pick and I don't think I can even remotely get enough of the color, the feathered and the embellished detailing. Enough obsessing. Now for the pictures.

Pants, peep-toes, round glasses: ASOS
Clutch: Aldo
Rings: Forever New, Forever 21
Necklace: Accessorize
Cuff: Vero Moda
Blouse: Forever New



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