Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Middle Eastern Influences

Hello people!
It wouldn't be entirely wrong if I said this semester has almost flown, but there were times when time almost stood still!(Read: Constitutional Law classes) :/ But the semester has dissolved into a whirlwind and I'm packing my bags to go home for doing an internship and spending quality time with family :) I love the last few days before I leave for home..they're always spent shopping, dining and wining, last minute packing..ah, the excitement! Thrift shopping in the city yesterday, I chanced upon the PERFECT(and thats an understatment) kind of harem pants for classic Indian October weather. They're not only uber comfortable and floaty, they have the most gorgeous Indian prints. Take a look.
Love the camel print :)
On another thought, as a part of our end semester tradition dinner, I tried the delicious most thing they could ever make for vegetarians at one of my favourite restaurants. Its called Parmigiano.
Thanks for all the love and appreciation you'll have shown towards my blog. A month old blog and I already have a 2nd blog award to my name. And I have Emilie of Life is Royalty to thank for this :)
As the tradition goes, I have to first mention ten things I love, pass it on to ten other bloggers who will mention me in their blogs and pass it on to their favourite blogs. So here is the list of ten things I love:
  1. Shoes
  2. Cupcakes
  3. Books
  4. Perfumes
  5. The color Pink
  6. Coffee
  7. Stockings
  8. Ballet flats
  9. Italian cuisine
  10. Shopping
I would like to pass on the award to:
  1. Walk of Fashion
  2. Sketchbook Six
  3. My Little Fashion Diary
  4. Front Row Mode
  5. Candid Couture
  6. Delance Fashion
  7. Don't Shoe Me
  8. In D.C. Fashion
  9. Lee Oliveira
  10. Its Uber Chic 
Well deserved my lovely bloggers! :)
Tell me all about your week and keep the comments rolling in!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My first ever Blogging Award :)

Greetings Earthlings (Ok, I'm in a funny mood)
The week ramblings about fashion and other things will continue through the course of the week (Shopping in full swing :D ) but I have issues I am far more excited about! Like my first blogging award and hell, I'm excited or what! :)
I have the lovely Pink Diaries to thank for this! :) I'm extremely honoured, to say the least :) Take a look.
Now as a ritual, I shall pass this award to seven other blogs I love and follow religiously so here goes:
  1. Dressed Up Alligators
  2. La Petite Anglaise
  3. Zarna's Runway
  4. Watermeloncrush
  5. Glisters and Blisters 
  6. Couture Carrie
  7. The Sydney Girl
Some of my favourites! :) Thanks again, Pink Diaries..quite an incentive to come up with more innovative posts:) And bloggers who I'm passing on this award to, post about this award from me and pass it on to your 7 favourite blogs who deserve this.
Have a great week ahead Earthlings :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

You spin my head right round!

Hello my weekend people,
Its indeed a pleasure to be back to technology, the confines of my warm room and blogging especially after last night. Last night was, if not the superlative but definitely one of the crazier things that has happened to us in the course of Law School. The story begins with friends and I extremely elated on finding out that Flo Rida was playing in my city, followed by getting our hands on the passes, google mapping this resort(which was in this god forsaken place in the suburbs of my city), laying out our clothes-bags-shoes for the event and with that we had checked off the last thing on the list of things to do before we went for the party.
After almost an hour of the relatively uneventful journey to the moon and back, we reached the venue. Not forgetting the main aim of the blog, i.e. to discuss fashion and other such wonderful things, I shall post a picture of what I put together for this event.
But before that, back to the story. On getting to the resort, we get ourselves drinks, make ourselves comfortable and it is a good start to the night I would say. 2 hours into the night, with no sign of Flo Rida, just a couple of DJs spinning some good, groovy music and we were dancing still awaiting his arrival. Just then, Bangalore being Bangalore decides its a good time for it to start pouring cats and dogs and suddenly the party morphed into a rain-dance affair with people going insane. And finally another hour later, Flo Rida arrived and there were still no signs of the rain stopping. It was MADNESS. I wouldn't be completing my story without mentioning that I was one of the lucky few who got a chance to go on stage and sing a couple of lines from 'Sugar' with Flo Rida ;) It was..surreal :D
Battling the water logged roads, incessant rain, teeth chattering cold, a Lost Cab later..we reached home, only to find a billion gadgets, make up, bags of course all dysfunctional and drenched.
*Phew* Next weekend? I would like a boring day :D
My LRD, golden bib necklace from Forever New, and a Guess bag.
Everything said and done, tell me all about your exciting weekend :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Roses Forever

Hey you guys :)
Didn't take me long to be back, you'd say :) After a tiring but fruitful 3 days of grilling debates and an eventful-fun break night party, I wound up at the debate tournament yesterday making it to the Semi-finals :) Couldn't have been happier!
All this while, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what runway fashion should I talk about. I could go on and on if I had to write a very drool-smudged post on the NYFW with the most gorgeous collections I've ever laid my eyes on. But thats not what I do with every post and that is what makes reading this different, I guess. This blog is as much about all the designers I love as it is about the smallest of the things that make the world of a difference to a girl like me. And its only when I sat and pondered over it so much did I decide that today was a good day to write about something that puts the widest smile on my face-Getting surprised with flowers :D
I love receiving flowers and there is no doubt about the fact that all the lilies and gerberas and orchids of the world are breathtakingly beautiful and like any other girl, I cannot think of any other way you could make me happy instantly (Unless of course its a pair of Loubotins or a yum Red velvet cupcake)
But its funny that however cliche it might sound, I have never EVER found a replacement for roses in my heart :)
My favourite? Peach roses. It also so happens that peach is my color of the season ;) I dug up this picture of my 50 peach roses which I was surprised with at the eve of my 21st :)
Along with a big cupcake cake :D

And then my inspiration for writing this, these that I got today! :)
I will continue to experiment with pictures :)
Needless to say, it worked :) The classic Magenta roses are eternally vivacious.
Girls don't ask for much, do they? :)
Tell me your story about these little things. Keep the comments rolling in.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Red Gladiators-thats what its about

Hello people!
At the very onset, I'm extremely apologetic about not having updated my blog for the last couple of days. I have been debating at a national tournament, day in and day out. Needless to say, I miss blogging and all that I do with it :)Its my first attempt at an outfit post, unlike most my international blogging friends and I would really like some feedback on this. This picture is from Friday when I went dancing with my girlfriends to a club and it was INSANE to say the least! This was my entire look and I loved it :D As my tradition goes, I shall begin with my classic shoe shot where I'm wearing red, velvet gladiator heels and LOVING sporting that look. Check it out :)
My favourite red heels:)

This is a picture of me trying to click a picture of my reflection in the mirror. I like the way its come out. I teamed up a low back grey tunic with black translucent tights, thin high-rise red belt, red clutch, red gladiator heels and a big golden satin bow with rhinestones on the head. Also notice, my new rose earrings:)
Tell me what you think :)
I kind of like the shot :)

So I'm  fond of quirky pictures, don't judge me :D
With this I shall take your leave, get my beauty sleep. Another big day at the debate tournament tomorrow. Wish me luck and tell me how you like my post :)
Goodnight all you beautiful people all across the galaxy :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

You Can Buy Me These :)

These are the days when I sit and whine and crib about how I wish we had a fall season in India too. All those gorgeous knits on display, the gorgeous tights and the boots! *Drool* They make me want to dress for that season too. But ever since I laid my eyes on these, in Sex and The City-2, braving the sun didn't seem all that bad..only..if only I could get my hands on the golden Sunnies Sarah Jessice Parker(Read Carrie Bradshaw) is wearing in the scene where she walks down the street in the white piece from Halston heritage and a gorgeous golden clutch with those beautiful golden tinted aviators. Take a look.
Check For more
So I do my homework well and this is what I found. SJP is seen adorning Mykita and Bernhard Willhelm Franz golden sunglasses which was actually a part of their Men's Collection!
For those of you fashionistas wanting to go a step ahead and buy these online, this might help
They have a blog you can follow too, which is available on their website :) 
For those of you with shallower pockets and wanting a better bargain, I have some good news. You might like these Ray-Ban golden aviators that I chanced upon. They're not as GOLDEN, but they're hot golden aviators, alright :) You might want to check for other versions
While I'm at it, I guarantee you a fun time browsing through and shopping at They also have a similar pair you might want to get your hands on. 
These glasses are a beauty and my bet are that they are going to be in vogue for quite a while since it was SJP herself sporting the look. I also noticed how SJP won the poll on my blog hands down as the most stylish person on SATC :)
Write to me if you enjoy this look as much as me or would you rather stick to the safe colors with aviators?
I'm going to be throwing a couple of tantrums till I get my hands on an equivalent at least ;) Meeting friends and going dancing tonight. Should be fun ;) Have a great Friday night and keep the comments rolling in.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A tale of the Roses

Hello my people :)
As the week drudges along, I'm happy to announce that I have drafted the contract successfully, written an important class test and geared up for my Debate Tournament. Not so lazy, after all :) At the risk of sounding like a braggart, I am happy to announce that my first ever short story has been accepted for publication in Chicken Soup for the Indian Friend's Soul and I could not have been happier. It makes me happier to see my family and friends so proud of me and indulging me coz they are so :) BFF took me shopping to and i picked the loveliest earrings ever and I had to share them with you :) As the trend goes, its advisable to wear big chunky rocks in the ears with an elegant dress instead of getting loops to hang across your ears this season. The earrings are these big, lovely roses dotted with swarovski crystals. I wore them today when I met friends over coffee and doughnuts. Tell me what you think :)

BFF and I love our share of shoe pictures. You will see them often. I quite enjoy taking them actually. Love her purple gladiators. Still loving the gladiators. Apart from the HOT gladiator heels, I think the flat gladiators will make it too, this season. Take a look.
Yes, I have those ballet flats in multiple colors :P
Cappuccino with Marshmallows 
So I admit I'm quite the foodie and my blog is never complete without pictures of what I love eating/drinking. I love Marshmallows, and not only in my hot chocolate but I also enjoy them in my hot cuppa coffee :) Try it, its Delicious.
I love hearing from you guys, let me know what you think and what you'd like to see :) I'm still learning, you see :)
Till then.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Brady-Leopard print Affair

Hello all you people who're whining about the week having begun as much as me.
Monday blues brought with them a new level of anxiety for me. I have to Contract drafting assignment to finish by the end of this week even though the submission is still far because I have a Debate Tournament to go for by then. Made me think if I should go into the studying-mode and leave fashion alone for a week. End result: I would leave fashion, but it REFUSES to let go of me :) If I was to talk about what all I do with my hair, I could write an epic because I love experimenting. So I braided my hair today for the studying mode and decided to give the boring old braid a make over and this was the end resulted and I couldn't have been happier with myself :D Since braids are the 'it' thing, I would advise a lot of experimenting. Learn how to do a French braid/ dutch braid in simple steps. Accessorize the braid with cute hair clips with rhinestones or fresh flowers(orchids) preferably for that matter. Another great idea is to tie a loose braid with wisps of hair falling on the face. Keep the braid on either side of the head for a very Victorian look.
Hair clips in picture: Accessorize.
Me and girlfriend decided to spend some quality time reading in a coffee shop- an old tradition and I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures which I have to show you guys. They've come out well, me thinks :)
My Leopard print peep-toes for the Season :)
This picture is so CHIC. Somehow.
Have a good Tuesday and hoping your survival is easier than mine. You can vent to me :)
Love hearing from you.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Festivities Unending.

Happy Eid and Happy Ganesh Chaturthi :) Had a beautiful feast with my friends at another friend's place for Eid and needless to say it was grand, yet warm :) Festivals at home usually are..Some random pictures I clicked today..there's some unspoken beauty I find in the most common place, quirky pictures :) Here are some snippets :)
My festive golden shoe with swarovski :) In B n W :)

My coral-orange BodyShop Lip color with my favourite Cuppa :)
Have a great weekend. I'm going to be watching movies with friends and catching up with some over some Chinese. Sounds promising :) Tell me all about yours! Love hearing from you'll.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Of frozen Yoghurts and Pink accessories

You will be surprised at how often I mention food in my fashion blog if you've been following my blog closely. Fashion is what you put on your back( and feet and hair and face :D ) and what you put in your mouth :) So the tale begins with me suddenly realising that there is this place in town which I've been dying to give a go. At the very onset, let me make it amply clear that there are some weird quirks I have in life. Quirk in point- Frozen Yoghurts :) This place I talk about is called Kiwi Kiss and needless to say it had been look invitingly at me for a long time. After a day of lazing around the house, long weekend and all..I finally arrived at Kiwi Kiss with a few friends. My verdit- Simply Delightful. Not to be given a miss. Whats even better? Their toppings of fresh kiwis, strawberry, blue berry, black berry, choco chips et al. I had a kiwi yoghurt with kiwi toppings. Satiating and like they say in their advert, brings you closer to Nirvana :)
The weather in Bangalore is quite treacherous. The good sorts. Never an extreme day. Unanticipated rains. Usually bordering on cold. Perfect, in short. Here's a sneak peek into some pictures I took today.
P.S: I wore a peachy scarf today :) Doubled up well to protect my hair when I made a dash in the rain today:)
Kiwi Froyo :)

Large Strawberry Froyo :)

A friend's Tee. Quite Cool I thought it was.

My candy pink ballet flat :)
My lacy peach scarf. Perfect weather for it:)

How was your day? Comments on my post? Let me know :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reflection in the bazaars :)

I'm sorry for the overdose on the ethnic accessories but during my hours of sauntering today in the market for the perfect bindi for my friend's Eid get-together outfit..the photographer in me could not resist capturing these in my shiny, red camera :) Take a look. You cannot, for the love of God not like them :D
red, yellow, green, golden, silver, pearls, studs, crystals..
Love the twinkle captured
Women buying ethnic earrings in the bazaars

D'signer. Lol.
I love the bazaars in these festive days. Bustling with life, women scurrying along buying everything shiny they can get their hands on. So I admit I'm getting a little overtly sentimental about my cultural fashion, but these pictures knit the lives of the billions of Indian women together :)
Happy Eid and a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. For my international friends, here's a little something of an introduction on our festivals :) ,


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Body Art or what we better know as 'Bindi" :)

I decided to Wikipedia 'bindis' to understand their origin before I did a post on it and this is a part of what I found. "Bindis are not as fashionable to the younger generation and are often worn on formal and traditional occasions now". I am quite disappointed, to say the least. Maybe coz I find bindis extremely gorgeous when worn with Traditional Indian wear :) But, that is just my personal style. For all of my international friends, 'bindi' is a form of art for the forehead. It was originally a red dot applied right between your eyebrows but I wouldn't be far from the truth if I said that bindi has metamorphosised into almost a body art. From sticker bindis with adhesive on the back, to designers who paint their bindis with a certain kind of liquid to designer bindis with an assortment of studs, crystals etc in the widest range of colors and shapes, I've seen it all :) Maybe, I just take after bindis so much coz of my Mother's affinity for bindis and hers has to be the biggest collection I've ever seen! I shall sometime post a picture of her myriad of bindis :)
Bindis or kumkum as they are also referred to are a fashion deeply embedded in the Indian roots and I love it when this trend goes global and the likes of Pussycat Dolls and Julia Roberts decide to wear bindis in their videos and red carpet events respectively :) National pride, you see :)
Stunning designs I found on the internet :)
Designer bindis :)

You can buy these designer bindis off the internet at
My Uni has a concept of a day dedicated solely to honouring all the ethnicities of its students and thats when we all go, all out to dress ethnic ;) The campus is a blur of colors and bling and I can feel the enthusiasm in the air every year. This year's ethnic day which was today was no different. Me and best friend wore kurta and pajami(more about those, later) and only on reaching campus did we decide that we weren't 'ethnic' enough. So we came up with our own easy-to-make and no-fuss version of the bindi.
L-R: BFF and I :)
 Step 1: Take a kohl pencil.
Step 2: Apply a dot (as big as you like) right between your eyebrows or a little above it.
Step 3: Wait, there is no step 3. You're done :D
Here's picture of us. Tell me if you like my plain, yet stylish version of the gorgeous bindi :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Big Sale in the Fashion Archives :)

And I'm back. Struggling to find my foothold in the weekday choc-a-blocs again. Finding simple things to amuse myself and make myself happy again. For instance, today I happened to be at the nearest Book store and was I happy to find out that they were having a Mega sale. And no no no, not an ordinary sale, sale on International magazines at throwaway prices :D It made me happier still to lay my hands on copies of my favourite International fashion magazines and the undying love for fashion in me didn't let me down and now I'm a proud owner :D
Going through these vintage magazines makes me realise how fashion is ever evolving and how most old trends make a come back, without an exception..and some which don't, don't for the better :D
As I flip through the glossy pictures, sitting near my window with the occasional gaze outside..I'm swept into the runaway fashions of last season, last to last season from some of the most awe-inspiring designers of the world, from OTK(Over the knee)boots by ASOS, booties by H&M, Shirts by Calvin Klein and extremely chic and fun accessories from Claire. It was when I was browsing through this, that I found what had me gazing at it intently for the longest time..A Jimmy Choo sale in collaboration with H&M..Their shoes, clothes and accessories at prices better than before..a sale which did brilliantly well in UK when it actually happened. Just a snippet of what I shut the magazine on, after wishing for similar wonderful sales in my country of course :) Excuse my not-so-great photography of the brilliant magazine :)
Tell me if you like what you see, and what you like best of course :)
Its Jimmy Choo, whats not to like :D
Headed for dinner to celebrate a friend's victory. Till the next post :)
Photos Courtesy: Grazia-UK.
Don't miss the Pumps:)
My pick? The Diamante Heels:)
The Necklace and its various renditions that we see now :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Not so Made Up.

Hello my beautiful people!
This post comes right after a mad Saturday night of drinks with friends :) Also, Daddy's birthday in a day's time so since that falls in the middle of the week, a mad night on Saturday was perfect. Couch is this nice stylish place in my city which is a good place to be on a weekend for drinks. They mix their drinks well, finger food is well made and the music is a good mix of commercial house and hip hop but a tad loud. No reasons to complain, right?
How to dress for these drinks on weekends and the right kind of make up can be tricky, you bet. You don't want to end up looking like you came straight after work (coz, you did NOT :D ) and you also don't want to end up looking like you came made up for a night of endless partying!
So I will keep this short, some tips which could go a long way in making you look stunning and not loud at the same time:
- Invest in a good base. A primer and a daily wear souffle should serve the purpose. I personally love (Check the page to cater to your skin tone)
- What will give your cheeks that glow perfect for a lounge: The perfect blush on! I have a couple of those and here again the rose colored sorts from Maybelline never lets me down. Another personal international favourite: Sportsgirl-
A good brush, repeated strokes on the apple of your cheeks and you're good to go.
-For the eyes, keep it simple. Leaving the house without kohl highlighting th eyes is almost blasphemous and a dash of Mascara is all that you need. Personal favourite- YSL Mascara Singulier
-There are two ways to go with the lips. The fashion police declares that the bold, flamboyant red is the color of the season. I, however would keep the reds for something a little more dressy. Corals and oranges are perfect for drinks :) I have been using this Lip Gloss from Body Shop the whole of this season and I am not going to switch anytime soon.
-A spritz of your favourite perfume and you're all set to paint the town red. All time favourite- Davidoff Cool Water and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle :)
And with just that, the whole minimalistic make up look has been perfected. I love this look for Isabel Marant 2010 Paris Fashion Week.

L-R:Silk Panties and Snake Bite :/
Personal tip: You can even skip the base step if you're not a stickler for it.
And oh, add some nifty shooters for the perfect Saturday. Here's a bite from mine ;)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Whats stylish today?

I am hurriedly brushing past a swarm of my Uni students to make it to the post-lunch hour class on time and just my luck that the coolest promotional event of the day decided to take place outside my Uni. Let me give you a little background into this event to create the much-appreciated suspense. I love graffiti and street art. Don't get me wrong, I'm not into the kind of graffiti that vandalises public property and such but graffiti as a form of art and expression, to me is a very strong reflection of an individual's fashion. So graffiti was not exactly the Romans' idea of a style statement but hey, each to his own, right?

Back to today's event, Puma has come out with a very neat concept for its Spring-Summer Collection 2011. Ink your wackiest-zanniest-or your very uber feminine graffiti for the graffiti artists at the Puma stores and their graffiti artists will blow life into those designs on the soles of the shoes. The best designs of course make it to the collection. For this very promotion, there was a 'Sole Machine'-an Ambassador from the era gone by parked with cans of spray paint made available to paint graffiti all over the car. By the time I reached the event, the car stood all pimped out and colorful and that was when it struck me how graffiti has evolved into such a style statement, from Miu Miu's Spring 2009 look being that of Roman mosaics and graffiti to Puma using graffiti as a promotional event for their Spring-Summer Collection 2011. The event will be happening on the 5th of this month at a Mall very closeby.
So chic.

I love the auto wala's look of wonder.
 My take? I'm sure as hell going to be there to cover this very pop-cultured fashion event :)

P.S: I still made it to class :)

Like the idea? Let me know :)



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