Friday, September 17, 2010

You Can Buy Me These :)

These are the days when I sit and whine and crib about how I wish we had a fall season in India too. All those gorgeous knits on display, the gorgeous tights and the boots! *Drool* They make me want to dress for that season too. But ever since I laid my eyes on these, in Sex and The City-2, braving the sun didn't seem all that bad..only..if only I could get my hands on the golden Sunnies Sarah Jessice Parker(Read Carrie Bradshaw) is wearing in the scene where she walks down the street in the white piece from Halston heritage and a gorgeous golden clutch with those beautiful golden tinted aviators. Take a look.
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So I do my homework well and this is what I found. SJP is seen adorning Mykita and Bernhard Willhelm Franz golden sunglasses which was actually a part of their Men's Collection!
For those of you fashionistas wanting to go a step ahead and buy these online, this might help
They have a blog you can follow too, which is available on their website :) 
For those of you with shallower pockets and wanting a better bargain, I have some good news. You might like these Ray-Ban golden aviators that I chanced upon. They're not as GOLDEN, but they're hot golden aviators, alright :) You might want to check for other versions
While I'm at it, I guarantee you a fun time browsing through and shopping at They also have a similar pair you might want to get your hands on. 
These glasses are a beauty and my bet are that they are going to be in vogue for quite a while since it was SJP herself sporting the look. I also noticed how SJP won the poll on my blog hands down as the most stylish person on SATC :)
Write to me if you enjoy this look as much as me or would you rather stick to the safe colors with aviators?
I'm going to be throwing a couple of tantrums till I get my hands on an equivalent at least ;) Meeting friends and going dancing tonight. Should be fun ;) Have a great Friday night and keep the comments rolling in.


  1. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things: Brilliant post again! With of course, just the right amount of photography to do justice to your writing! :)
    P.S. I love aviators and I'm soo glad you've covered these, since your blog is quite a trendsetter! :)
    Keep them coming!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog.....I LOVE these glasses, like TOTALLY love the way they look....ahh....Ill have to hunt these down too!!

    Have a Fashionable Day:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  3. Love those but I'd still pick Wayferers over Aviators.
    Love your blog. :)

  4. the dress that SJP is wearing is GORGEOUS!

  5. Cool blog...I agree with CC. Love them...but Im a wayfarers girl :)

  6. SJP's mykita glasses are to die for!!! i love raybans tooooo

    following your blog now dear


  7. Love these sunglasses! They are so fabulous and can make any outfit amazing! :)

  8. Those glasses are so nice <3

  9. @Ankita: Thanks :) I'm glad you share the passion for aviators :)
    @Collette: Haha! Tell me if you find them ;)
    @CC: Thanks so much! :) I actually love wayfarers too! :D
    @Emilie: Totally agreed:)
    @Isabel: I know right? Its a Halston :)
    @Not a Paper Cup: Lovin' your blog :) Thanks so much:)Follow blog for more:)
    @Silviasiantar:I know right? The glasses are gorgeous :) I'm glad you're following me :)
    @Michelle: Couldn't agree more :)
    @Jennifer: I agree! Can't wait to get my hands on them :)
    @Anna: I agree :) Lets all get a pair :D

  10. Totally agree with you!!these sunnies are a stunner!!

  11. I adore SJP in that Mikita dress.
    She looks a bit tough in that look and I love it.

  12. The best thing about white is that it can be blended with anything. For instance the necklace and that clutch look so chic together against a white background.

  13. Oh yesss.. those glasses. There are actually a lot of those here in the Philippines. Knock offs, but they look exactly the same. And.. they only cost about $1. How many do you want?

    -Gayle from

  14. I love the aviator style too, and I have been lusting over Ray Bans forever!


  15. @Vicky K: Thanks :) You should try that look! Follow for more from me :)
    @Lee: I agree, with the men's collection glasses, the look is HOT and tough :)
    @Chahana: Totally:) But the aviators steal the show ;)
    @Kendr: I'm very humbled:) Thanks so much! Great blog btw!~ :)
    @Gayle: Haha! Are you serious? Send me some :D
    @Samantha: I want the Ray-Ban wayfarers also :D Follow my blog for more :)

  16. i LOVE those sunglasses that sjp wears in the movie! i wish i could have the whole wardrobe from satc2!!


  17. @Zarna:I would definitely love to have the whole wardrobe but for starters, those glasses :D Loving your blog!
    @Carrie: I knowww..right? :) Still looking for them :)

  18. Looove it!!!

  19. Love those sunnies, loved them since SATC trailers all those months ago... x

  20. @Minnja: Great! :) Follow the blog for more:)
    @Uptown Girl: I couldn't agree more :) Love your blog!
    @UnderEye: I agree! :) Follow the blog for more :)

  21. i love raybans too! i have a similar pair. they are just so classic and look good on everyone! :)

  22. SJP is fabulous! iam so obsessed with aviators too!

  23. nice blog , i love SJP style , she's glamour and chic.
    if you don't mind please check my blog and leave your comment.

  24. @Natalie: Couldn't agree more :) Great blog! Follow mine for more :)
    @Marta: Me too :) Follow my blog for more from me :)
    @Tara: Haha! SJP is awesome right? Will leave comments :)
    Follow my blog for more from me :)
    Thanks all :)

  25. Great post and great aviators. I have a pink pair of aviators from ALDO and their are fab and so very unusual. Just love them !

  26. These glasses are a beauty and my bet are that they are going to be in vogue for quite a while since it was SJP herself sporting the look.



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