Saturday, September 4, 2010

Not so Made Up.

Hello my beautiful people!
This post comes right after a mad Saturday night of drinks with friends :) Also, Daddy's birthday in a day's time so since that falls in the middle of the week, a mad night on Saturday was perfect. Couch is this nice stylish place in my city which is a good place to be on a weekend for drinks. They mix their drinks well, finger food is well made and the music is a good mix of commercial house and hip hop but a tad loud. No reasons to complain, right?
How to dress for these drinks on weekends and the right kind of make up can be tricky, you bet. You don't want to end up looking like you came straight after work (coz, you did NOT :D ) and you also don't want to end up looking like you came made up for a night of endless partying!
So I will keep this short, some tips which could go a long way in making you look stunning and not loud at the same time:
- Invest in a good base. A primer and a daily wear souffle should serve the purpose. I personally love (Check the page to cater to your skin tone)
- What will give your cheeks that glow perfect for a lounge: The perfect blush on! I have a couple of those and here again the rose colored sorts from Maybelline never lets me down. Another personal international favourite: Sportsgirl-
A good brush, repeated strokes on the apple of your cheeks and you're good to go.
-For the eyes, keep it simple. Leaving the house without kohl highlighting th eyes is almost blasphemous and a dash of Mascara is all that you need. Personal favourite- YSL Mascara Singulier
-There are two ways to go with the lips. The fashion police declares that the bold, flamboyant red is the color of the season. I, however would keep the reds for something a little more dressy. Corals and oranges are perfect for drinks :) I have been using this Lip Gloss from Body Shop the whole of this season and I am not going to switch anytime soon.
-A spritz of your favourite perfume and you're all set to paint the town red. All time favourite- Davidoff Cool Water and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle :)
And with just that, the whole minimalistic make up look has been perfected. I love this look for Isabel Marant 2010 Paris Fashion Week.

L-R:Silk Panties and Snake Bite :/
Personal tip: You can even skip the base step if you're not a stickler for it.
And oh, add some nifty shooters for the perfect Saturday. Here's a bite from mine ;)


  1. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things.. well done. Good informative piece. :)

  2. Awesome! :) Couch is my personal fav. Especially on a Wednesday nite :)

  3. @Ankita: Thank you :) I hope it was helpful :)
    @Prarthna: Thanks so much :) I enjoy Couch on Wednesdays as much :) Hope to hear more from you on the following posts :)

  4. i love every bit of it...!!!
    hope to get sometin "MORE" !! ;) ;)

  5. @Shilpa: Thanks a lot :) Watch out this space for more :)

  6. A very informative and important one from you :) The kind of make up and clothes to be worn to a lounge is always a tricky affair and I am glad to have read your piece. A right balance between too casual and too dressy is vital! Maybelline,Body Shop etc are all great brands and offer a wide range of make up and I also love M.A.C. I can swear by their black anti smudge eye pencil as it does wonders and the red lustreglass is amazing! It gives just the right amount of that RED and if you apply a coat of their transparent lipglass, it seals the colour brilliantly so that even after the food and drinks, it looks like you've just worn it :) Hope this helps...I can't wait to read your next post <3

  7. @Lubna: Thanks so much Lubna :) I agree with you on the M.A.C. bit, I've used their range of eye shadows and I completely love their pastels with glitter in it :) Haven't tried their red lustreglass but I think I will now :) Keep rolling in the feedback and suggestions :)

  8. Thanks for the advice:) Amazing blog!


    visit me sometime?

  9. @Emilie: Thanks a ton Emilie :) Watch out this space for more :)

  10. @Emilie: Thanks so much! Love your Little Fashion Diary! :)Hoping to hear more often from you :)



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