Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Roses Forever

Hey you guys :)
Didn't take me long to be back, you'd say :) After a tiring but fruitful 3 days of grilling debates and an eventful-fun break night party, I wound up at the debate tournament yesterday making it to the Semi-finals :) Couldn't have been happier!
All this while, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what runway fashion should I talk about. I could go on and on if I had to write a very drool-smudged post on the NYFW with the most gorgeous collections I've ever laid my eyes on. But thats not what I do with every post and that is what makes reading this different, I guess. This blog is as much about all the designers I love as it is about the smallest of the things that make the world of a difference to a girl like me. And its only when I sat and pondered over it so much did I decide that today was a good day to write about something that puts the widest smile on my face-Getting surprised with flowers :D
I love receiving flowers and there is no doubt about the fact that all the lilies and gerberas and orchids of the world are breathtakingly beautiful and like any other girl, I cannot think of any other way you could make me happy instantly (Unless of course its a pair of Loubotins or a yum Red velvet cupcake)
But its funny that however cliche it might sound, I have never EVER found a replacement for roses in my heart :)
My favourite? Peach roses. It also so happens that peach is my color of the season ;) I dug up this picture of my 50 peach roses which I was surprised with at the eve of my 21st :)
Along with a big cupcake cake :D

And then my inspiration for writing this, these that I got today! :)
I will continue to experiment with pictures :)
Needless to say, it worked :) The classic Magenta roses are eternally vivacious.
Girls don't ask for much, do they? :)
Tell me your story about these little things. Keep the comments rolling in.


  1. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things:
    BEAUTIFUL PICTURES. I love your photography skills! :)
    And yes, roses and diamonds are a girls best friend. Thank GOD you like roses too. The other stuff you've mentioned is.. uhh.. well, lets just say not as pocket friendly :)
    Keep that smile :)

  2. congrats on making it to the debating semifinals :)

  3. very true :)
    Flowers definitely bring a smile on any girl's face! The peach roses are lovely!!

  4. Lovely roses are my new favorite, I never used to like flowers. haha kinda weird for a girl to say I guess.
    I just started following :)

  5. Awe, so gorgeous. It is rare when I receive a bouquet of flowers (I don't think I've ever received one from anyone other than my parents for graduation!) so flowers are definitely a mood-lifter for me! The peach roses are so pretty :)

    Xo Chelle

  6. Hey hun thanks for your comment :) I say nothing beats a blood red rose from someone you love. So beautiful.

    xo S

  7. @Emilie: Thanks :) LOVE your blog!
    @Ankita: Haha! :) Thanks a lot :D I will make sure I get someone to buy me the expensive bits also ;)
    @Collette: Thanks a lot! :)
    @Isabel: Thanks! :) It was good fun!
    @Prarthna: It works right? :) Thanks! :)
    @Miranda: You didn't? Haha :) But now you do and thats what matters :) Follow my blog for more :)
    @Natalie: Thanks so much :) follow for more :)
    @Chelle: Try buying flowers for yourself to lift your mood ;) It should work! :) Thanks again!
    @Watermeloncrush: Couldn't agree with you more :)
    @Michelle: Thanks a ton! :) Loving your blog!
    @Thesydneygirl: Thanks so much :)

  8. U no what ur blogs on fashion always inspire me to design something all the more creative....:) love ur blog sweetheart....u should be a fashion lawyer really....:) i am proud of u....n for this one love those flowers....simply BEAUTIFUL.....:)keep smiling....:)

  9. Congrats on the Semi-finals! And love the peach roses, so pretty :D <3

  10. @Sonal: Thank you so much! Its a huge compliment for me that my blog serves an inspiration to you for your designing! XOXO
    @Delance Fashion: Thanks so much dahlin'! :)

  11. Absolutely gorgeous, darling!
    Love the peach ones!


  12. congrats!! i'm also loving the roses i can see why theyre your favorite :)


  13. @CC: Thanks so much! Peach is indeed the favourite :)
    @Zarna: Thanks a lot Zarna! :) :)

  14. Beautiful, delightful flowers. you are right. Girls don't ask for much!

  15. @Pratishtha: :)Haha! I'm glad you agree ;) Thanks for your comments, its great hearing from you :)

  16. @LA: Thanks LA :) I suggest you follow the blog for more :)

  17. what gorgeous flowers! that color is divine - i love roses :)

  18. you are so right! the classic magenta roses are eternal and I love them too!

  19. Great photography, i love magenta roses and peach roses and white roses..
    thnx fr ther comments on my blog :) Im a new follower

  20. @Catita: Thanks a lot! :) Follow my blog for more!And hey, great blog! :)
    @Mehak: Thanks Mehak! :) Hope to hear more from you! :)
    @Ivy: Thanks a ton! :) Great blog! :)

  21. Of course I will follow your blog! W ill you follow mine than?

    xx Marije

  22. @Wall of Fashion: Thanks a lot!
    @Ainhoa: Thanks a lot! :) Follow the blog for more :)

  23. wowwww, i love roses photos in this post.
    check my new blog post " Lazy Sunday " and leave ur comment again, Carrie.

  24. @Tara: Thanks so much! :) Sure, will check out your blog! :)



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