Sunday, September 26, 2010

You spin my head right round!

Hello my weekend people,
Its indeed a pleasure to be back to technology, the confines of my warm room and blogging especially after last night. Last night was, if not the superlative but definitely one of the crazier things that has happened to us in the course of Law School. The story begins with friends and I extremely elated on finding out that Flo Rida was playing in my city, followed by getting our hands on the passes, google mapping this resort(which was in this god forsaken place in the suburbs of my city), laying out our clothes-bags-shoes for the event and with that we had checked off the last thing on the list of things to do before we went for the party.
After almost an hour of the relatively uneventful journey to the moon and back, we reached the venue. Not forgetting the main aim of the blog, i.e. to discuss fashion and other such wonderful things, I shall post a picture of what I put together for this event.
But before that, back to the story. On getting to the resort, we get ourselves drinks, make ourselves comfortable and it is a good start to the night I would say. 2 hours into the night, with no sign of Flo Rida, just a couple of DJs spinning some good, groovy music and we were dancing still awaiting his arrival. Just then, Bangalore being Bangalore decides its a good time for it to start pouring cats and dogs and suddenly the party morphed into a rain-dance affair with people going insane. And finally another hour later, Flo Rida arrived and there were still no signs of the rain stopping. It was MADNESS. I wouldn't be completing my story without mentioning that I was one of the lucky few who got a chance to go on stage and sing a couple of lines from 'Sugar' with Flo Rida ;) It was..surreal :D
Battling the water logged roads, incessant rain, teeth chattering cold, a Lost Cab later..we reached home, only to find a billion gadgets, make up, bags of course all dysfunctional and drenched.
*Phew* Next weekend? I would like a boring day :D
My LRD, golden bib necklace from Forever New, and a Guess bag.
Everything said and done, tell me all about your exciting weekend :)


  1. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things: Sounds like you had a CRAZY night. Sounds very similar to something I did ;)
    Oh except, I didn't get to groove with a pop star!
    P.S. Love the look :)You look stunning!

  2. i adore forever new!!! forever new and forever 21 are my two fav places for dresses

  3. Love the dress on you!! And so cool you sang with him :D

  4. I love the dress and I am truly jealous I didn't get to spin right round. Seriously, I am green.

  5. Great dress...sounds like fun!!!
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  6. Thanks for your kind comment! Why not follow me to keep up to date with my latest designs? Take care x

    p.s I've been to banglore many times x

  7. Gorgeous dress, darling!
    You look lovely!


  8. you look so beautiful and gorgeous!!! waaauw :) I missed your blog haha :p


  9. The color of that dress is GORGEOUS!

    Love Grace.

  10. Hehe! Nice blog post and nice title! I really like that gorgeous dress of yours! Stunning. And I really need a nice Guess bag!



  11. wow. its sounds like your weekend was really exciting. :D

  12. @Ankita: Thanks so much! :) Tell me all about your weekend :D
    @Mehak: Couldn't agree more :)
    @Delance Fashion: Thanks! :) It was very cool ;)
    @Arjun: You should come to India more often :D
    @Collette: Thanks so much darlin'! :) Did enter the giveaway:)
    @Minnja: Thanks so much :) Follow the blog for more:)
    @Prad: Sure :) And Bangalore's fun, right? :)
    @CC: Thanks so much darlin' :)
    @Emilie: Thanks Emilie:) Hope you had a great holiday! Can't wait to see the pictures :)
    @Grace: Thank you :) Follow the blog for more:)
    @Zabrinah: Thanks so much! :) You should follow the blog for more and great hearing from you! :)
    @Lane: Oh yes, couldn't agree more :D

  13. I love your dress :D You look really pretty :D

  14. Lovely colour and great dress.
    Did you see those girls jealous of you? lol

  15. it sounds like you had fun despite the rain :)

  16. @Pradeeta: Awww..thanks so much! :)XX
    @Lee: Hahaha! I will take that as an enormous compliment Lee :)
    @Isabel: I did too! Lot of fun! :)

  17. That's such a great necklace. That shade of red also looks really good against your skin.

    Come by and stay awhile

  18. @Arushi: Yeah, haven't seen it in India as yet though :)
    @Ebony: Thanks so much Ebony :) Love your blog! :)Follow my blog for more :)

  19. you look great and fun to be with

  20. sounds like so much fun! and you loo amazing - i think reds your color ;)

  21. Hey first time on your blog..

    u look fab ..

  22. @Front row mode: I entered the giveaway, on blogger and twitter :) *fingers crossed* :D
    @Nycrun: Thanks :D Great pictures on your blog, btw! :)
    @Diana: Awww..thanks so much darling! :) It was crazy fun, yes :D
    @Anamika: Hey, thanks so much Anamika! Lovin' your blog btw :)

  23. Hii! I ve passed on the lovely blog award to you. Pl check it out at my blog 'Pink Diaries'

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  25. that sounds like way too much fun - i love FloRida!! Your little red dress looks gorgeous on you!! glad you had such a fun night!


  26. I LOVVVVEEE the orange dress !

    thanks soo much for stopping by at my blog :)

  27. @Sofia: i'm hoping thats a good thing! :)
    @Inky Pinky: Thank you so much! :) I'm touched!
    @Zarna: Thanks so much Zarna! :) It was CRAZY fun! :D
    @Michelle: Thanksss Michelle! :) Loving your blog! :)



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