Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A tale of the Roses

Hello my people :)
As the week drudges along, I'm happy to announce that I have drafted the contract successfully, written an important class test and geared up for my Debate Tournament. Not so lazy, after all :) At the risk of sounding like a braggart, I am happy to announce that my first ever short story has been accepted for publication in Chicken Soup for the Indian Friend's Soul and I could not have been happier. It makes me happier to see my family and friends so proud of me and indulging me coz they are so :) BFF took me shopping to and i picked the loveliest earrings ever and I had to share them with you :) As the trend goes, its advisable to wear big chunky rocks in the ears with an elegant dress instead of getting loops to hang across your ears this season. The earrings are these big, lovely roses dotted with swarovski crystals. I wore them today when I met friends over coffee and doughnuts. Tell me what you think :)

BFF and I love our share of shoe pictures. You will see them often. I quite enjoy taking them actually. Love her purple gladiators. Still loving the gladiators. Apart from the HOT gladiator heels, I think the flat gladiators will make it too, this season. Take a look.
Yes, I have those ballet flats in multiple colors :P
Cappuccino with Marshmallows 
So I admit I'm quite the foodie and my blog is never complete without pictures of what I love eating/drinking. I love Marshmallows, and not only in my hot chocolate but I also enjoy them in my hot cuppa coffee :) Try it, its Delicious.
I love hearing from you guys, let me know what you think and what you'd like to see :) I'm still learning, you see :)
Till then.


  1. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things.. Lurrrvvveeeee your earrings!! They are soooooo hot. :)
    I actually love the look! :) Brilliant pictures! Love the shoes! Your multiple colored ballet flats are soooo adorable!
    And yet again, a brilliant write up accentuating pretty pictures! :)
    Keep them comin'!

  2. You drafted your contract already? Thats blasphemy! What did you base it on? And I just wanted to know your views on allowing me some, whats the best way to put it, freeloading opportunities to get good grades in Contract Drafting? You manage the client, I'll manage the risks. What say?

    Oh and yeah, nice post. I just recall hazes of fashion trends this season, something about wearing Roman warrior shoes or something to that extent. Stellar, though! :P

  3. Love the marshmallow look fab..pretty earrings!!

    Have a fabulous day:)
    Statements in Fashion

  4. I always have something to do after reading your blog. Like yesterday I actually went and painted my toenails. And today, (or maybe tommorow) I am going to have to put some marshmallows in my coffee too. There you go, You've become a trend setter.
    Keep up the writing.

    Rose are red
    Violets are Blue
    Kalra makes them prettier,
    True, True, True.

  5. Lovely post, darling!
    Fab earrings!


  6. beautiful earrings!

    and btw - im also a marshmallow lover :)


  7. Hey sweetheart, congrats - u can be called a writer "officially" now :-) :-) So proud of u!!!!
    And thumbs up to u 4 being so proactive with the onset of this week - as for me, I WOULD BE UNSTOPPABLE IF I COULD ONLY GET STARTED (haha).
    Ur earrings r v cute - I have similar ones. My rose earrings r light pink with rest swarovski crystals on it. Mimco, I am a huge fan of their accessories & have quite a collection. U can have all of them the day I get promoted to rubies & pink diamonds on a daily basis ;-)
    And I simply lauveeeee the shoe pictures - u kids these days hehe.

  8. Oh! Sorry, I meant red crystals, not rest :-P

  9. Mmmm...marshmallows in coffee sounds good. I never thought of that! :) I put marshamllows on my ice cream sundaes!

    I love those blue sandals. They are so pretty on you, especially with your fabulous blue polish. That color is so lovely on you, I might just have to get it for myself! I think we are about the same skin tone. :)

  10. Great flats!!!


  11. AWH. I love your earrings & your flats! :)
    Great blog! You're stunning!


  12. You guys have such awesome taste in shoes! love the choice of color. Purple makes for such a hot looking shoe.

  13. @Ankita: Thanks a lot :) I hope you're enjoying reading them :)
    @Kushan: Haha!About the contract, we shall talk about it separately :) On the shoes, yes gladiators as they're fondly called are great :)
    @Collette: Thanks darling, you have a great day too! :)
    @Chahana: I'm actually so touched! :) Great stuff with the poem :D
    @Carrie: Thanks CC, a heap! :)
    @Zarna: Aren't marshmallows just the best? :D
    @Sweety di: Thanks so much :D can't wait to get handed down the Mimcos ;)
    @Jennifer: Thanks sweetie :) The feet in the gladiators are actually my friend's. Mine's the ballet flats but I agree, the blue will look gorgeous on you :)
    @November gray: Thanks so much :) Follow the blog for more!
    @Melanie: Thanks so much you! :) Loved your blog! Follow mine for more :)
    @Missrantsypants: It does, right? Thanks a lot! :) Your blog is really nice :) Follow mine for more :)

  14. nice blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

  15. @Fashion by He: Thats a very neat blog you have there! :) Thanks and please follow it for more :)

  16. *sigh*
    hey gal a really nyc collection n i really liked ur ballad shoes....
    seems lyk u r working really hard for it....
    keep up the good work....:)

  17. @Srish: Haha! :) Thanks so much darling! :)Keep the comments coming in!

  18. @Isabel: Hey! Thanks so much! :) follow for more to come! :)

  19. Looks yummy, I'm gona try it for sure!
    Aww and beautiful earrings!

  20. @Nookie: Haha, it is yum! Thanks so much! :) Follow my blog for more :)

  21. I love those sandals. That capp looks delicious. :)SarahD

  22. @My Republic of Fashion: Thanks so much! :) Love you blog! follow mine for more :)

  23. haha I love you always put food in the end :) Great post, again!!
    supporting you :)
    Oh, and congratulations with the publication of your story!!


  24. @Emilie: Awww, thanks so much Emilie :) I'm glad you're liking it! I'll let you know when the story is out ;)

  25. have had so much trouble trying to find a cute pair of earrings like those!! ugh you are so lucky, they are fabulous!! I am very jealous

  26. @Leizl: Haha! :) Its one of those rare finds, isn't it? Lovely blog, btw! :) Follow mine for more :)
    @G.: Thanks so much! :) Love your blog too! :)

  27. I love those ballet flats! They are sooo pretty!

  28. Just came across your Blog. :) so nice to see your Style. Intersting, likes. X Ari
    From USA will follow.

  29. @Arushi: Thanks! :) Those are actually my friend's who I photographed :) Follow my blog for more:)
    @Chas: Thanks so much! :) Follow for more :)
    @Fashions not a Luxury: Thanks a ton! :) I like your blog too! Follow for more from me :)

  30. Found your blog through CC. Love those earrings. I think I have a variant of those. And that picture of cappuccino with marshmallows is threatening to throw my diet off track!

  31. @Pratishtha: Thanks so much Pratishtha :) And food, ah isn't it the weakness always :D Lovin' your blog. Follow mine for more :)

  32. loved dos earrings..i have d same gladiators in black...n when u r so much of a cum u dont put on weight ??
    m curious...

  33. @Bhumika: Haha! Thanks sweetie :) And the truth of the matter is that I do put on weight :D but at selective places ;) Not that its ever stopped me from hogging on junk :D



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