Friday, September 3, 2010

Whats stylish today?

I am hurriedly brushing past a swarm of my Uni students to make it to the post-lunch hour class on time and just my luck that the coolest promotional event of the day decided to take place outside my Uni. Let me give you a little background into this event to create the much-appreciated suspense. I love graffiti and street art. Don't get me wrong, I'm not into the kind of graffiti that vandalises public property and such but graffiti as a form of art and expression, to me is a very strong reflection of an individual's fashion. So graffiti was not exactly the Romans' idea of a style statement but hey, each to his own, right?

Back to today's event, Puma has come out with a very neat concept for its Spring-Summer Collection 2011. Ink your wackiest-zanniest-or your very uber feminine graffiti for the graffiti artists at the Puma stores and their graffiti artists will blow life into those designs on the soles of the shoes. The best designs of course make it to the collection. For this very promotion, there was a 'Sole Machine'-an Ambassador from the era gone by parked with cans of spray paint made available to paint graffiti all over the car. By the time I reached the event, the car stood all pimped out and colorful and that was when it struck me how graffiti has evolved into such a style statement, from Miu Miu's Spring 2009 look being that of Roman mosaics and graffiti to Puma using graffiti as a promotional event for their Spring-Summer Collection 2011. The event will be happening on the 5th of this month at a Mall very closeby.
So chic.

I love the auto wala's look of wonder.
 My take? I'm sure as hell going to be there to cover this very pop-cultured fashion event :)

P.S: I still made it to class :)

Like the idea? Let me know :)



  1. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things. I'm so glad you made it to class on time after covering this really cool promotional event. I really like the idea and personally, I love graffiti because of the myriad of colors and designs! And yes, its very individualistic also. And very stylish. :)
    Well done!

  2. What's with the penguin ? Is Puma changing its mascot? Wittily written as always !!

  3. @Ankita: Agree with you :) Thanks a ton :)
    @Ma'am: I think the penguin is a part of a certain collection if I'm not mistaken. Thanks so much :)

  4. I would love to own that car. Lol. Graffiti has always been my favorite form of expression. Howeever My mom wasnt so happy when I attempted to sabotage my bedroom walls. I am sure she would have changed her mind if she saw this Very intriguing post, Kalra.

  5. @Chahana: I can understand why your Mother flipped :) Thanks so muchies Chah. Watch out this space for more :)

  6. So today, i was walking on campus and this kid gave me a handout that said "Grafitti is a form of art and we are not trying to vandalize school property" It reminded me of you. Totally corresponded to your idea. =)

  7. I'm so glad! Its such a huge compliment to be thought of in such a positive context! :)

  8. I'm not a huge fan of graffiti in public places, but it definitely works on t-shirts, shoes and bags.
    Caution: Graffiti style is very tricky on clothes and very seldom works; only when done to perfection and in the right amount. Not to forget, only some people can carry it off ;)
    Whilst I am at it, LV did a limited edition graffiti collection and I am a proud owner of the "hot pink graffiti Neverfull GM" - check it out:

  9. @Sweety Di: I agree with you. But I'm a personal fan of graffiti :) I love the bag! Its gorgeous! :)
    Love hearing from you :D



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