Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Body Art or what we better know as 'Bindi" :)

I decided to Wikipedia 'bindis' to understand their origin before I did a post on it and this is a part of what I found. "Bindis are not as fashionable to the younger generation and are often worn on formal and traditional occasions now". I am quite disappointed, to say the least. Maybe coz I find bindis extremely gorgeous when worn with Traditional Indian wear :) But, that is just my personal style. For all of my international friends, 'bindi' is a form of art for the forehead. It was originally a red dot applied right between your eyebrows but I wouldn't be far from the truth if I said that bindi has metamorphosised into almost a body art. From sticker bindis with adhesive on the back, to designers who paint their bindis with a certain kind of liquid to designer bindis with an assortment of studs, crystals etc in the widest range of colors and shapes, I've seen it all :) Maybe, I just take after bindis so much coz of my Mother's affinity for bindis and hers has to be the biggest collection I've ever seen! I shall sometime post a picture of her myriad of bindis :)
Bindis or kumkum as they are also referred to are a fashion deeply embedded in the Indian roots and I love it when this trend goes global and the likes of Pussycat Dolls and Julia Roberts decide to wear bindis in their videos and red carpet events respectively :) National pride, you see :)
Stunning designs I found on the internet :)
Designer bindis :)

You can buy these designer bindis off the internet at
My Uni has a concept of a day dedicated solely to honouring all the ethnicities of its students and thats when we all go, all out to dress ethnic ;) The campus is a blur of colors and bling and I can feel the enthusiasm in the air every year. This year's ethnic day which was today was no different. Me and best friend wore kurta and pajami(more about those, later) and only on reaching campus did we decide that we weren't 'ethnic' enough. So we came up with our own easy-to-make and no-fuss version of the bindi.
L-R: BFF and I :)
 Step 1: Take a kohl pencil.
Step 2: Apply a dot (as big as you like) right between your eyebrows or a little above it.
Step 3: Wait, there is no step 3. You're done :D
Here's picture of us. Tell me if you like my plain, yet stylish version of the gorgeous bindi :)


  1. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things.. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!:) I absolutely adore bindis especially the small red ones! :) And I love all the designer version you've found!

    Hugs! :)

  2. Both of you look gorgeous. Bindi is my favorite accessory.National Pride. =)

  3. You are both fabulous looking girlies....loved reading about this:)

    Statements in Fashion

  4. Great write up... I used to wear bindis till an allergy to the adhesive gave me a rash between the eyebrows. :(
    You're looking gorgeous !!

  5. All hail the Indian woman. And the bindi of course.

    Way to go, littil buoy. Keep your avid fans posted for more.

  6. @Ankita: I love the designer ones too, especially their packing :)
    @Chahana: Thanks,you :) I remembered your black bindi in school when I was writing this post :)
    @Collette:Thanks so much :) I'm glad you're enjoying reading about Indian fashion, you should try it some time ;)
    @Trveen Ma'am: Thank you so much Ma'am :) I thought I remembered you wearing big red bindis in school all the time, I'm guessing the allergy has developed recently.
    @Kushan: It means a lot to me for you to have liked such a feminist-centric post :) Thanks so much!

  7. the designs and selections of bindi's are so pretty!!! xoxo

  8. I love Bindis too....You can also look up how they are supposed to symbolise the third 'all seeing' eye in Hinduism and it is a potent symbol of womanhood...Good job Woman!!!

  9. @Sway: Thanks so much :) Loved your blog :)
    @Aditi: Thanks woman :) I shall definitely look into that aspect :)

  10. You look gorgeous darling (and so does your friend).
    Nice colours in your kurta (not to miss the sequins that gives it the extra 'bling') teamed up with a plain bindi with a gothic touch a.k.a black :) :) :), gives it a more rustic & young look.

  11. I don't know if you can tell (from my name) but I am originally from India, too. I love wearing Bindi's.

  12. @Meera: Of course I can tell :) I'm glad you love 'em too :)

  13. Good write, nice girls! :)
    If I could recommend you some designer tribal bindi

  14. Good write, nice girls! :)
    If i could recommend you some designer tribal bindis:



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