Friday, September 10, 2010

Of frozen Yoghurts and Pink accessories

You will be surprised at how often I mention food in my fashion blog if you've been following my blog closely. Fashion is what you put on your back( and feet and hair and face :D ) and what you put in your mouth :) So the tale begins with me suddenly realising that there is this place in town which I've been dying to give a go. At the very onset, let me make it amply clear that there are some weird quirks I have in life. Quirk in point- Frozen Yoghurts :) This place I talk about is called Kiwi Kiss and needless to say it had been look invitingly at me for a long time. After a day of lazing around the house, long weekend and all..I finally arrived at Kiwi Kiss with a few friends. My verdit- Simply Delightful. Not to be given a miss. Whats even better? Their toppings of fresh kiwis, strawberry, blue berry, black berry, choco chips et al. I had a kiwi yoghurt with kiwi toppings. Satiating and like they say in their advert, brings you closer to Nirvana :)
The weather in Bangalore is quite treacherous. The good sorts. Never an extreme day. Unanticipated rains. Usually bordering on cold. Perfect, in short. Here's a sneak peek into some pictures I took today.
P.S: I wore a peachy scarf today :) Doubled up well to protect my hair when I made a dash in the rain today:)
Kiwi Froyo :)

Large Strawberry Froyo :)

A friend's Tee. Quite Cool I thought it was.

My candy pink ballet flat :)
My lacy peach scarf. Perfect weather for it:)

How was your day? Comments on my post? Let me know :)


  1. For the Love of Fashion and Other things.. Lovely and very appetizing pictures! And yes, I completely agree with you.. What can be more stylish than food? Its a permanent fixture on everybody's fashion favorites! Very wittily written article. :) I love the snaps of the hot pic shoes and the peachy scarf.. :) Very chic.

  2. Im gonna comment on the food aspect!
    Kiwi Kiss! awesome place, especially when the bangalore weather is perfect!

    n the cool t-shirt of my friend, well i have seen them quite very often! :)

  3. I love frozen yogurt! And those shoes! ;)
    Please check out/follow my blog! I will if you do-LOL!

  4. Those shoes are so cute! love them haha


  5. @Ankita:Thanks so much :) Pink shoes and peach scarves make me very happy :D
    @Collette: Thanks woman :) Loving your blog!
    @Vinay: Yes, our weather is perfect for Kiwi Kiss:)
    @Sootjeelina: Thanks :) Watch out this space for more :)
    @Meera: Thanks so much :D Will definitely check your blog :)
    @Nrah: Haha! I know right? Thanks so much :)Will check your blog :)

  6. Hi there!

    I just came across your blog and I really like it. Really cute!
    I follow you, will you follow me? thankyou!

  7. @Anna: Thanks a ton :) Your blog's lovely!
    @Ines: Thanks a lot :) Watch out this space for more :)

  8. i do love yogurt so much. and your shoes is such a cutie :))

    please visit and leave some comments at

    xxo <3

  9. @Princilla: Your blog is lovely! And thanks a ton :) Check the comments :)

  10. i loved all the pics, mainly the food ones! hahaha
    :) i adore your blog..
    xoxo tamy

  11. @Tamy and Yasmin: Thanks so much :) I share your passion for food ;)

  12. Hey darling...tempting blog :)
    cutsie shoes...wheres my pair...i want them in pinks..blues..greens..mauves..yellows...

  13. @Di: Let me go to Pondicherry and I shall buy those from the Auro boutiques in every color :D

  14. @Jeffery: Thanks a lot :) Watch out this space for more :)

  15. @Kelsea: Great :D I love yogurt too! :)You should follow my blog for more food pictures :P



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