Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cheesecake Challenge-II

Back to cheesy affairs of the heart after a full day of fawning over the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge :) The next in line to be reviewed is cheesecake at Costa coffee. Now I'm sure a lot of you all over the country are Costa loyalists as far as their cappucinos are concerned..hell, I am. :)
I have always maintained that if you're out to grab a real bite along with some good coffee, nothing like hitting Costa so it was obvious that I had to try their cheesecake when they introduced it on their menu. The baked cheesecake in the first look is quite impressive. I would go as far as to say that the first few seconds of biting into it actually remind you of good 'ol New York style baked cheesecake. My problem with it was the very pre-dominant taste of cheese that lingered in my mouth. Usually, a cheesecake hides in it the taste of cheese but in this case, I could distinctly taste it. I also didn't like their strawberry topping a lot because they serve you the strawberry crush they use in mocktails which is very un-strawberryish.
Will I try their cheesecake again? I think I will, coz maybe another batch will not have that lingering cheese taste and sans the strawberry crush, its actually a decent cheesecake.
My rating: 3/5
I still have a couple of places to go before I satiate my need for Delhi's best cheesecakes. And I would love to hear your feedback on this gastronomy twist to my fashion-lifestyle blog. Till the next time, stay clear of the heat and take care:)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fashion at the Royal Wedding

Hola Fashionistas!
This is almost urgent. My cheesecake fascination needs to be put on hold while I give you the best of fashion from the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The British fashion was seen at its royal best with the crispest colors and the yummiest shoes and wait for it, the most wonderful pieces of accessories- the hats and the fascinators! :) If you still haven't gotten yourself fascinators this season, then go ahead and buy them in the most luscious of the colors-feathered ruled the roost(no pun intended), or you can try the nets and the rosette detailed ones too.
Here are my favourite fashion highlights of the wedding:
Posh stays Posh in a dress from her Fall collection and both her fascinator and his top hat are by Philip Treacy. She's definitely my favourite in an all 'royal' blue ensemble :)
The turquoise burberry with the dash of orange, also reflected in her necklace is the very stylish Samantha Cameron.
Princess Victoria of Sweden glows in the peachy ensemble and hat with a twist of pearl accesories.
Classy in blue, Lady Frederick Windsor's Philip Treacy hat is such a perfect match for her outfit and I love its understated feel.
Princess Eugenie of York wears Vivienne Westwood while Princess Beatrice of York wears Valentino Couture and the hats are by none other than Philip Treacy. Love their no-fuss hairdos :)
Images Courtesy: Harpers Bazar
Amidst all those Philip Treacy fascinators, I also noticed a lot of nude pumps and stilettoes..with couture of every color. The Queen herself was dressed in canary yellow which I thought was kind of cute :)
Kate Middleton was a sight in vintage Sara Burton for Alexander McQueen and that lacey full sleeved gown just spelt poise and old world British charm to me :) The cartier Tiara was of course, cherry on top ;)

I can't possibly end this post without gushing about my favourite aww moment which was when Prince William, before taking the vows looked at Kate beside himself and looked so smitten :) Made the whole affair so damn real, right? :)
Which were your favourites?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cheesecake Challenge-I

Hola lovers!
Yes, cheesecake puts me in an awfully good mood! I'm on the hunt for the best cheesecake in Delhi city and in no random order I shall try bakeries and cafes, rate their cheesecakes and at the end of the month, emerge with a winner :)
The first on my list was Cafe 'Whipped' in GK-II. The best part about this cafe has to be the red leather high back cushy chairs which immediately help you sink in. The strawberry cheesecake which I devoured was quite nice. My problem with it was only the base. It was kind of soft and a soft base can very easily kill a well set cheesecake. What I absolutely loved, however, was the granular strawberry topping on the Cheese cake, along with the smooth cheesey bit of course.

What did however win Whipped a brownie point from me, was their Paint wall. Set outside with a palette of paint and brushes, you are welcome to paint on the wall while enjoying the Whipped experience.
The XOXO wasn't me, I swear! :D
Rating of the cheesecake: 3/5
Looking for a 5/5 and the hunt continues :)
Proud to announce that the wishlist registry called www.wishpotcom has enlisted me as a Fashion Expert. Thanks guys :) Check it out here:
Apologies, I'm having troubles adding links to this new version of Blogger!
Keep the fashion alive, fashionistas :)
Till then, XOXO

Sunday, April 17, 2011

L'oreal Paris UV Perfect Protector SPF50

Hello fashionistas!
I'm back with my customary weekend posts and I promise this is going to be only for this month. P.S: Can't wait to wind up my internship and go back to treating you guys to outfit posts!
For the weekend, I shall leave you with a few posts, reviews primarily of ESSENTIALS TO BEAT THE HEAT.
The first in line, L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Protector with SPF 50.
What it claims: Perfectly hydrates and protects your skin against UV rays, brown spots, skin darkening, and premature ageing.
Optimal use of the product is at the end of your makeup routing and as a moisturising make up base.
The product for me is the perfect sunscreen for two main reasons:
1. It protects my skin from Sun wreckage
2. Its actually not sticky!
I happened to have used it as a moisturising make up base too, just to give everything they say a whirl. :P
Not the perfect make up base, but it wasn't disappointing either. Its a sunscreen and it does its job well. Also, interesting to note "tailor made for asian phototypes". Its my pick for the Indian heat. Especially the crazy Delhi heat.
Price: Rs 399 for 30 ml/ $8.96
The quantity is a little less for that amount but that you shall always find me cribbing about! :P
Tell me what you think if you have used the product and if you end up using the product post the review, my job well done :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Steampunk Fashion

You gotta check this out :D It brought out the fashionista in me amidst the mounting pressure of internship and thats saying something! Yes, for those of you who follow my rambling on twitter or my facebook page would know that I'm undergoing the law school phenomenon called 'internship'. Moving on, Divine Caroline is this awesome website that my friend S, stumbled upon and she instantly sent it across to me of course. Its your good fortune that I share my tiny little stream of knowledge with you guys at every possible occasion :D
What to check out on Divine Caroline? Lifestyle, food and wait for it, FASHION :D
This article on steampunk is worth a gazillion reads. Steampunk fashion as popularly understood derives its influence from dark colors, goth, Victorian era, industrial looks and is usually disturbing and appealing at the same time.
Take a look :D

For more on STEAMPUNK fashion,give a go :)
Like it? How would you incorporate any element of this style in your daily dose of fashion? Tell us your take! :)
XOXO chicitas :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Indian Cricket team-WC 2011 winners

$35 -

69 EUR -

Christian Louboutin platform sandal
$1,195 -

Suede platform pumps
295 EUR -

Austique clutch
150 GBP -

Rebecca Minkoff cross body messenger bag
$295 -

Beyond The Valley white necklace
150 GBP -

I know I'm a little late but we wonnnnnnnnnn! Indian Cricket Team won the Cricket World Cup 2011! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Ok, I'm hyper. I'm over excited. Even though its been over a day! Hence. the. broken. sentences.
This is my 'Men in Blue' inspired Polyvore look. I know I successfully got you'll excited about our victory, all over again! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger Childrenswear India-Spring Summer Collection

A shout out to all my readers :)If you're fond of kids and are always on the look out to buy your cousins, nieces, nephews, friend's kids, your kids cute, stylish clothing then your search ends here. If you've been living under a rock, let me help :) Tommy Hilfiger launched their Childrenswear in India which I had the pleasure of reviewing HERE.
Its Spring-Summer collection time and Hilfiger is out with their kids collection which is cuter and brighter than before. If only they made the same stuff in my size :D
When I saw the collection I was more than glad to review it coz honestly, there is no bigger sartorial pleasure to the eyes than well tailored, stylish clothing. And that is exactly what you have here. The collection takes inspiration from America's elite Ivy League universities and the holiday state Hawaii. The color palette is vivacious and bright, what with the use of a lot of sea greens, bright blues, pinks and peaches, yellow and the classic cool Tommy tartan prints. I shall post below a few of my favourites from the collection with reasons for the same :)
Big Girls Dakota Flower Dress

Big Girls Darcy Check Smock

Little Girls Miranda Mini Shorts

Big Girls Abigail Stripe Tanktop

Big Girls Jia Bermuda

Justus CN Knit

Big Boys Cole CN Knit

Maddox Check Shirt

LB Cruise Check Mini Cargo Shorts

These are my favourite pieces primarily because they are very versatile and give a lot of room for children to be comfortable and yet, sport the coolest looks of the seasons. The nautical prints, the oversized floral print, rolled up shorts, Hawaii printed tees in the lovely washed out colors, the preppy pink smocking...these are all perfect for a birthday party, a beach outing or even to just step out to play in the evening!
Be sure to check the collection out:

Like them? Tell me what you think! :) And make sure you buy the little one the perfect clothing this season!


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