Sunday, April 17, 2011

L'oreal Paris UV Perfect Protector SPF50

Hello fashionistas!
I'm back with my customary weekend posts and I promise this is going to be only for this month. P.S: Can't wait to wind up my internship and go back to treating you guys to outfit posts!
For the weekend, I shall leave you with a few posts, reviews primarily of ESSENTIALS TO BEAT THE HEAT.
The first in line, L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Protector with SPF 50.
What it claims: Perfectly hydrates and protects your skin against UV rays, brown spots, skin darkening, and premature ageing.
Optimal use of the product is at the end of your makeup routing and as a moisturising make up base.
The product for me is the perfect sunscreen for two main reasons:
1. It protects my skin from Sun wreckage
2. Its actually not sticky!
I happened to have used it as a moisturising make up base too, just to give everything they say a whirl. :P
Not the perfect make up base, but it wasn't disappointing either. Its a sunscreen and it does its job well. Also, interesting to note "tailor made for asian phototypes". Its my pick for the Indian heat. Especially the crazy Delhi heat.
Price: Rs 399 for 30 ml/ $8.96
The quantity is a little less for that amount but that you shall always find me cribbing about! :P
Tell me what you think if you have used the product and if you end up using the product post the review, my job well done :)


  1. ooh nice...i use the neutrogena spf 50 as hates the sun just as much as i do !

  2. this seems to b very very similar to neutrogena spf 50 sunblock..haven't used either..infact wondering which one to go for..but based on what i've read they kinda sound the same including the price..
    excepts this ones a sunscreen and thats a sunblock

  3. I love it too.. esp since its actually non sticky!! But my mum thinks that i'm too young to use it since its also for preventing premature ageing! what do you think bout that?? Im 21 btw..

  4. The Neutrogena Sunblock is good too..its not sticky for sure (tried it once) but I rely on this one coz I have been satisfied with all my L'Oreal products and @Abstruse Dreamer: I'm 21 too :) and that premature ageing thingy shouldn't be an issue coz I know it has no harmful effects but listen to your Mom nevertheless :D

  5. i use Oriflame sunblock usually, will try this one for sure



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