Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cheesecake Challenge-II

Back to cheesy affairs of the heart after a full day of fawning over the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge :) The next in line to be reviewed is cheesecake at Costa coffee. Now I'm sure a lot of you all over the country are Costa loyalists as far as their cappucinos are concerned..hell, I am. :)
I have always maintained that if you're out to grab a real bite along with some good coffee, nothing like hitting Costa so it was obvious that I had to try their cheesecake when they introduced it on their menu. The baked cheesecake in the first look is quite impressive. I would go as far as to say that the first few seconds of biting into it actually remind you of good 'ol New York style baked cheesecake. My problem with it was the very pre-dominant taste of cheese that lingered in my mouth. Usually, a cheesecake hides in it the taste of cheese but in this case, I could distinctly taste it. I also didn't like their strawberry topping a lot because they serve you the strawberry crush they use in mocktails which is very un-strawberryish.
Will I try their cheesecake again? I think I will, coz maybe another batch will not have that lingering cheese taste and sans the strawberry crush, its actually a decent cheesecake.
My rating: 3/5
I still have a couple of places to go before I satiate my need for Delhi's best cheesecakes. And I would love to hear your feedback on this gastronomy twist to my fashion-lifestyle blog. Till the next time, stay clear of the heat and take care:)


  1. Do they have Aromas anywhere in Delhi? I swear by their Blueberry Cheesecakes...u MUST try once!!!

  2. I totally agree with the lingering cheesy taste.
    Anyways, great post! I ♥ food posts & would ♥ to see more of them.

  3. i'm waiting for ur verdict n wud go stright to d joint dat wins ds challeng!!

  4. It sure looks of luck for next time! :)

  5. Yummy. Now I want a cheesecake RIGHT NOW!!! :D

  6. That does sure do look good even if it got a 3/5 stars!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  7. Have you tried the Cheesecakes at Tea Leaf and Coffee Beans yet.Must do.Your Grand FInale I am guessing would be at Big Chill however?;-)



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