Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The DIY I picked in Goa

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I love my holidays just as much as the other person and to bring back something for my blog in terms of a DIY or a trend or just an over load of information on travel and fashion gives me an immense satisfaction! Yes, I take it seriously =)
I can't think of many people who wouldn't rave about the sand and fun under the sun, business of Goa! And if such a holiday comes right in the middle of my last semester in Law school which is dreary like no other, it couldn't be more welcome. At this particular beach, I picked a very popular beachy trend that would come in handy for all those who don't wanna go all the way to Goa to get these cute woolen braids in their hair!
Its as simple as this and I hope the pictures would guide you along:
Pick the 3-4 colorful woolen strands of your choice and pick a thin section of your hair wherever you would like to place the braid. Start with putting a knot with the threads on that section at the top. Follow that by placing them side by side, leaving no space, around the section of your hair, wrapping it as you go.
When you're nearing the bottom, place another tie and start making a multiple fork braid with the section of the hair and the woolen strands. Fasten two knots at the bottom and snip of the extra. You're good to go =)

What did you guys think? Would you try the DIY? Like the beachy outfit?
Would love your feedback.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Trend Alert Spring 2012

The Spring 2012 reports are out. Spring's almost here and its time to pack those super ginormous chunky woollens inside and say hello to Spring-Summer. While it is important that we go by the international fashion scene but my idea is always to customize a trend to make it workable for your climatic and geographical situation. Its okay if you aren't so sure about sporting a trend, save it for later or sport it in small doses. You do not need a complete wardrobe make over necessarily. Take your basic pieces and add bits of spring-a-licious trends to it and watch the outfit shine through! Now on to some key trends you're going to be witnessing this season and you might want to be a part of :)
  • The Roaring '20s: I wasn't so sure of what this trend would entail but looks like the red lipped, jazz loving, hip swinging era is back. Art deco goes glitz and glam, so take your sequined, bejeweled pieces from the last holiday season and do it with style in the Roaring '20s.
Gucci (via style.com)
 If full glam deco is not your style, try smaller doses of the trend. This rare deco embellished tunic dress fits the bill. Quite literally! :D
via ASOS.com
  • The Neons: Yes, we've seen neons do the rounds in the international scene but a little bit of neon to your wardrobe this spring might just be the pinch of style you need. This fluro trim across body bag gives you that dash of neon without blinding people or making you too conscious of sporting such a bright color. The brogue detailing just helps! :)
via ASOS.com

  • Pastels and ice cream colors: Its not such a contradiction with the neon because the two trends co-exist and unless you decide to mash up the two in an over-the-top manner, there is no worry there. :) I like calling it the ice cream color trend coz a lot of fashion forecasts rightly call it so. These frosty shades of peaches, pale pinks, sky and azure blues, mint greens are as cooling for the season as they are to the sight. :)
via topshop.com
Call it the peach fluid color but this blazer sums up this trend for me. Of course add to it, these mint patent leather oxfords and I'm good to go!
via topshop.com
  • Peplum: Balenciaga did it and peplum style of a short over skirt with a fitted jacket or a blouse attached, is back and to me its cuteness to the power infinity. Ok, yuck, I didn't say that! But no really, the style is making me want to go back to the 50's!
via ASOS.com
Its safe to say that apart from these bobbing trends, the maxi dresses for their liquid feel and comfort continue to make waves. Draped detailing in long tunics and exaggerated hemlines will also make news in my opinion.
Go ahead and try a bit of each trend this season, I say!
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With that its a wrap.



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

While I'm Away

This post was supposed to go up while I was gone. For some reasons it didn't so I'm posting it now that my week long sabbatical ends. I was away for a little get-away of sorts (read: debate tournament) and its quite good to be back, given the victorious feeling from the tournament and the urge to get into my bed and curl up like a snoozie-doozie kitten! :)
I'm now working with my new baby (a DSLR) and I can't wait to start exploring different avenues of photography with it. This post was shot at night with the new baby, almost like a test run but some of the pictures turned out unbelievably good to not post. Now back to curling up under my comforter. :)

Peter pan collared shirt: ASOS, black skinnies: Pieces, Blue flats: Kurt Geiger(Carvela), Leopard print portfolio clutch: ASOS, Victorian statement neckpiece with multiple time pieces: Accessorize

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don't give me That look

If you believe that hats are for occasions that have traditionally required hats as a dress code to attend such events, for example a polo match, derby et al, then you might find me slightly bonkers. Which is fine by me because hats have that 'je ne sais quoi' that makes me want to pick them and adorn them whenever I feel like 'dressing up'. This pretty thing was sitting on a shelf at Forever New and if you have been here long enough you will know that I am a regular at the store and probably own a chunk of their stuff. And just like that I propped it on my head and it felt just right =)
I am also tired of the 'looks'. Yes, you know what I'm talking about. Step out in a hat and a dress-Looks. Step into a shopping mall to head to your favourite restaurant for lunch-Looks. You would expect that its a fancy dining venue and the Looks will stop, but hardly. But I have learned to give a damn and if I want to wear a hat to lunch, I just will. =)

Hat, dress, Rose ring: Forever New, Ring with the pearls: Sports Girl(Australia), Bag: Coach, Stack of bracelets: Accessorize, Colaba Causeway(Mumbai) and Australia
On my lips: Silk Pop by Chambor

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Monday, January 2, 2012

The New Year Giveaway

Like I mentioned here, whats a New Year without some goodies which make the ushering in all worth it! Its 2012 and like a speech that sounds like it belongs to Thanksgiving, I would really like to thank all my readers all across the world who take out time to read my blog, leave comments, listen to my rants on twitter, check my facebook page for regular updates and bear with me when I go MIA. These readers are one substantial reason that I work so hard at giving you quality posts and with a new year, there is nothing I could do better than to reward you'll with a giveaway.
What is it that a girl wants, needs, has and still wants more? I'm giving away some interesting make up goodies which should make for a prettier 2012 =)
These are some goodies amongst others that I accumulated over my last Australia vacation and I hope the winner enjoys them as much as I do.

The goodie bag contains the following:)
  • Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme in 'Sheer Bare' : Get that luscious pout within few minutes ;)
  • Eyeshadow by Rimmel London in 'After Dark': A gorgeous silver you will not be able to resist!
  • Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm: There is nothing that works better on chapped lips than an absolutely natural product!
  • Lip Balm with SPF 30+ by Hissy Fit
  • Moisturising tinted sunscreen in SPF 30+ by Hissy Fit
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For extra entries:
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For doing all of the above, please mention whatever you do with a link in the comment box to make it simpler for me.
The giveaway is open for all Indian residents and is open till 30th January, 2012. I shall pick the winner by random.org the next day.
All the best lovelies!



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