Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don't give me That look

If you believe that hats are for occasions that have traditionally required hats as a dress code to attend such events, for example a polo match, derby et al, then you might find me slightly bonkers. Which is fine by me because hats have that 'je ne sais quoi' that makes me want to pick them and adorn them whenever I feel like 'dressing up'. This pretty thing was sitting on a shelf at Forever New and if you have been here long enough you will know that I am a regular at the store and probably own a chunk of their stuff. And just like that I propped it on my head and it felt just right =)
I am also tired of the 'looks'. Yes, you know what I'm talking about. Step out in a hat and a dress-Looks. Step into a shopping mall to head to your favourite restaurant for lunch-Looks. You would expect that its a fancy dining venue and the Looks will stop, but hardly. But I have learned to give a damn and if I want to wear a hat to lunch, I just will. =)

Hat, dress, Rose ring: Forever New, Ring with the pearls: Sports Girl(Australia), Bag: Coach, Stack of bracelets: Accessorize, Colaba Causeway(Mumbai) and Australia
On my lips: Silk Pop by Chambor

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  1. super hot !! loved everything..u missed shoes na..by ?

  2. I've learnt to give a damn - Specially when it comes to wearing what I like & taking outfit pictures :D
    You look gorgeous & fresh in these pictures - I love that pretty dress <3

  3. pretty girls like you should get used to the 'looks'! :p
    b'ful dress, love the detailing on the back.
    And the hat adds a class apart to the look! :)

  4. I am absolutely crazy about hats! I dont know why but I love them! And to hell with all the looks :D
    You look super cute!

  5. U look amazing...Love the hat n lip color

    Would love to see at my blog

    ♡ StylishByNature.com

  6. you look cute as button!! and super-classy!!! :)

  7. Love the hat and the dress.. absolutely love the lip color. But think you overdid it with the bracelets.

  8. what a lovely dress...u look fab!

  9. Oooh! Cute cute hat! Loving the whole look.....you did right by stepping out like this! :)

  10. Thanks so much my pretty ladies! :)
    @Bhumika: The shoes are nude ballet flats by Target :)
    @Archana: I'm kind of a fan of the stacked bracelets trend so kind of enjoyed OD-ing on the bracelets but of course you can disagree :)

  11. you look classy.
    And i still have to learn how to give a dam coz m really a conscious bee.

  12. You look so cute in that dress and that adorable hat!!!

  13. Liked d attitude.. Pretty Hat : )

  14. Super-classy!! I love the dress..but what compounds it is that gorgeous hat..
    I wish people here (or at least where I live) were more receptive to the Hat culture..
    They just don't understand the 'look' :)

  15. That hat is super chic. A lot of the 'Looks' must be out of sheer jealousy. And I am in love with ur coach bag. The entire look is very well styled. Love it.

  16. I love the bucket hat and the fact that you got it in pink. Harder to wear than black of course but definitely a fun look.

  17. Looking like a doll!! you truly have awesome style!!! Loved all the LOTDs ! Me following your blog :)

  18. I so so so like ur 'look'! Pretty & chic !!! and I cant help drooling over ur hot bod ;)


  19. I really love your outfit! It really enhances your personality. Specially the hat and skirt of yours are really looking one of adorable stuff in your dressing.

    The Laughing Cow



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