Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lucknow Diaries deux

I hear I'm a lot like my sister in this respect. Especially as far as Lucknow is concerned. The malls and the newer markets do not interest me as much as the older places which house the age old traditions of the Royal city. One such market that I explored in Lucknow is situated in a certain part of the all famous Hazratganj. The bling of the jewelry that the women of the city love, the jhumkas, the bangles and the works. I had a field time trotting around the alleys. And I also found a certain shop to fillip my love for toe rings. Yes, in case you weren't aware. I wear toe rings. Absolutely adore that piece of jewelry. 
On another note, you will for once on this blog, find me in a monochromatic avatar. C'est moi in Black and White. All over. And for all those fashionistas reading this, this is one look you ought to try and is absolutely easy to replicate. Just.stick.to.black.and.white. Some bling never hurt anyone of course. :)

Wearing: My favourite heart printed shirt: ASOS, black skinnies: Pieces, Vintage necklace with timepieces: Accessorize, Jeweled flats: Shoe boutique (Bangalore)
I'm enjoying posting regularly. All my trysts. With thoughts and fashion. :) Are you?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Lucknow Diary

We're about a lot of things. We're about food. We're about music. We're about fashion. We're about love. I'm about all of these things and most importantly, I'm about my family. So when I chanced upon an opportunity to scoot to Lucknow with my folks to meet the extended family, I happily obliged. I have been there before but its cities like these that give you something new to think about, look at and take back everytime. The city of Nawabs is absolutely brimming with history and a lot of stories to be told. Also, if you happen to have a trip to Lucknow anytime on the cards, then look forward to the massive facelift of the city. The parks, statues, the Marine drive et al are now the face of the city, props to Mayawati. Will leave the discussion on whether it really was the need of the hour or not for another day. :)
This is a little something to share from my 2 days in Lucknow, to keep you updated about my life. If it interests you, i.e. :)
The musical fountain. World renowned and all that jazz. :)
Day 2 outfit. Country club with the family.

Photography by kid cousin: SK. Yes, she shares my initials. :)
Wearing: White sheer shirt: Forever New, my go-to red shorts: Barkins (Australia), Blue disco pumps: Kurt Geiger, Statement earrings: Forever New, chunky gold bangle with embellishments (my current favourite): Street find at CP (Delhi).


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Getaway Part-I

How do I begin to describe the awestruck feeling of sleeping, eating and living on the sands next to the river Ganges with the insurmountable Himalayas on all sides. I was in Rishikesh with some of my friends for a getaway and even though it wasn't a do nothing, bum around getaway, the adventure and the sheer madness of it all was definitely what I needed in life. From getting our car stuck in the sand and trying to wedge it out of the hills of sand to exploring the beautiful little cafes nestled between the hills, from just lying on the sand huddled around a lantern and sharing supernatural experiences to trysts with scorpions, well nearly. We did it all. :D
Now on to the outfit. An essential part of the trip or lets just call it a predecessor was hat shopping. We rummaged through many a stores before finding the perfect holiday hats for ourselves and funnily enough we all found it in separate stores. Mine's a lovely floppy straw hat with a floral wreath. Like I say, a hat is an extension of your personality. You can quote me on that one. ;)
Rest of the stories in the next part. :)

Wearing: Black singlet with rosettes: Forever New, Neon printed shorts: QuirkBox, Indie-boho necklace: Thrift find(Goa), Flip flops: Puma, Straw floppy hat with floral wreath: Accessorize, Sunglasses and watch: DKNY

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Things are moving at a slow pace. Life's good when you wake up by midday, get breakfast or brunch (if you're a stickler for etymology) in bed, watch TV, socialize, read a book and catch up on mostly all those things that are essential for a fine life. Fine here obviously refers to lazy, lethargic, inactive and a life so rewarding. :) There are a lot of good ideas and inspirations that have been doing the rounds in my head but I refuse to put them in shape. Maybe after the getaway I have planned ahead, I just will. And then maybe, things will pick up pace. :)
Till then, Eat Pray Love.
This is my outfit from the DKNY launch. The life of a fashion blogger is not a cakewalk. Having to take pictures in the dark with artificial lighting, scampering in gorgeously lit up hotels/cafes post the party to get some good shots, done it all. I'd like to believe that the results apprise you of the painstaking efforts. ;)

With the host. :)
Wearing: Neon pink blouse with back zip detailing: Only, Champagne sequined skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Leopard print portfolio clutch: ASOS, black pumps with bow detailing: Shoe store (Bangalore), black and white statement earrings: Forever New


Monday, June 11, 2012


The DKNY collection for men's timepieces launch happened on the 29th of May and I'm a little late but the holiday bumming ( and fat) has kept me busy. See, at least I'm honest. :D
A party hosted by the fashion guru Prasad Bidappa at the hottest night spot in the city and a flavouring of everything Donna Karan, and you have a spiffing event.
The regular charmers from the fashion and the media world, the lovely Saloni Arora from Fossil and a lot of other glitterati, the party saw all the familiar faces and more. Here's more on the launch:

DKNY, a name synonymous with chic & elegant designs across the globe, brought in some New York City edge to Bangalore as they unveiled their first line of timepieces for men at Skyye, in UB City. Hosted by India’s renowned fashion guru and image consultant, Prasad Bidappa, the event had the glitterati & fashion brigade of the city in full attendance. Donna Karan moves away from her signature embellishments and sleek silhouettes to create this classic range for men. The collection with a ‘fashion meets sport’ theme is exquisitely crafted and promises to add some understated glamour to any man’s wardrobe.
 DKNY Men's watches are masculine, modern, smart, innovative and timeless. Made for the 24 hour guy who jumps out of sleep and into life, the DKNY Man has style and imagination and is constantly on the move. 

 Check out the pictures for more:

Tease, much? My outfit for the event in the next post! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mr Know it all

Mr Know it all, Well ya think you know it all, But ya don't know a thing at all..ok, so maybe the placid home life has made me turn into a believer..not a big Kelly Clarkson fan, I'm suddenly listening to an awful lot of this track. And lets not forget, Call me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Not quite the lyrical genius, but that track sure has a way of getting stuck in your head.
Congratulate me on finally procuring the long-due domain name. The two lazy months that stretch ahead of me will see a lot of blogging. Who knows how long it takes me to settle into the new life before I can write and post here again. :)
So while we are choosing colored skinnies from a wide color range, just this once I decided to go with the white skinnies. So white, so summer, so chic. And my love for sheer and peter pan blouses, isn't really unknown. So the crochet peter pan collar and the adorable cat print, had me in a heartbeat. The little bag was a steal in a relatively unknown shop in Delhi, which if you follow me on facebook, you ought to know by now. ;)

Wearing: peter pan blouse: Zara, white skinnies: Mango, pale pink with snakeskin print flap bag: Random bag shop (Delhi), Bangles and bracelets: Forever 21, Nude peeptoes: Inc.5, Eiffel tower earrings: Forever New


Monday, June 4, 2012

Pavers with FTLOFAOT giveaway

And here are the final winners of the FTLOFAOT with Pavers giveaway. We hope the new winner will get in touch with us at the required time.
The first winner of vouchers worth Rs. 3000/- is Sindhu Gupta! Congratulations!
The second winner of vouchers worth Rs. 2000/-  is Harshini Shetty! Congratulations to you too.
Please reply to the email within 48 hours of receiving it so that I may dispatch your vouchers at the earliest.



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