Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Lucknow Diary

We're about a lot of things. We're about food. We're about music. We're about fashion. We're about love. I'm about all of these things and most importantly, I'm about my family. So when I chanced upon an opportunity to scoot to Lucknow with my folks to meet the extended family, I happily obliged. I have been there before but its cities like these that give you something new to think about, look at and take back everytime. The city of Nawabs is absolutely brimming with history and a lot of stories to be told. Also, if you happen to have a trip to Lucknow anytime on the cards, then look forward to the massive facelift of the city. The parks, statues, the Marine drive et al are now the face of the city, props to Mayawati. Will leave the discussion on whether it really was the need of the hour or not for another day. :)
This is a little something to share from my 2 days in Lucknow, to keep you updated about my life. If it interests you, i.e. :)
The musical fountain. World renowned and all that jazz. :)
Day 2 outfit. Country club with the family.

Photography by kid cousin: SK. Yes, she shares my initials. :)
Wearing: White sheer shirt: Forever New, my go-to red shorts: Barkins (Australia), Blue disco pumps: Kurt Geiger, Statement earrings: Forever New, chunky gold bangle with embellishments (my current favourite): Street find at CP (Delhi).



  1. I have a pair of red shorts like that that I love so much! Yours look like they're so comfy and easy to pair with almost everything.
    I just found your blog and Im following now (:


  2. The sheer blouse goes so well with the shorts! Love <3

  3. You look pretty!! More pics about your outfit and Lucknow trip, please!!

  4. Hey - just wanted you to know that your blog is a breath of fresh air when I feel exahusted and lifeless with Ph.D. pressure (i.e., on a daily basis). I am fond of your overall enthusiasm about life.

  5. Isn't Lucknow so beautiful. Its my nani's house and I go there once every year!

    Love your sheer shirt and red shorts. Pretty pairing!

  6. Enjoybabes. It's one of the most beautiful cities na. I miss the Kulfis

  7. You look really nice. I love the sheer top, also the shorts show off your lovely legs. Veryyyyyy pretty girlie.


    PS: New post is up!



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