Thursday, June 14, 2012


Things are moving at a slow pace. Life's good when you wake up by midday, get breakfast or brunch (if you're a stickler for etymology) in bed, watch TV, socialize, read a book and catch up on mostly all those things that are essential for a fine life. Fine here obviously refers to lazy, lethargic, inactive and a life so rewarding. :) There are a lot of good ideas and inspirations that have been doing the rounds in my head but I refuse to put them in shape. Maybe after the getaway I have planned ahead, I just will. And then maybe, things will pick up pace. :)
Till then, Eat Pray Love.
This is my outfit from the DKNY launch. The life of a fashion blogger is not a cakewalk. Having to take pictures in the dark with artificial lighting, scampering in gorgeously lit up hotels/cafes post the party to get some good shots, done it all. I'd like to believe that the results apprise you of the painstaking efforts. ;)

With the host. :)
Wearing: Neon pink blouse with back zip detailing: Only, Champagne sequined skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Leopard print portfolio clutch: ASOS, black pumps with bow detailing: Shoe store (Bangalore), black and white statement earrings: Forever New



  1. You are just stunning.
    That top is steal worthy. And I love your eye make up :P Its subtle and pretty. Also, earrings - <3
    Seems like you had an awesome time.


    P.S: Did I mention that the skirt is so shimmeryly awesome? I said it in the previous post comment I think? :P

  2. You look so amazing in this outfit Shreya ... Loving it ALL :)

    Check out my new outfit post...

  3. In one word - gorgeous!!! The pink top is very pretty and so is that shimmery skirt!!

  4. This outfit is amazing!! Especially the top!! :)


  5. The first picture is so fabulouuusss. You look do damn pretty woman. And u have a glow!

  6. stunning you are...loved the clutch <3

  7. How absolutely beautiful do you look. This has to be one of your best outfits so far. The pink blouse goes really well with the sequined skirt. :)

  8. Waiting for you to get back in the blogworld soon Shreya!! I am a regular visitor of this page and I have one word for this blog- Brilliant! :-) Waiting for your ideas to take shape of beautiful words and pictures soon.

    1. Thanks a ton Soumya! :) That is officially the sweetest thing anyone's said to me in a long while :)

  9. i love every bit of the outfit and the complete do .... oh my god !!! soo dreamy .... i have my eyes on the pink.... beauty !!

  10. I know this is an old post and somehow I have missed all your recent ones so just reading them. Usually I am just a lazy bum when it comes to commenting!
    But I just love that skirt and you carry it so well! I have always wanted something like that in my wardrobe :)


  11. Love that skirt! And you look great!
    the Fashion Co

  12. I dont know you, i just saw ur pic in google image, u r just amazing & very stylish..!!! Keep smiling.. :)



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