Monday, June 11, 2012


The DKNY collection for men's timepieces launch happened on the 29th of May and I'm a little late but the holiday bumming ( and fat) has kept me busy. See, at least I'm honest. :D
A party hosted by the fashion guru Prasad Bidappa at the hottest night spot in the city and a flavouring of everything Donna Karan, and you have a spiffing event.
The regular charmers from the fashion and the media world, the lovely Saloni Arora from Fossil and a lot of other glitterati, the party saw all the familiar faces and more. Here's more on the launch:

DKNY, a name synonymous with chic & elegant designs across the globe, brought in some New York City edge to Bangalore as they unveiled their first line of timepieces for men at Skyye, in UB City. Hosted by India’s renowned fashion guru and image consultant, Prasad Bidappa, the event had the glitterati & fashion brigade of the city in full attendance. Donna Karan moves away from her signature embellishments and sleek silhouettes to create this classic range for men. The collection with a ‘fashion meets sport’ theme is exquisitely crafted and promises to add some understated glamour to any man’s wardrobe.
 DKNY Men's watches are masculine, modern, smart, innovative and timeless. Made for the 24 hour guy who jumps out of sleep and into life, the DKNY Man has style and imagination and is constantly on the move. 

 Check out the pictures for more:

Tease, much? My outfit for the event in the next post! :)


  1. Oohhh the event looks like a lot of glamour and fun. I so want to see the outfit. Im loving the shimmer in it already!! Soooon?


  2. It looks like a fab.event and these watches are just to die for.REALLY.And your outfit:uber chic.=D.
    Tease much?=P.Just DYING for Part deux.Post it sooooon.=)

  3. I always loved DKNY watches! looks like a cool event!

  4. Looks like the event was fun!
    DKNY accessories are pretty chic, no?

  5. Ooooh I'm so teased now:p Looks like a wonderful event, and the dudes that were dere aren't bad either, were they? :p
    Fun post!!


    ps have you already participated in the giveaway on my blog? You have been a reader since a long time and I would love for you to enter darling!!

  6. The DKNY collection for men's timepieces looks amazing. i love
    dkny watches.



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