Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lunch of ze Birthday

I'm back to my Birthday Series. So the next outfit and my last in the series of Birthday outfits is Birthday Lunch outfit. (Its a pity, I did not manage to shoot a post in my Birthday party finale outfit, H&M dress et al) Nevertheless, lets concentrate on what we have at hand :). Birthday lunch was at my yearly favourite - Sunnys. I don't think I can ever get enough of their thin crust pizzas, pastas or their baked cheesecake for that matter. Sunnys is a place for fine wining and dining and for lunch it has a (for the lack of a better word) very 'Sunny' and laid back vibe to it. In this sweltering July heat (Who am I kidding, its hardly sultry in Bangalore :)), I decided to go alternative with this laid back chic look.

High Waisted Peg Leg Trousers in Linen: ASOS
Shirt: Not too sure..
Blue Loafers: Shoe store in Bandra (Mumbai)
Full bib statement necklace: Gifted

This was definitely one of my all time favourite looks and putting it together was all about shades of nudes and cobalt blues. And to bring out these colors, the golden earrings and a statement necklace were the perfect add-ons. What say?
The birthday saga ends here (sans one whole outfit post, BOOHOO!) but there's always something to look forward to on For The Love of Fashion And Other Things , isn't it? :)
Sorry for the slacking in commenting, it really is the birthday month but come August, I shall be back to stalk each of you on your blogs :) (NOT in a creepy way! :P)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We Love Colors

Hi readers! :)
Guess who I heard from? The lovely folks at We Love Colors! It is a hosiery company that offers a huge selection of sizes and colors for women,men, and kids. They have dancewear, tights, fishnet, socks, and tons more. There is also this super exciting offer they have for all gorgeous plus size women every month called the 'Curvy Girl of the Month', you might just win yourself 3 free pairs of their tights :) 
There is also free shipping for orders over $30 to Australia and NZ until the end of August so hurry you guys :)
They were awfully sweet to send me over this fab pair of ORANGE tights for a review!(I got to pick the color, yay :D) 
The orange tights are in Nylon and are a microfibre kind and supremely comfortable. They are not very sheer like the tights that I usually wear so it was interesting to wear these solid colored neon opaque tights in an outfit. 
I chose this adventurous combination of a leopard print tunic in cotton to go with these orange babies and I added a dash of dark blue and golden accessories. Take a peek.

Leopard Printed dress: Dotti (Australia)
Orange tights: We Love Colors
Blue 'disco' shoes: Kurt Geiger (Carvela)
Gold cuff: Vero Moda (Gifted)
Blue messenger bag: BFF's
Tan belt: Forever New
Golden ring: Sports Girl (Australia)

We Love Colors is something to look out for here. Also find them at:

Tell me what you think! :) And also share with us what you love best at their website :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Floral Birthday Eve

The birthday is over so I finally have time to sit down and post all about it. I have had the 3 best days of my life and the birthday week was quite good too. It had to be, its my last one here and incidentally the last one in college. Thats another story. From the choicest birthday gifts from my friends from school and college, the best cakes EVER, surprises from family(my birthday is never complete without those!), the calls, the morning at the spa, the surprise party, the birthday finale at a Sky Lounge in my city and the swankiest one at that ;), it was all there! Can't complain, a girl needs her lovin' :D
This is an outfit post from the birthday eve. Yes, I have very patient loved ones..they actually managed these shots amidst all the ado of the birthday madness. Tell me what you think lovelies! :)

Floral dress: Forever 21
Nude peep toes: Inc.5
Cuff and bangle: Forever 21
Nude satchel: ASOS
Golden necklace: Forever New
Tan belt: Forever New
Golden ring with pearls: Sports Girl(Australia) (My sister sends me some of the most gorgeous pieces from Oz fashion :) )
So what is it that you like doing most on your birthday? Tell me all! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

LOOONG Day is over

I'm not kidding you. Its been a terribly long day. Not so terrible though. A day long exam. Then night out with friends. And I still thought its the perfect day to post. Last year of college, my fashion content writing job and birthday month is all wreaking havoc in my life. A good kind. If you didn't get that, there's nothing wrong with you :D
Before the madness of the birthday month starts flowing onto this blog, let me give you some great fashion posts to munch on.
Guess where those high waisted pants came from? :) The Great MNG sale. I can safely say I made it on time to bag these awesome pair of navy blue high waisted babies! :)
By the way, have you noticed how On The Floor by Jeniffer Lopez feat. Pitbull has taken over every club and lounge? Not that I mind :) Despite there being no originality in that track! We are all suckers for good club beats I guess.
Back to the point.

Pink Blouse with pearl detailing: Forever New
Blue Linen pants: Mango
Tan Suede Oxfords: Shoe store in Bangalore
Green box bag: ASOS
Tan belt: Forever New
White pearls: Diva (Australia)
Pink opals: Some opal make from New Zealand.

These linen high waisted pants from MNG with feminine blouses with pearl detailing are going to be my summer staples. Throw in the classic tan oxfords and you're all set to take on the world...ok, maybe not but they do make you feel like a million bucks :D

Saturday, July 2, 2011

All I need is this for Summers

Ladies, this time I'm sharing some of my favourite Summer *Secrets* with you! Hint: Secrets to REALLL happiness! Ok, sorry, jokes apart, these are some products/accessories which are not only recurring in my outfits these days but are also soaring high on the summer charts.
The summer chart, as you will see in the coming month is my list of favourite summer goodies. Lets take a look at the accessories/products as of now, shall we? :) Unveiling before you, the Summerlicious Goodies-2011 (ok, maybe its not all that fancy :) )
With the hues showing brighter! :)
  • Perfume bottle: Pink by Elizabeth Arden. Sweet, fruity, beachy notes :)
  • Blue box of Tintin Chocolates: Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate and Caramel Ones. I'm so using this gorgeous Tintin box after the chocolates are over :)
  • Lip Gloss on the left: 'No Curfew' by Sports Girl. Its transparent pinkish-red with golden sparkle. The applicator lights up when you take it out to apply! How cool is that? :)
  • Golden stack of Bangles with multi colored motifs. Loving these, living in these. For that slight boho-rustic touch.
  • Golden earrings. Modern minimalist look. Mono-toned dress with these golden earrings. Or a warmer shade of pants with a blouse and these earrings. Or a floral number with these earrings. Ok, too many options! :D
  • Mac Lip Glass: 'Lychee Luxe' is the prettiest coral number in MAC and is my current obsession. 
  • Strand of Pearls from Diva (Australia): This one's for every season! :)
What say lovelies? Tell me what you're coveting/living on/living in/planning to buy this season :)


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