Saturday, July 2, 2011

All I need is this for Summers

Ladies, this time I'm sharing some of my favourite Summer *Secrets* with you! Hint: Secrets to REALLL happiness! Ok, sorry, jokes apart, these are some products/accessories which are not only recurring in my outfits these days but are also soaring high on the summer charts.
The summer chart, as you will see in the coming month is my list of favourite summer goodies. Lets take a look at the accessories/products as of now, shall we? :) Unveiling before you, the Summerlicious Goodies-2011 (ok, maybe its not all that fancy :) )
With the hues showing brighter! :)
  • Perfume bottle: Pink by Elizabeth Arden. Sweet, fruity, beachy notes :)
  • Blue box of Tintin Chocolates: Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate and Caramel Ones. I'm so using this gorgeous Tintin box after the chocolates are over :)
  • Lip Gloss on the left: 'No Curfew' by Sports Girl. Its transparent pinkish-red with golden sparkle. The applicator lights up when you take it out to apply! How cool is that? :)
  • Golden stack of Bangles with multi colored motifs. Loving these, living in these. For that slight boho-rustic touch.
  • Golden earrings. Modern minimalist look. Mono-toned dress with these golden earrings. Or a warmer shade of pants with a blouse and these earrings. Or a floral number with these earrings. Ok, too many options! :D
  • Mac Lip Glass: 'Lychee Luxe' is the prettiest coral number in MAC and is my current obsession. 
  • Strand of Pearls from Diva (Australia): This one's for every season! :)
What say lovelies? Tell me what you're coveting/living on/living in/planning to buy this season :)


  1. TINTIN! i love him.i totally know which cover that pic is from

  2. hm... I think I need me a new lip gloss too. :D And some bangles as well.

  3. me too...loved everythg..esp lychee luxe !!

  4. oh yes it's fancy :p Love the Tintin box!


  5. i think i most definitely want that perfume and that mac lip gloss--both look awesome!

  6. Everything you have is fabulous :) my necessities for this summer are white pants, red lipstick, and foundation by MAC! xoxo

  7. Mac lip gloss is on my shopping list too:)
    I love 'diva' accessories.. n yes ..those boho style bangles are really cool!!

  8. Lychee Luxe is, by far, the best coral in MAC.

  9. i'll have to try that mac color, sounds fun :) i usually wear baby sparks by MAC

  10. nice stuff! where did u get the bangles from...I love them :)

  11. We seem to have skipped a season here and the only thing on my mind is a funky umbrella to brave the pouring rain :D

    Nice assortment, btw!

  12. love mac lip glosses, got myself 2 from their store last time!!!

  13. hey gorgeous! Love your new layout!!!!!!
    p.s. sent you an email!

  14. Love those bangles, I can think of a hundred outfits they would go with!! Would be nice if you could do a post on what goes in your bag during summers (or rather monsoons as its pouring down here now)!!

  15. Really cool stuff must say. For me a must have product this summer would be Parachute's new summer tropic lotion. I carry it wherever I go and apply it whenever I wan to. It is light and refreshing.



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