Monday, July 11, 2011

LOOONG Day is over

I'm not kidding you. Its been a terribly long day. Not so terrible though. A day long exam. Then night out with friends. And I still thought its the perfect day to post. Last year of college, my fashion content writing job and birthday month is all wreaking havoc in my life. A good kind. If you didn't get that, there's nothing wrong with you :D
Before the madness of the birthday month starts flowing onto this blog, let me give you some great fashion posts to munch on.
Guess where those high waisted pants came from? :) The Great MNG sale. I can safely say I made it on time to bag these awesome pair of navy blue high waisted babies! :)
By the way, have you noticed how On The Floor by Jeniffer Lopez feat. Pitbull has taken over every club and lounge? Not that I mind :) Despite there being no originality in that track! We are all suckers for good club beats I guess.
Back to the point.

Pink Blouse with pearl detailing: Forever New
Blue Linen pants: Mango
Tan Suede Oxfords: Shoe store in Bangalore
Green box bag: ASOS
Tan belt: Forever New
White pearls: Diva (Australia)
Pink opals: Some opal make from New Zealand.

These linen high waisted pants from MNG with feminine blouses with pearl detailing are going to be my summer staples. Throw in the classic tan oxfords and you're all set to take on the world...ok, maybe not but they do make you feel like a million bucks :D


  1. like d look..d high pants look fab on u...I love 'on the floor' too..
    u r soo thin !! despite having all dat cheese cakes :I

  2. Great colors you've put together dear! I LOVE all those high-waisted pairs from Mango!! They are so so sexy! :)

  3. u look soo chic!!! i'm in love with ur oxfords... where did u get them?

  4. I so dig that outfit!! Totally loving the oxfords :) I too wore high waist pants in one of my recent posts!!
    Did I mention I love your bag too :)xoxo

  5. Birthday month! How exciting :D

    Andddd, I'm in love with your loafers. So cute!

  6. hey nice blog! me following u :)


  7. Thanks you guys! :)
    @Jahn: The shoes are from Spice Girls :)
    @Rekha: Thank you Rekha! :) Welcome to FTLOFAOT! Will hit your blog back :)


  8. I'm eyeing your shoes, they are really cool !

  9. ok I'm convinced, those pants and shoes are perfection!

    xo Carlina

  10. Love the outfit! And those oxfords look soooooo comfy!!

  11. the styling!!!
    n yeah I like that song too :)

  12. i like the combination. and pink suits you well!

    loafers are a darling :)


  13. Love the loafers! This is a fab look for you :).

  14. Blogging always seems to make terrible days a whole lot better! I love your outfit! Especially how you added the purse to make the outfit pop. xoxo!

  15. Your look and love for fashion is awesome.
    You look flawlessly pretty aswell..



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