Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lunch of ze Birthday

I'm back to my Birthday Series. So the next outfit and my last in the series of Birthday outfits is Birthday Lunch outfit. (Its a pity, I did not manage to shoot a post in my Birthday party finale outfit, H&M dress et al) Nevertheless, lets concentrate on what we have at hand :). Birthday lunch was at my yearly favourite - Sunnys. I don't think I can ever get enough of their thin crust pizzas, pastas or their baked cheesecake for that matter. Sunnys is a place for fine wining and dining and for lunch it has a (for the lack of a better word) very 'Sunny' and laid back vibe to it. In this sweltering July heat (Who am I kidding, its hardly sultry in Bangalore :)), I decided to go alternative with this laid back chic look.

High Waisted Peg Leg Trousers in Linen: ASOS
Shirt: Not too sure..
Blue Loafers: Shoe store in Bandra (Mumbai)
Full bib statement necklace: Gifted

This was definitely one of my all time favourite looks and putting it together was all about shades of nudes and cobalt blues. And to bring out these colors, the golden earrings and a statement necklace were the perfect add-ons. What say?
The birthday saga ends here (sans one whole outfit post, BOOHOO!) but there's always something to look forward to on For The Love of Fashion And Other Things , isn't it? :)
Sorry for the slacking in commenting, it really is the birthday month but come August, I shall be back to stalk each of you on your blogs :) (NOT in a creepy way! :P)


  1. The blue shirt & pants look super hot!!

  2. Lovely outfit ..the statement neckpiece rocks!!
    Do visit Klassy Style Files..wud love to get ur feedback!!

    Love from Sydney,

  3. Looking chic as always! The neckpiece is fabulous!

  4. I really liked this look, smart, and the blue works really well with the neutrals...and very clever to have only the necklace as the focal point!!

  5. Love your torusers...ASOS rocks!!!

  6. I love that gifted necklace. It makes a nice bold statement.
    You look awesome.

  7. Ooooh! One of your best looks till date!! Am in love with your trousers.....they are the right color, the right fit, the right length & the right silhouette!! :)

    Also, the neckpiece is just gorgeous!!

  8. I totally adore the full bib neck piece and the high waist trousers! :D :) Oh, and btw, you look really pretty in blue... I heart Sunny's too :D

  9. Love,love,love ur outfit...its very ME!! Belated happy b'day :)
    Sunny's caught my fancy too this time when I was in city...and I too swear by their pastas !!!

  10. Stunning necklace!!!
    You look great!!!

  11. Very summery look.. beautiful colours.
    Lee x

  12. I love everything about this look. Makes me wanna steal it :p
    The cobalt blue shirt is timeless.And wow the statement necklace is FAB!!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post!!Pls visit me again :)
    P.S I forgot to mention I heart your bag as well :P:P..Love it all!!

  13. I love those pants!

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  14. i love the pants!




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