Monday, June 24, 2013

Whose line is it anyway

Advice is free. Hence very easy to dole out in copious amounts. Or on the converse, expect to get in the same kind of overpowering amounts. Fashion advice is no different and at some level we all believe we know best (strictly as fashion writers). There are some absurd and funny bits of advises that you hear now and then and should probably avoid for the following reasons. P.S.: I have my own reasons for believing these lines to be false, you are free to decide on your own. :)

  1. Do not clash prints: It might not be the simplest trend to sport but its definitely the polar opposite of a faux pas. Wearing contrasting prints together can be done in an edgy kind of cool way and if they tell you don't, then well, you will just have to wear the trend and show them how its done. :)
  2. Too many colors/neons together is a bad idea: There always is a right way of wearing a ton of colors together. This applies to neons as well provided you are not all set to 'undergo spontaneous combustion' like my friend says. Besides, you will never know unless you try it. 
  3. Blazers are for the cooler weather: No, I am not saying wear your tweed blazer and go stand under the sun and do a little jig. Well you could if you were feeling a little under the weather (no pun intended). Jokes apart, blazers add that certain sophistication to even the most bohemian look so look for lighter, airy fabrics for summers.
  4. Sequins/bling is to the night what a disco ball is to a party: Wrong wrong wrong. And I have said  it time and again. Get your groove on with the sequins in the day by trying a) apparel with the  matte sequins b) Pair your sequined corset with a nude blazer for a brunch c) to hell with the world, make your own rules. Few ideas, do not take me too literally. :P
  5. Summers mean no layering: There is always room for summer layering. Add scarves, necklaces, bolero jackets, waistcoats, sheer throw ons and continue to layer like you always have. There is no season for this clever dressing.

Some of these tie down to the look I am sporting in this post. Take a look.

Quirky vest with the lips printed: Shana (Dubai)
Black sequined pants: C/O Oliv Clothing
Tassled earrings: Lovisa (Sydney)
Neon green bag with studs: Bershka (Dubai)
Blue pumps: Michael Antonio

My latest online shopping encounter has been with Oliv Clothing. In a manner of review, their collection is currently small but interesting. The picks are definitely from a wide range and the quality of these pants is definitely something I would vouch for. Look out for them.

Till the next time, 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Making a rainbow

What do you get when you cross a fabulous spa launch with a bunch of your favorite Delhi bloggers with a weather that blows your mind off? A very happy me.
After a fun afternoon with the ladies and the owners of Esparanza and a kick ass Foot refloxology massage (more on that later), I decided to take a walk around with my best friend around the Hauz Khas tank because good weather in this heat, especially when it is unanticipated is a reason to celebrate. So then the quintessential wardrobe question pops up before we take a couple of much color is too much color?
Well the answer for me is not season specific since I have a major thing of colors of all kind. Bright, not so bright, and then some. All these colors that are making this outfit pop just seem to blend in like a self made rainbow. That is also where the neutral colored flats figure. Without much ado, here is an extension of that thought.

Floral bodycon dress: Pimkie (Dubai)
Neon green lace jacket with pearl detailing: Max (Dubai)
Yellow bag: C/O Youshine
White sandals with golden spikes: Shoe store (Melbourne)
Antique silver ring: Gifted

Till the next rant,

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Only grand will do

The title of this post could be used as a one stop tagline for Dubai. No, seriously. If my first post on Dubai did not make you visualize the grandeur of the city then I am really losing my touch with words. But on a serious note, this is a second on the travel series from Dubai where I discuss a little more about what to do and where to do in Dubai. (Read: food)
While we all associate traveling with exploring local cuisines of the destination, few understand the hardships that comes with. Not so much in this context if you know exactly what to eat. Food in Dubai is not cheap (like most other things, heh) but the local Middle Eastern cuisine sure is delicious as hell. While the experimental ones should take their plunge with the Moussaka and Taboulleh in Dubai, one word from the wise. The authentic Mediterranean food does not taste the same as our Indian version of the same does. Even the hummus and flat bread is made differently! For the vegetarians, you can go insane with the salads filled with pine nuts and olives and dates (real safe!) but beware, the baba ghanoush is cold and a little raw as opposed to the desi versions we are used to. The non vegetarians can obviously knock themselves out with the shawarmas and skewered meat.
The kahwa is their local coffee which should be consumed at least once and a popular beverage is a certain green tea cooler which you find at most cafes. The Baklava remains a popular dessert and obviously just gets better as you plunge into the Middle East.
The food is beautiful and a lot of effort goes into making it grand. Good looking. Garnished with a certain finesse. My outfit is the Baklava of my posts. A rich fuschia colored maxi dress with an on-trend-o-radar striped blazer and a white feathered fascinator. Who said only the locals get to be grand. ;)

Fuschia maxi dress: Mango
Striped Blazer: Vero Moda
Golden embellished ballerina shoes: Glamour Puss (Australia)
Feathered fascinator, yellow statement ring: Diva (Australia)
Green alligator print boxy bag: Coach

P.S: Excuse the luggage tags. We could not really wait to settle, unpack, untag before we ventured out!

Till the next post,

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Changing the stripes

A lot of people have over time asked me this one pertinent question and it also happens to be one that comes up in fashion blogging debates all across the board. How important is it to stick to what you do best? Or is it a better bet to diversify even if you might not have the expertise? This, in context of fashion blogging is something I choose to answer today after having given it ample of thought. From 2 years and more of blogging experience, I have come to the conclusion that what draws readers to a blog is definitely that characteristic something that only you produce. Having said that, it is crucial to strike a balance with what your readership base wants and what is the real reason that prompted you to blog in the first place. For instance, after a small study of my posts on the blog and facebook, I have realised that for my readership base, uber feminine fashion wise rich posts work best because they understand the fact that that is largely my style and they enjoy how I quirk it. At the same time, my posts about random unconnected things (well not so much at least) like books for instance do not receive the same kind of a response. Does it stop me from writing about it? No. Because personally, I would never let go of the original that-something-Shreya-esque that makes it For The Love of Fashion and Other Things. :)
On that note, the highlight of this outfit as intended is the canary yellow, zebra motif scarf and I have The Classy & Fabulous Shop to thank for it. Brimming with tropical prints, gold detailing and floral prints this season, this one is a one stop shop for all your funky fashion needs. Also, find this fabulous zebra print scarf in other colors right here. And if you did not know, The Classy & Fabulous Shop is the baby of the brain behind Ph.D in Fashion. With some musings and a penny for your shopping thoughts, lets get to the outfit finally.

Candidly striped. :)
White dress in lace: Zara
Canary Yellow scarf with zebra print: C/O The Classy & Fabulous Shop
Turquoise Ring: Forever New
Blue bangle: Kate Spade, New York
Moustache printed shoes: C/O P. Gusain Arts (Zubiya shoes)
Nude envelope clutch: Aldo
Color options in the zebra motif scarf

Till the next time,

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Four Seasons' finest red

What is it that makes wine so comfortably good? Is it the fact that drinking wine in moderation is scientifically proven to be good for the heart and body? Or maybe just the comfort of the lingering taste of wine in the mouth..
I am no wine connoisseur but over time and some very interesting wine tasting experiences, I have learned to enjoy and understand wine a lot better. Having visited Hunter Valley in Australia where all the finest Australian wines are made and some interesting wine tastings in and around India, the taste of wine is definitely something I enjoy studying.
My association with Four Seasons goes long back, what with all the wonderful wine events I have attended courtesy them. They sent across their finest red for a review and here is what I thought.
The bottle of Merlot from Four Seasons is definitely one of the better Indian wines I have tasted. Merlot is understood to be the drier and the rougher on the edge kind of red but Merlot from Four Seasons has a soft end which lasts on your palate for a long time. I also thought their Merlot was a tad sweeter than most other wines. Best served at 16-18 degree C, I would suggest a bottle of Merlot from Four Seasons for a fancy, stylish dinner in.
Having associated with Four Seasons for a while now, I sure could tell that their variety of wines is definitely worth a go. The Rose still remains my clear favourite. Also, find them on Facebook for more updates here.

With this very wine-y post, I wish you a very happy weekend. :D


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