Monday, June 24, 2013

Whose line is it anyway

Advice is free. Hence very easy to dole out in copious amounts. Or on the converse, expect to get in the same kind of overpowering amounts. Fashion advice is no different and at some level we all believe we know best (strictly as fashion writers). There are some absurd and funny bits of advises that you hear now and then and should probably avoid for the following reasons. P.S.: I have my own reasons for believing these lines to be false, you are free to decide on your own. :)

  1. Do not clash prints: It might not be the simplest trend to sport but its definitely the polar opposite of a faux pas. Wearing contrasting prints together can be done in an edgy kind of cool way and if they tell you don't, then well, you will just have to wear the trend and show them how its done. :)
  2. Too many colors/neons together is a bad idea: There always is a right way of wearing a ton of colors together. This applies to neons as well provided you are not all set to 'undergo spontaneous combustion' like my friend says. Besides, you will never know unless you try it. 
  3. Blazers are for the cooler weather: No, I am not saying wear your tweed blazer and go stand under the sun and do a little jig. Well you could if you were feeling a little under the weather (no pun intended). Jokes apart, blazers add that certain sophistication to even the most bohemian look so look for lighter, airy fabrics for summers.
  4. Sequins/bling is to the night what a disco ball is to a party: Wrong wrong wrong. And I have said  it time and again. Get your groove on with the sequins in the day by trying a) apparel with the  matte sequins b) Pair your sequined corset with a nude blazer for a brunch c) to hell with the world, make your own rules. Few ideas, do not take me too literally. :P
  5. Summers mean no layering: There is always room for summer layering. Add scarves, necklaces, bolero jackets, waistcoats, sheer throw ons and continue to layer like you always have. There is no season for this clever dressing.

Some of these tie down to the look I am sporting in this post. Take a look.

Quirky vest with the lips printed: Shana (Dubai)
Black sequined pants: C/O Oliv Clothing
Tassled earrings: Lovisa (Sydney)
Neon green bag with studs: Bershka (Dubai)
Blue pumps: Michael Antonio

My latest online shopping encounter has been with Oliv Clothing. In a manner of review, their collection is currently small but interesting. The picks are definitely from a wide range and the quality of these pants is definitely something I would vouch for. Look out for them.

Till the next time, 


  1. those pants are so cool and the earrings look so gorgeous.. great outfit


  2. The pants are not only snazzy but look so comfortable! I really like the watch and bracelet - great accessories you have on there and I cannot emphasize enough how much I love your hairstyle and that side braid - so chic!


  3. LOVE - Pants. Tank. Hair. Earrings. Shoes. Bag.

    Did I miss something? Oh yes, you!
    Gorgeousness youuu. :)


  4. OMG!!! That tee...those pants...those earrings....that bag!!! Super-awesome! <3 <3 <3

    And your tips are bang on, girl!!! :)

  5. I really love your style.. maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC, Facebook?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and follow by blog!

    You can also like my Facebook page.

    I will follow you back! :)

  6. How I love those earrings Shreya! And the bag too! Everything you've written true! There can never be a thing like too much colour. I think there are no rules in fashion!



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