Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Changing the stripes

A lot of people have over time asked me this one pertinent question and it also happens to be one that comes up in fashion blogging debates all across the board. How important is it to stick to what you do best? Or is it a better bet to diversify even if you might not have the expertise? This, in context of fashion blogging is something I choose to answer today after having given it ample of thought. From 2 years and more of blogging experience, I have come to the conclusion that what draws readers to a blog is definitely that characteristic something that only you produce. Having said that, it is crucial to strike a balance with what your readership base wants and what is the real reason that prompted you to blog in the first place. For instance, after a small study of my posts on the blog and facebook, I have realised that for my readership base, uber feminine fashion wise rich posts work best because they understand the fact that that is largely my style and they enjoy how I quirk it. At the same time, my posts about random unconnected things (well not so much at least) like books for instance do not receive the same kind of a response. Does it stop me from writing about it? No. Because personally, I would never let go of the original that-something-Shreya-esque that makes it For The Love of Fashion and Other Things. :)
On that note, the highlight of this outfit as intended is the canary yellow, zebra motif scarf and I have The Classy & Fabulous Shop to thank for it. Brimming with tropical prints, gold detailing and floral prints this season, this one is a one stop shop for all your funky fashion needs. Also, find this fabulous zebra print scarf in other colors right here. And if you did not know, The Classy & Fabulous Shop is the baby of the brain behind Ph.D in Fashion. With some musings and a penny for your shopping thoughts, lets get to the outfit finally.

Candidly striped. :)
White dress in lace: Zara
Canary Yellow scarf with zebra print: C/O The Classy & Fabulous Shop
Turquoise Ring: Forever New
Blue bangle: Kate Spade, New York
Moustache printed shoes: C/O P. Gusain Arts (Zubiya shoes)
Nude envelope clutch: Aldo
Color options in the zebra motif scarf

Till the next time,


  1. The zebra print & the moustache print - enough to put a smile on anyone's face!!! Love how you've quirked up the lace dress! :)


  3. Cutie, I love the simplicity of this look on you also. Also, the fit of the dress is to die. Almost as if it were stitched for you.
    Acha remind me to show my zebras. *Winks*



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