Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Only grand will do

The title of this post could be used as a one stop tagline for Dubai. No, seriously. If my first post on Dubai did not make you visualize the grandeur of the city then I am really losing my touch with words. But on a serious note, this is a second on the travel series from Dubai where I discuss a little more about what to do and where to do in Dubai. (Read: food)
While we all associate traveling with exploring local cuisines of the destination, few understand the hardships that comes with. Not so much in this context if you know exactly what to eat. Food in Dubai is not cheap (like most other things, heh) but the local Middle Eastern cuisine sure is delicious as hell. While the experimental ones should take their plunge with the Moussaka and Taboulleh in Dubai, one word from the wise. The authentic Mediterranean food does not taste the same as our Indian version of the same does. Even the hummus and flat bread is made differently! For the vegetarians, you can go insane with the salads filled with pine nuts and olives and dates (real safe!) but beware, the baba ghanoush is cold and a little raw as opposed to the desi versions we are used to. The non vegetarians can obviously knock themselves out with the shawarmas and skewered meat.
The kahwa is their local coffee which should be consumed at least once and a popular beverage is a certain green tea cooler which you find at most cafes. The Baklava remains a popular dessert and obviously just gets better as you plunge into the Middle East.
The food is beautiful and a lot of effort goes into making it grand. Good looking. Garnished with a certain finesse. My outfit is the Baklava of my posts. A rich fuschia colored maxi dress with an on-trend-o-radar striped blazer and a white feathered fascinator. Who said only the locals get to be grand. ;)

Fuschia maxi dress: Mango
Striped Blazer: Vero Moda
Golden embellished ballerina shoes: Glamour Puss (Australia)
Feathered fascinator, yellow statement ring: Diva (Australia)
Green alligator print boxy bag: Coach

P.S: Excuse the luggage tags. We could not really wait to settle, unpack, untag before we ventured out!

Till the next post,


  1. That was a nice piece of information on food in Dubai.
    You look gorgeous and grand as ever :)

  2. That was a nice piece of information on Food in Dubai.
    You look fab in that max dress !
    keep that up :*

  3. That was a nice piece of information on food in Dubai.
    You look gorgeous and grand as ever :)

  4. You are gorgeous.

    Love the maxi, blazer and the pretty hair accessory. Everything is perfect along with the delicious looking food.




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